Putin’s Russian World Increasingly Informed by a Nazi Aesthetic, Moscow Specialist Says

Putin’s Russian World Increasingly Informed by a Nazi Aesthetic, Moscow Specialist Says

Many commentators have discussed whether Vladimir Putin is a fascist in any serious sense, but most have failed to consider one area where fascism has clearly arisen in his Russia: in the aesthetics that increasingly inform Moscow’s public life and that have obvious parallels with those of the Third Reich, Innokenty Malkiel says. “The legions of tomorrow marching through Red Square are a multitude of strong young men lacking any

Proposed Legislation Would Ban Anonymous Messenger Services in Russia

By Codastory A proposed law in Russia would block mobile messenger services which allow users to register anonymously, reported Meduza. The law, if passed, would force messenger apps to verify users through their phone numbers and to also send out compulsory text messages from government agencies on request. This spring the Russian government already banned some messaging services like Zello, Line, Blackberry Messenger and Vchat for not registering with the

Putin’s Anti-Ukrainian Propaganda Playing Role State Anti-Semitism Did in Soviet Times, Ikhlov Says

By Paul Goble, Window on Russia Vladimir Putin’s “rabid” anti-Ukrainian propaganda resembles and is intended to have a similar outcome to Soviet state anti-Semitism, or “anti-Zionism” as it was called, Yevgeny Ikhlov says. And like the earlier one, Putin’s current one is about “killing off of another culture” and absorbing its bearers into a Moscow-approved effort. The Russian commentator points out that “’anti-Zionism’ had many goals, but one of them

StopFakeNews #132 [ENG] with Nina Jankowicz

The latest edition of StopFake News with Nina Jankowicz. This week we look at how the Russian disinformation machine continues to churn out lies about the new visa free agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, we debunk fake claims about Ukraine’s shrinking gold reserves and set the record straight about what Ukraine’s President really thinks about the Donbas area.

Kremlin Watch Monitor. May 18, 2017

STRATCOM SUMMIT 2017 How to Defend Allied Democracies against Hostile Influence and Disinformation Operations Since Monday 15th until Friday, the STRATCOM SUMMIT organized by thy European Values think-tank is under way in Prague at the Czech Ministry of Interior. Altogether 330 participants are representing 29 countries over five days. On Thursday, the key-note speech was given by the Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, who stated that the EEAS East STRATCOM team “needs

Russia’s National Guard to Monitor Social Networks

Russia’s National Guard is planning to train IT experts and specialists to monitor social networks, the Interfax news agency reported Friday, citing first deputy commander of the National Guard Sergei Melikov. “We’re looking at areas of work we would like to develop” Melikov told reporters. “Mainly social media monitoring.” Monitoring social networks would help the law enforcement agency to prevent attacks against the national guard like the one in the

Putin Latest ‘Hybrid’ Move Against Russia’s Opposition Media

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia Earlier this week, Vladimir Putin had a meeting with the leaders of some of Russia’s most prominent editors of the opposition media, a session that has sparked controversy because the participants were required to agree not to discuss that had transpired behind closed doors. Dmitry Muratov, the chief editor of Novaya gazeta and one of those who took part, reported on this arrangement in

Fake: Polish Students Attack Ukrainian Schoolgirl

Many Ukrainian and Russian sites featured a story this week about a Ukrainian schoolgirl who was allegedly attacked and beaten by fellow students in the Polish port city of Gdansk. Many publications claimed the girl was also verbally insulted and called a Banderite whore, referring to the Ukrainian nationalist leader Stepan Bandera. The source for this fake was a video posted to Facebook by a young woman called Marika Pytlewska.

Fake: Poroshenko Advocates Cutting off Donbas and Building a Wall

RIA Novosti Ukraina published an article recently claiming that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was advocating cutting off the Donbas area of Ukraine and building a wall to separate it from Ukraine. Poroshenko allegedly expressed this view during a May 14 press conference. What the Ukrainian President in fact said, was quite the opposite. Poroshenko defended the Minsk peace agreement; it is this far from perfect agreement which allowed Ukraine to

Fake: EU Can End Visa Free Travel for Ukrainians because of Donbas War

Last week RT’s Russian language site ran a story claiming that the European Union can rescind visa free travel for Ukraine at any moment, if it feels like it. Among the possible reasons for the EU ending visa free travel, which has yet to officially begin in mid-June, RT names corruption, security concerns, particularly with regard to the war in eastern Ukraine and illegal migration, especially what RT calls ‘the

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