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Time for the ninth MH17 disinformation round

By EU vs Disinfo In the pro-Kremlin disinformation news cycle, timing is everything.  Every occasion can be used to amplify and strengthen the false message. This week’s opportunity occurred when the separatist officials of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic handed over “human remains and debris” from the MH17 to the Dutch investigators. One may say with good reason it took some time: Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down over Eastern

This is what earns Emmys in Russia

By Kevin Rothrock, for Meduza The Russian Academy of Television announced the winners of its “TEFI” awards this Tuesday, October 3, in a ceremony that resembles the Emmys in the United States. Unlike the Emmys, where winners get statuettes depicting a winged woman holding an atom, taking home a TEFI means pocketing a certificate and a statuette showing Greek mythology’s Orpheus kneeling and tearing at his chest in agony. That sentiment

Kosovo: Fake news in a struggling democracy

By Orjela Stafasani, for Eurozine In Kosovo, political corruption, a weak cultural sector and the absence of regulatory bodies allow fake news to thrive, particularly online. Without a normalisation of the political, institutional and social situation, a responsible media can never exist in the recently independent Balkan state, writes Orjela Stafasani. Although the internet and social media have greatly accelerated the spread of news, there is less control of the

No chance for fake news

What we might have come to understand after this german election By Jutta Kramm, for Correctiv For four weeks a group of “fact checkers”, put together by CORRECTIV and First Draft, have been tracking down fake news. Six chapters stating what we have learnt so far. The video clip is shaky. It shows several dozen dark skinned people at a bus station wearing long white clothing. Behind this post on Facebook

Russian Embassy in U.K. Says Everest is Part of Russia

By The Moscow Times The Russian Embassy in the U.K. said Mount Everest was part of Russia on its Twitter account before deleting the tweet on Monday. “Good morning! (Mount Everest, Russia),” the erroneous post read, with a photograph of the snow-capped summit attached. Wedged between Nepal and China, Mount Everest is nearly 2,500 kilometers away from the nearest Russian border. While the post might have been written off as an honest mistake, some observers quipped that “Crimea is not

European Commission to set up expert group on fake news

By Mirka Pavlíková, for ESJNews On Tuesday 29 August, new EU Digital Commissioner Mariya Gabriel announced that she is planning to set up an expert group on fake news. The experts’ findings can help create new legislative proposals concerning internet propaganda. However, she said it is premature to talk about a hard law on the EU level. European countries still feel threatened by propaganda and fake news, mainly due to incoming

Denmark and Sweden: “Russian fake news is a danger to our countries”

By EU vs Disinfo Denmark and Sweden will cooperate in the field of hybrid threats, and there will be a strong focus on the problem with fake news and disinformation. This was the message in an op-ed published on Wednesday by the two countries’ defence ministers in the Swedish daily newspaper Aftonbladet under the headline “Russian fake news: a danger to our countries”. “The security situation in our region is deteriorating

Surge in fake news now being spread by mirror sites imitating the Guardian, al-Jazeera and the Atlantic

By Codastory A collection of fake news websites imitating al-Jazeera, the Atlantic, the Belgian newspaper Le Soir and others have recently cropped up online, according to the Guardian (also included in the list of fake sites.) The “doppelganger” websites have domain names extremely similar to the news organizations they imitate however the fake articles are pushed out over social media and other websites that are often Russian, the Guardian writes.

Fake Guardian Article On ‘Collapsing Russia’ Plan Finds Receptive Audience…On Russian State TV

By Carl Schreck, for RFE/RL A fake article attributing explosive claims about Russia to the former chief of British intelligence was quickly debunked last week after it appeared on a site that looked nearly identical to that of the British newspaper The Guardian. But that didn’t stop one of Russia’s most famous television personalities from citing the fake article, which included fabricated quotes — often in clunky English — attributed

Philippines: On Facebook’s free version, fake news is even harder to spot

By Mong Palatino, for Global Voices Facebook is an important platform for sharing news and information online. But even the most savvy of internet users can have trouble separating the real from the fake on the platform. New research by Global Voices shows that the “free” mobile version of Facebook, accessible free of charge for users in multiple developing countries, makes it even harder to assess the reliability of news articles

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