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Coronavirus: misinformation is leading to ‘fake news’ anxieties in Dutch refugee communities

By Ilse van Liempt, Mieke Kox, for The Conversation The coronavirus pandemic has led to a crisis among asylum seekers and refugees in the Netherlands. According to our research, the start of the pandemic saw an information vacuum within this community, leading to a general atmosphere of confusion and anxiety and the spread of fake news. When our fieldwork with asylum seekers, refugees and unauthorised migrants in Amsterdam was interrupted due

A digital media literacy intervention increases discernment between mainstream and false news in the United States and India

By Andrew M. Guess, Michael Lerner, Benjamin Lyons, Jacob M. Montgomery, Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler, and Neelanjan Sircar, for PNAS Read PDF here. PNAS first published June 22, 2020 https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.192049811 Edited by David G. Rand, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, and accepted by Editorial Board Member Margaret Levi April 28, 2020 (received for review November 20, 2019) Significance Few people are prepared to effectively navigate the online information environment. This global deficit in digital media literacy has

The little things — pop-ups, notifications, warnings — work to fight fake news, new evidence shows

By Laura Hazard Owen, for NiemanLab The growing stream of reporting on and data about fake news, misinformation, partisan content, and news literacy is hard to keep up with. This weekly roundup offers the highlights of what you might have missed. “Relatively short, scalable interventions could be effective in fighting misinformation around the world.” In 2017, Facebook released a set of “Tips to spot false news.” Developed in collaboration with First Draft, the tips were

Interpol denies issuing red notices for Donald Trump, U.S. officials, as Iran claimed

By Polygraph Press TVIranian state TV channel“A senior Iranian judge says INTERPOL Red Notices have been issued for the prosecution of dozens of military and political officials of the United States, including President Donald Trump, on charges of planning and implementing a terrorist attack in the Iraqi capital that assassinated Iran’s top general Qassem Soleimani and his companions.”Source: Press TV, June 29, 2020FALSE On June 29, the Iranian state news

A new game plays with ideas about how disinformation works in East Africa

By Amanda Lichtenstein, for Global Voices Disinformation — intentionally “fake news” — is a chronic problem everywhere in the world, but the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated information overload. From fake coronavirus cures to misleading information about mandatory vaccinations that have stoked fears worldwide, it has become increasingly difficult to suss out the truth. All it takes is the click of a “share” or “forward” button for disinformation to become misinformation that spreads like wildfire

Russia’s dishonesty about delays in Whelan spy case

By Polygraph Russian Foreign Ministry Department of Press and InformationPress service of the Russian Foreign Ministry“As is known, P. (Paul) Whelan himself delayed the familiarization with the court materials for six months, reading them without much haste from September last year to March this year.”Source: Russian Foreign Ministry website, June 15, 2020FALSE On June 15, a Moscow court sentenced Paul Whelan to 16 years in a penal colony for espionage. Whelan visited

Chinese white paper praises coronavirus response, but critics say secrecy costs lives

By Polygraph Xinhua NewsState-run news agency“Ma Xiaowei, director of the National Health Commission, said there is ‘no delay or cover-up’ in the Chinese government’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak.”Source: Xinhua, June 7, 2020FALSE On June 7, China’s official Xinhua news agency reported the publication of a government white paper detailing the country’s response to the COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak and subsequent pandemic, believed to have originated in the city of

U.S. protests incite racist words, mockery from Moscow

By Polygraph Komsomolskaya PravdaRussian national tabloid“In the news, they are now are talking about the first people killed and even raped in Minneapolis.”Source: KP.ru, June 1, 2020FALSE “Friendly advice to the negroes of Minnesota and the U.S.A. from a journalist,” the Telegram post on May 30 reads in Russian. Shared over 53,000 times, the post is a sarcastic 13-point “plan” on how to run a “Maidan-type” revolution – a reference

Russian news site distorts U.S. coronavirus poll

By Polygraph News Fronta pro-Kremlin news site“Every fourth American is against taking anti-COVID-19 vaccine.”Source: News Front, May 21, 2020FALSE On May 21, the pro-Kremlin news site News Front covered a survey commissioned by Reuters. The News Front story, published in Russian, was headlined “Every fourth American is against taking anti-COVID-19 vaccine.” The headline is false. News Front downplayed findings showing support for a coronavirus vaccine in the survey, which polled 4,428

Nigerian pastor spreads COVID-19 conspiracies and disinformation

By Nwachukwu Egbunike, for Global Voices Check out Global Voices’ special coverage of the global impact of COVID-19. When it comes to spurious information and the coronavirus, it has been an open season with some Nigerian evangelical pastors. As purveyors of disinformation, several pastors have pushed back against government lockdowns that would impact church closures.  As of May 13, Nigeria has 4,971 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 164 deaths and 1,070  recoveries.  Conspiracy

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