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Challenge Putin’s Lies about imprisoned Ukrainian Filmmaker Oleg Sentsov

By Halya Coynash, for Human Rights in Ukraine See the link below the text for a letter and other ways of joining in the campaign to #FreeSentsov It is exactly three years since Oleg Sentsov, Ukrainian filmmaker and single father, was arrested in Simferopol, shortly after Russia invaded and annexed Crimea.  His trial and 20-year-sentence have been condemned by the entire international community, yet Russian President Vladimir Putin keeps repeating

Fake: Record Number of Ukraine Tourists Flocking to Crimea

Russian sites were aflutter with fake stories claiming that Crimea was experiencing a tourist rush from Ukraine. Russia’s security service, the FSB, reported that in the course of three days (April 28-May 1) nearly 20 thousand people entered the peninsula, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014. The majority of visitors, the FSB pointed out, were coming to Crimea for vacation. These fake stories were circulated in Crimean media such

Fake: Ukrainian Сolonel Proposes to Raze Donbas and Crimea

Russian propagandist media (REN TV, Vesti) disseminated a fake this week claiming that a lieutenant in the Ukrainian armed forces was advocating razing Crimea and the Donbas in order to return these occupied territories to Ukraine. The source for this distorted claim is an interview that Lieutenant Vsevolod Stebliuk gave to the information portal Online.ua , where he does use the word raze, however, in a context that is completely

Warfare in a Post-Truth World: Lessons from Ukraine

Author: Yuri Zhukov, for PONARS Policy Memo PDF (PONARS Policy Memo) The U.S. intelligence community’s January 6 report about Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election highlighted the role of Russian media organizations in spreading fake news and amplifying leaked materials in an attempt to manipulate public opinion. While few Americans receive their news directly from Russian sources, it is hard to dispute that a major consequence is that U.S.

Fake: Rasmussen for Recognition of Independent Course for Crimea

Russian media regularly publish stories claiming that the West has resigned itself to the annexation of Crimea and is ready to compromise with the Kremlin regarding sanctions. Pro-Russian delegations of marginal European politicians regularly feted in the annexed peninsula are presented as official delegations, proving that the West is softening its position on Crimea. Last week former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen became the newest victim of Russian media

Fake: Kyiv to Classify Crimea and Donbas Residents as Terrorists

Russian media are busy disseminating a new fakes claiming that Ukrainian authorities plan to designate residents of Crimea and Donbas as terrorists. Lenta.ru, Tsargrad, Pravda.ru, and even the seemingly independent Dozhd’ TVRain all featured versions of this fake story. Ukrainian authorities view Crimea residents with Russian passports and Donbas residents with Donetsk or Luhansk People’s Republic (DNR, LNR) passports as terrorists, declared Tsargrad, while Pravda opined that Ukraine had once

Fake: Ukrainians Ask for Electricity from Crimea

Russia’s RIA Novosti agency announced this week that Ukrainians have repeatedly asked Crimean occupation forces to share the peninsula’s electricity with the bordering southern region of the country. The area in question, Ukraine’s Kherson region, has no energy shortages and is one of the country’s leaders for renewable energy. RIA’s source is Zaur Smirnov, the chairman of Crimea’s State Committee for International Relations. He claims that Ukraine’s southern regions have limited resources and are

How (Not To) Cover Lies

As journalists try to figure out how to cover a “post-factual” world, they should look at Ukraine for lessons On March 12, 2014, long before anyone could imagine Donald Trump becoming President of the United States and concepts of “fake news” and “alternative facts” turning into global buzzwords, a group of journalists gathered outside a Ukrainian military base in Perevalnoe, outside Simferopol, the regional capital of Crimea. Standing next to

Russian TV shows fake ’anti-terror operation’ to hide arrests of Crimean Tatar activists

For the second time in a month, Russian media have produced fake news stories about ‘terrorists’ after a prominent lawyer the first time and civic activists on both occasions were detained in Russian-occupied Crimea.  The report on Feb 21 even used entirely false video footage that had nothing to do with the detention on ‘extremism’ charges of Crimean Tatar activist Marlen Mustafaev and then of 10 other Crimean Tatars who

UK university denies any part in Russia’s latest Crimea propaganda stunt

Three UK academics specializing in military history are currently taking part in meetings and propaganda media shots in Russian-occupied Crimea.  They appear to be promising a joint project with Bristol University which says that the men have nothing to do with them.  The origin of the misleading information is unclear, however the members of this pseudo-delegation cannot have been unaware of the maximum propaganda benefit Russia would seek to obtain

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