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Russian media cite fake election observers

By Polygraph Thierry Mariani French politician “I have worked as an observer of elections for about 20 years and can say that in Russia I see improvements every time. And elections are becoming more transparent and open.” Source: Press Conference, March 19, 2018 False Mariani was part of a phony election monitoring mission designed to lend legitimacy to questionable elections and referendums organized by the Kremlin. On March 19, one

Final report of the High level expert group on fake news and online disinformation

By European Commission In January 2018, the European Commission set up a high-level group of experts (“the HLEG”) to advise on policy initiatives to counter fake news and disinformation spread online. The main deliverable of the HLEG was a report designed to review best practices in the light of fundamental principles, and suitable responses stemming from such principles. The analysis presented in the Report starts from a shared understanding of

Ukraine’s Maidan Revolution Was Not a ‘Coup’

By Polygraph Vladimir Putin President of Russian Federation The U.S. used Russia to prevent Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovich from using his military against rioters in Kiev, and then ‘cheated’ Moscow by supporting an armed coup, President Vladimir Putin said. Source: RT, March 8, 2018 FALSE Maidan was not an armed coup. Former President Yanukovych left on his own volition because his allies deserted him. On March 8, the Russian government-funded

Russian Parliament Leaders Falsely Imply Powerful US Lawmakers Are Immune to Charges of Sexual Abuse

By Polygraph Vyacheslav Volodin Speaker, of Russian Parliament “If such accusations were put forward by the female journalists of Russia Today or Sputnik, for instance, against Senator McCain – then the outcome would be predetermined – in the U.S.A. the Russian female journalists would be blamed.” Source: RBC, March 7, 2018 False In reality, it is in Russia, the victims are shamed and intimidated Three Russian reporters joined the #MeToo

How I Accidentally Spread ‘Fake News’ And Learned From It

By Gordana Knezevic, for RFE/RL Not long ago, during an extensive dive into my e-mails in search of a friend’s address, I came across a story forwarded to me by journalist Remy Ourdan. He invariably picks out the most interesting stories coming out of the Balkans, and the headline immediately caught my attention: Serb President Bans Teaching About Sarajevo Siege, Srebrenica. I did not realize at the time that I

Fake News: A Roadmap’

By NATO Stratcom Centre of Excellence Download publication file (6.31 MB) Fifteen MA students studying strategic communications within the Department of War Studies have collaborated with NATO to publish the first definitive analysis of the growing phenomenon of ‘fake news’ in a new book, ‘Fake News: A Roadmap’. The book is the first output from a research partnership between King’s College London’s Centre for Strategic Communications and the Strategic Communications

Oops, we did it again

By EU vs Disinfo Last time it was Russia’s Ministry of Defence. This time it was the state TV channel Pervy Kanal that couldn’t resist the temptation to include screenshots from a computer game to spice up alleged reporting from Syria. The Pervy Kanal report titled “Case File: Syria” was aired in a prime time Sunday evening news programme on 25 February. It celebrated the heroism of a Russian soldier who was killed in

Russia: U.S. and NATO Try to Deny IS Presence in Afghanistan

By Polygraph Sergey Lavrov Russian foreign minister “We are alarmed as unfortunately, the US and NATO military in Afghanistan makes (sic) every effort to silence and deny [the IS group’s presence in Afghanistan].” Source: TASS, February 20, 2018 False The claim is unsubstantiated. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov emphasized the Islamic State’s presence in South Asia and downplayed Western efforts at a February 20 press conference that followed talks with

Measuring the reach of “fake news” and online disinformation in Europe

By Reuters Institute In this factsheet by Richard Fletcher, Alessio Cornia, Lucas Graves and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, we provide top-level usage statistics for the most popular sites that independent fact-checkers and other observers have identified as publishers of false news and online disinformation. We focus on two European countries: France and Italy. We examine France and Italy as two particularly important cases, as both are widely seen as facing serious

Years of European horror

By EU vs Disinfo Almost five years ago on 18 August 2013, a video in Russian named “Horror. Legalisation of incest in Europe” was published on YouTube. It is a story that indeed resembles a horror movie: slowly, it tells us with a threatening voice, European countries and especially Scandinavia, are moving towards legalising incest and making even “incestophobia” punishable. In fact, incest is prohibited in the EU countries. Now, the video has been shared

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