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RT’s Editor-in-Chief: FARA Registration, Capitol Hill Denial of Credentials Restricts ‘Journalistic Work’

By Polygraph Margarita Simonyan, RT’s editor-in-chief “To all the self-righteous defenders of ‘freedom of speech’ who oh-so-ardently proclaimed that FARA registration places no restrictions whatsoever on RT’s journalistic work in the US: Withdrawal of Congressional credentials speaks much louder than empty platitudes. And to borrow from Orwell, all ‘foreign agents‘ are equal, but looks like only RT is denied congressional accreditation on the basis of FARA status, while the likes

Top Russian General: U.S. and NATO ‘Preparing to Start a War’ with Russia in Europe

By Polygraph Leonid Ivashov, a former top Russian defense ministry official “It indicates that they, the Americans in the first place, are preparing to start a war in Europe, and you can wage a war in Europe against Russia only.” Source: RT, November 8, 2017 False: The claim is unfounded. In a piece published by RT on November 8, Colonel General Leonid Ivashov, a former top Russian defense ministry official,

Fake news is old news

By Ethan Zuckerman, for Global Voices Taisa Sganzerla, Lusaphone editor for Global Voices, leads a panel titled “Fake News is Old News” with the story of a Brazilian cartoonist from a century ago who was continually accused of defamation and blasphemy for lampooning the monarchy, the church and other institutions of the time. She wonders whether there’s a line from blasphemy to the current furore over fake news, and whether fake

Russian Defense Ministry Site Op-Ed: Czechs Should Be Grateful for 1968 Soviet Intervention

By Polygraph.info Leonid Maslovsky, commentator “The introduction of troops into Czechoslovakia in 1968 prevented the West from carrying out a coup d’etat in Czechoslovakia using the technology of ‘velvet’ revolutions and preserved peace and harmony with all the peoples of the countries of the Warsaw Treaty Organization for more than twenty years.” Source: TV Zvezda, November 21, 2017 False: Czechs have no reason to be grateful for the Soviet invasion

Charles Manson a.k.a. Mikhalych – Russian Patriot Executed by Ukrainian Nazi

By Polygraph.info The day the news broke in the U.S. that Charles Manson, the notorious mass killer and cult leader who preached race war, had died, a Russian satirical Twitter account, @cinicarea, posted a photograph of Manson with the caption: “This brave old man was a messenger in a unit of fighters for the freedom of Novorossiya. Neighbors and friends in Luhansk knew him as Mikhalych, his fellow militiamen knew him

The Russian Ministry of Defence Publishes Screenshots of Computer Games as Evidence of US Collusion with ISIS

By Eliot Higgins, Bellingcat On the morning of November 14th 2017 the Russian Ministry of Defence published multiple posts in Russian, Arabic, and English on their Twitter and Facebook accounts, claiming to show “irrefutable evidence” of collusion between the US and ISIS combat units: Unfortunately for the Russian MoD, eagle-eyed Twitter users immediately spotted some problems with the images. One image claimed to show an ISIS convoy leaving Abu Kamel on

Top Russian Lawmaker Denies Communist Regimes Killed 100 Million People

By Polygraph Alexey Pushkov chairman of the commission on information policy of the Federation Council, the upper chamber of Russia’s parliament “100 million killed by communist regimes — these numbers are pulled out of a hat. Besides, imperialist regimes, including Hitler, killed just as many. Propaganda.” Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda, November 8 2017 FALSE The 100 million number is based on archival documents On November 7, the U.S. declared the first

Debunked: Russian sanctions are not sinking the Latvian economy

Mārtiņš Kaprāns, for CEPA Pro-Kremlin media outlets in Latvia continue to spread the narrative that Moscow’s ban on agricultural and maritime imports from the European Union, Australia, the United States, and other countries in retaliation against Western sanctions for Russia’s 2014 invasion of Crimea has had a “devastating” impact on the Latvian economy. On 20 October, the Russian newspaper Izvestia published an interview with former Latvian Foreign Minister Janis Jurkans, an outspoken supporter of

Italian Students Learn ‘Ten Commandments’ for Spotting Fake News

By Codastory Italian high school students are being taught how to spot fake news stories and conspiracy theories, ahead of parliamentary elections due next year. Among the lessons being introduced for at least 8,000 high schools will be a kind of Ten Commandments on how to treat online content, according to The New York Times. Examples include: Thou shalt not share unverified news; thou shall ask for sources and evidence;

Fake News Tries to Link Austria’s Chancellor-to-Be and Philanthropist George Soros

By Filip Stojanovski, for Global Voices Editor’s note: Global Voices is a grantee of Open Society Foundations. Days after Sebastian Kurz’s party won the most votes in Austria’s elections, making him chancellor designate, a known fake news purveyor spread false information that Kurz’s first order of business was to expel Open Society Foundations, the philanthropic organization founded by Hungarian-American magnate George Soros, from the country. The article, published on October 19 by

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