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Photo Fake: Shelling in Israel Presented as Donetsk

A photograph taken in Israel in 2014 was recently posted as a photo from Donbas taken in 2015. The fake was first discovered by Israeli journalist and Ukraine-expert Shimon Briman, according to the Huliay Pole website. Source: politua.su.

Searching the Earth: Essential geolocation tools for verification

By Eliot Higgins from Bellingcat, for The First Draft As verification and open source investigation techniques and methodologies have developed over the last few years, so have the various tools and platforms used to access the information that makes this kind of work possible. In this article, we examine some of these tools, and the different uses they have in the verification and investigation process. Googling Earth For many investigations,

How to Avoid Spending Eternity on a Twitter Search

Let’s begin by asking, could you find original witness tweets on Twitter about the crash of Malaysia Airlines MH17 in Ukraine? It is not enough to pick the correct search words to obtain swift results. Instead, it requires narrowing the search and using the search operators offered by Twitter. Let’s look through these operators and their functions. The simplest operators – And & Or – are helping us to use

The new smartphone application as a tool of justice

Let’s begin with this video. This footage became a piece of key evidence in the trial against Thomas Lubanga Dyilo. He was found guilty by the International Criminal Court of using children under the age of fifteen in the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo as soldiers and bodyguards. This video evidence was captured by a local human rights activist, Bukeni Waruzi, with the support of Witness, an international

How to Search Photos on Social Networks

To begin, let’s solve a puzzle. On what street in Yalta is the wall painted with the Ukrainian flag? The picture was posted recently. It is quite difficult to find it with a Google search. However, there are other useful methods to do it. In the previous article, we discussed how to identify a location with metadata. But geolocation (from metadata, as well as from social network sites) can not

Metadata: Invisible information about a photo

Let’s begin with a small question – where exactly was this photo taken? One of the most common ways to identify the location of a photograph is to search via Google or TinEye. As long as we have the name of the object, we are able to name the location. Such methods are not always sufficient, and so there are other ways as well. For example, exploring information that isn’t

Photo Fake: The Azov Regiment Bathed in an Ice-Hole in the Form of Swastika

A fake photo, initially published in the blog of gmorder on January 19, is being actively spread around social networks. Although the author of this post tagged it as “humor” and wrote in comments that this was photoshoped image, its readers took the photo seriously and started to disseminate it in social networks. Even the odious ex-member of the Ukrainian parliament Vadim Kolesnichenko posted it on his Facebook page. In

AP News Agency Used Six Months Old Image to Illustrate Volnovakha Terrorist Attack

January 13 a number of news agencies of Russia, Germany and the US used the picture with blue bus seats that have bullet holes in them to illustrate the news of Volnovakha terrorist attack. Note, that on January 13 ‘Zlatoustovka— Donetsk’ bus that was moving on H20 way was shelled on the checkpoint near Volnovakha town. Zerkalo Nedeli illustrated this news piece with a picture of a bus with blue seats.

Moscow Photo of 2009 was Presented as the One from a Peace Meeting in Artemivsk in 2015

A fake photo of people marching with a slogan “Death to Russian scums!!! More killings” is being spread around social networks. The photo has the following caption: “While people are dying from missile and air strikes on Donbas, in Kyiv and Artemivsk “peace” marches are held…” Indeed, January 18, meetings and marches in support of peace on Donbas were held in several cities and towns of Ukraine. This photo, however,

Photo Fake: Maternity Hospital Personnel in Dnipropetrovsk Cut Swastika on a Newborn Child

A screenshot from the page of the Vkontakte group “Antimaidan” is being spread around networks. It shows a newborn child who allegedly has a swastika cut on his/her arm. The photo has a following caption: “Shock! Personnel of one of the maternity hospitals in Dnipropetrovsk learned that a birthing mother was a refugee from Donbas and a wife of a perished militia man, decided to play a cruel trick on

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