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Russia deflects blame for France’s Yellow Vests

By Polygraph Dmitry Peskov Russian Presidential Press Secretary “Any statements about Russia’s alleged involvement [in the French Yellow Vest protests] are nothing but slander.” Source: TASS Russian News Agency, December 10, 2018 MISLEADING Moscow didn’t pull the trigger, but may be attempting to amplify impact. On Sunday, December 9, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told France’s RTL radio that security services would investigate if the Kremlin had played a part in

Figure of the Week: 1

Источник: EU vs Disinfo The French parliament has adopted a bill aiming to crack down on the “manipulation of information” during election periods. The draft law, initiated by President Emmanuel Macron, calls for increased scrutiny of online platforms and foreign TV channels in the three months that precede elections. If the bill becomes law – it was rejected twice by the Senate earlier this year — tech platforms such as Facebook and Twitter will have

How France beat back information manipulation (and how other democracies might do the same)

By Christine Schmidt, for NiemanLab “French success resulted from a combination of structural factors, luck, as well as the effective anticipation and reaction of the Macron campaign staff, the government, and civil society, especially the mainstream media.” If France could stop misinformation, could the U.S.? A newly-translated-to-English report reflects on how the country handled misinformation and politically motivated document leaks in its 2017 presidential election and offers 50 recommendations for how gouvernements, société

Figure of the Week: 50

By EU vs Disinfo French government think tanks have issued 50 recommendations to combat “information manipulations.” The recommendations are part of an exhaustive new study published by the Centre for Analysis, Planning and Strategy (CAPS) — attached to the ministry of foreign affairs — and the Institute for Strategic Research of the Military School (IRSEM) — attached to the ministry of the armed forces. The study focuses chiefly on the Kremlin’s disinformation

In France, RT is getting no love

By EU vs Disinfo It’s been just over six months since RT, the controversial Russian channel funded by the Kremlin, aired its first French broadcast from a sleek green-and-white studio in the outskirts of Paris. Despite what RT boss Margarita Simonyan claims is a “strong demand for an alternative perspective” among French-speaking audiences, RT’s launch on French airwaves has been anything but smooth. Now, a formal warning from France’s broadcasting authority and a new law

Russian media cite fake election observers

By Polygraph Thierry Mariani French politician “I have worked as an observer of elections for about 20 years and can say that in Russia I see improvements every time. And elections are becoming more transparent and open.” Source: Press Conference, March 19, 2018 False Mariani was part of a phony election monitoring mission designed to lend legitimacy to questionable elections and referendums organized by the Kremlin. On March 19, one

Measuring the reach of “fake news” and online disinformation in Europe

By Reuters Institute In this factsheet by Richard Fletcher, Alessio Cornia, Lucas Graves and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, we provide top-level usage statistics for the most popular sites that independent fact-checkers and other observers have identified as publishers of false news and online disinformation. We focus on two European countries: France and Italy. We examine France and Italy as two particularly important cases, as both are widely seen as facing serious

Fake: Donetsk People’s Republic Opens Offices in France

The so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) continues to open its “official representations” in European countries, with its latest office opening in France. Citing a separatist foreign affairs official the Russian site Ukraina.ru reports that a DPR representative center was registered in the Marseilles prefecture on June 17. The center is to be headed by former Provence regional adviser Gerald-Hubert Fayard, who announced in a Facebook post that the center will

French court orders journalist to retract the truth about grossly misleading Moreira film on Ukraine

By Halya Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine Paul Moreira, the author of a French film that falsely calls a tragic fire in Odesa a ‘massacre’ and presents an equally distorted picture of Euromaidan and Russia’s annexation of Crimea, has won a defamation suit against a freelance Ukrainian journalist.  The French court’s ruling is all the more baffling as Anna Chesanovska-Jaillard, who lives and works in France, pointed to the same

Ukraine, Russia and propaganda: Macron sets his red lines at Versailles

By Aline Robert, EURACTIV.fr The presidents of France and Russia met at Versailles yesterday (29 May) in an attempt to inject some life into bilateral relations. An uncompromising Emmanuel Macron heavily criticised Russia’s propaganda outlets, Sputnik and Russia Today. EURACTIV France reports. At the tail end of an unprecedented diplomatic marathon, which included the NATO summit in Brussels and the G7 meeting in Italy, President Emmanuel Macron met Russian counterpart

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