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One World, one author, one chain of command

By EU vs Disinfo The “One World Global Think Tank” is a new addition to the pantheon of Moscow-based disinformation outlets, publishing material in English. EU vs Disinformation has presented The Strategic Culture Foundation, New Eastern Outlook and South Front. News Front has also featured on our website. One World is just as all the above-mentioned registered and managed from Russia. A whois search shows that the site is registered

Soft power — not government censorship — is the key to fighting disinformation and “fake news”

By Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, for NiemanLab In many countries over the past few years, the political process — and social cohesion — have been threatened by various forms of disinformation, sometimes misleadingly and inadequately called “fake news.” Politically-motivated and for-profit disinformation is blamed, among other things, for the U.K.’s decision to vote to leave the EU and the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president. Disinformation takes many forms and is driven by many

Pro-Kremlin Far-right Bulgarian Party Used in Latest Ukrainian “Separatism’ Fake”

If you believe the media, ‘Bulgaria’ has endorsed the demand of local Ukrainian Bulgarians and called on Ukraine to create a Bulgarian autonomy.  This comes just weeks after Romanians were also reported to be demanding autonomy.  Ukraine, in short, is falling apart, and Crimea and Donbas were just the beginning. As with all these reports, they immediately spread through the Russian media, with the source, however, always Ukrainian.  In this

Isolation and Propaganda: The Roots and Instruments of Russia’s Information Campaign

The DGAP’s Stefan Meister develops for Washington’s Transatlantic Academy the topic of Russia’s “soft,” non-military influence on the post-Soviet sphere and the European Union. Instruments include Russian export media such as the television broadcaster RT and the media platform Sputnik, the targeted expansion of informal financial networks, and funding and support for left- and right-wing populist political parties and organizations. This text updates and expands an article published last year

Andrew Wilson: Russia’s “Nudge” Propaganda

Ever since the beginning of the crisis between Russia and Ukraine in 2013 there has been much discussion about the power of Russian propaganda in the West, and particularly within the EU. Russia has been able to attract a wide range of sympathisers across the political spectrum. But the way in which Russia exploits these other voices is different from how it operates at home. For more than a decade

Kremlin’s Millions

With one hand, Kremlin strangles non-governmental organizations in Russia. With another, it generously supports the defenders of its interests in the Baltics. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin knows what poses the greatest threat to the domestic stability in his country: it comes from foreign-sponsored nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) who serve as agents of the Russia’s enemies. In a speech earlier this year to the board of the Federal Security Service, Russia’s successor

Life In The Fog

Compared to Soviet propaganda, which targeted ideological supporters of socialism and communism, Putin’s propaganda machine targets individuals who hold different – often conflicting – worldviews. Scanning sources for a new documentary film about Russian propaganda, I stumbled upon a site called Information agency . Published in Latvian, the site promised to deliver news, analysis, and translated articles. Neither the agency’s address nor names of its authors were listed the site. Many

Putin Loves Labour’s Leader-in-Waiting

Labour just suffered an election catastrophe, but that hasn’t stopped the Kremlin from pushing far-left Jeremy Corbyn’s candidacy for party leader. Britain’s standard-bearer liberal newspaper The Guardian may have rejected Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Party leader, but he has one media outlet solidly in his corner: RT. The Kremlin-funded propaganda channel is actively pushing the far-left parliamentarian’s candidacy — and in a British media market in which RT claims some

Putin Said to Open Irish Front Against ‘Anglo-Saxon’ News

Russia’s worst economic slump in at least six years may have forced President Vladimir Putin to trim his propaganda budget, but he won’t let it curb his reach. RT, the Kremlin-backed television channel that broadcasts and publishes stories in six languages, is planning to open an office in Ireland by November, according to two people familiar with the matter who asked not to be named because the plans aren’t public.

Russian Soft Power In Central Asia

The Kremlin surprised nearly everyone when it unleashed its media machine on the world after the pro-Moscow president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, was chased from power in February 2014 and Ukraine fell into division and conflict. Moscow’s version of events was available on television, radio, and in print media in dozens of languages in dozens of countries and the selective storytelling of these outlets succeeded in raising doubts in some

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