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By EU vs Disinfo Britain has charged two Russian military intelligence officers with poisoning former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, but only a fraction of Russians pin the blame on their country’s secret services. A poll by Russia’s independent Levada Centre shows that 28 percent of Russians believe the Skripals were in fact poisoned by British intelligence services, with only 3 percent saying the attack was carried out by Russian intelligence services.

Decline in public’s trust may prompt Putin to launch new attacks abroad, Yury Gudkov says

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia New Levada Center polls show that Russians are less trusting of Vladimir Putin and other senior leaders including Dmitry Medvedev, Sergey Shoygu and Sergey Lavrov than they were, with fewer than 50 percent of Russians surveyed now saying that they trust the Kremlin leader, Yury Gudkov says. Several factors are involved, the sociologist says, including the end of election-era mobilization, the growth of tensions

One in Five Russians Would Vote for Fake Putin Protege

By The Moscow Times Nearly one in five Russians would vote for a made-up Vladimir Putin protege in next year’s presidential elections, an experimental Levada Center poll cited by the Vedomosti newspaper said on Wednesday. The Central Elections Committee confirmed this week that the next presidential elections, slated to give President Vladimir Putin his fourth term, will take place on March 18, 2018. Levada’s experiment showed that 18 percent of those polled

Stalin Named World’s ‘Most Remarkable’ Public Figure — Poll

By The Moscow Times Soviet dictator Josef Stalin has been named by Russians as the world’s most outstanding public figure, new data has revealed. Some 1,600 Russians were asked to name ten of world’s greatest personalities as part of a survey by independent pollster the Levada Center. Stalin came in top place, after being named by 38 percent of respondents. He was followed by Russian poet Alexander Pushkin and President

‘Crimean Effect Weaker But Still Significant for the Kremlin, Experts Say

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia With the passing of time, the euphoria with which Russians greeted the Crimean Anschluss has weakened, a process that has been intensified by declines in standard of living and that has left public attitudes about the regime more negative than they were even before Vladimir Putin seized the Ukrainian peninsula. Indeed, a study by the Levada Center, says that “assessments of the activity of

Annexation of Crimea beats space exploration as Russians’ proudest moment

Russians are prouder of the annexation of Crimea than they are of their nation’s achievements in space exploration, provided this year’s results of a Levada Center survey held annually since 1999. In January 2017, victory in the Second World War (called the Great Patriotic War in Russia) retained its leading position as the proudest moment of the Russian people. This option was selected by 83 percent of respondents. Second place

Russia moves to silence Levada Centre after damning public opinion polls

The Russian Justice Ministry has added the Levada Centre to its list of ‘foreign agents’, placing the internationally respected public opinion pollster’s very existence in jeopardy.  The move was, appropriately enough, initiated by the pro-Kremlin ‘Anti-Maidan’ organization, and comes just days after the Centre reported a major slump in support for the ruling United Russia Party. The Levada Centre was created in 2003 by the late Yury Levada and colleagues

Putin’s New Totalitarianism Relies on ‘Targeted Repression and Mass Manipulation,’ Gudkov Says

Unlike classical totalitarian rulers who relied on “total terror and mass repressions,” Lev Gudkov says, Vladimir Putin relies on a “new technology of rule,” one based on the assumption that “targeted prophylactic repressions and the manipulation of mass consciousness” are all he needs. The Levada Center director draws that conclusion on the basis of his work as a pollster who has found that the Putin regime doesn’t manipulate the population

Supporting a War that isn’t: Russian Public Opinion and the Ukraine Conflict

Russian public opinion on the Ukraine crisis is poorly understood. In most of the discussion of opinion polls, there is a strong focus on the very negative views Russian citizens express toward Ukraine and their general satisfaction with the takeover of Crimea. However we gain a much more nuanced picture and some unexpected revelations if we study the poll data collected by the Levada Center since the first protests in

Public opinion and propaganda in Russia

Since Crimea was “returned to Russia”, Vladimir Putin’s performance as President of the Russian Federation has enjoyed an overall approval rating of 85 percent or over. “Crimea’s reunification with Russia” has also enjoyed the support of the same 85 percent.But this goes beyond being a personality cult – just seven percent of people polled are proud of being a Putin supporter. Many observers in Russia and abroad and some ordinary

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