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Little green men: the annexation of Crimea as an emblem of pro-Kremlin disinformation

By EU vs Disinfo Among the many different examples of factually wrong claims that have come out of the Kremlin and media outlets loyal to its line since 2014, the case of Crimea’s annexation stands out as perhaps the most blatant and geopolitically most critical. The so-called “little green men” – Russian soldiers who, without identifying insignia, took control of Ukrainian territory in March 2014 – showed the extent to

Fake: Ukraine to Force Crimea and Donbas Residents to Repent

Last week Russian media such as NTV, Ukraina.ru, RIA Novosti and others featured stories claiming that the Ukrainian government would be forcing all residents of annexed Crimea and occupied Donbas territories to request pardons for supporting the separatist cause and ask for forgiveness. Former Ukrainian MP Andriy Senchenko, director of the Sila Prava (Strength of Law) NGO published the text of his draft law on pardoning those Ukrainian citizens who

Fake: Ukraine’s Military Command Announces Punitive Donbas Campaign and Crimea Offensive

Russian media launched a series of stories this week claiming that Ukraine’s military command announced a punitive campaign aimed at cleaning up Russian occupied Donbas and an offensive against Crimea. The source for this fake story cited by all media who disseminated it is an officer from Ukraine’s Military General Staff Colonel Yuriy Bobrov who held a briefing in Kyiv on March 6 to discuss Ukraine’s new law on reintegration

Rate the Most Glaring Fakes About Occupied Crimea

As the anniversary of the Russian annexation of Crimea draws upon us, StopFake presents an interactive rating of Russian fakes about Crimea. Score each fake and determine its place in our rating. We have also prepared a special video digest of the top five fakes about Crimea.

Fake: UN Fabricating Human Rights Violations in Crimea

Russian government controlled news agency Sputnik’s Spanish language version announced that Ukrainians living in Crimea were accusing the United Nations of making up human rights violations on the peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014. This claim was in response to a UN resolution adopted on November 19 condemning human rights violations in Crimea and referring to Russia as the “occupying power”. The resolution is based on myths as there are

Fake: World Jewish Congress Recognizes Crimea as Russian

Russian media are disseminating a story claiming that the World Jewish Congress has recognized Crimea as part of Russia. The source for this claim is a statement made by Crimea’s chief rabbi Binyamin Volf. On November 23 the daily Vesti program on Russian state Rossiya 24 television channel announced that during the World Jewish Congress gathering in New York, Crimea was recognized as part of Russia. The proof – Rabbi

Fake: Crimea Hosts International Ukrainian Diaspora Congress

Russian and Crimean media reported last week that an international congress of Ukrainian diaspora organizations was held on the Russian occupied Crimea peninsula. The congress declared that it wanted to collaborate with what they called “constructive segments of Ukraine’s population”. Organizers claimed representatives from several European countries attended the gathering, including from the Ukrainian mainland, but these were not named for security reasons, RIA Novosti reported. Real Ukrainian diaspora organizations

The Only Thing Catalonia and Crimea Have in Common Is the Letter C

By By Diane Francis, for Atlantic Council A Bloomberg piece in October titled “Why Catalonia Will Fail Where Crimea Succeeded” by Russian writer Leonid Bershidsky is an example of moral equivalence run amok. He compares two completely unrelated events—referenda in Crimea and Catalonia—as though they bear any similarity, and as though they carry the same moral weight. “The Catalan situation draws comparisons with that in Crimea in 2014, and they are

Fake: No Military Pressure on Crimeans to Support Russian Annexation

With the Catalonian independence referendum remaining in the headlines some in the media have taken to comparing Catalonia to Crimea, a part of Ukraine that Russia illegally annexed in 2014. Bloomberg View columnist Leonid Bershidsky in an opinion piece entitled Why Catalonia Will Fail Where Crimea Succeeded claims that the Crimean referendum on secession did not take place at gunpoint. Bershidsky writes that “Neither the “little green men” nor uniformed

A new Russian movie set in Crimea during the 2014 annexation enjoys another round of Internet mockery

By Meduza On September 28, Russian movie theaters started showing Alexey Pimanov’s new film “Crimea,” whose viewer rating on Kinopoisk (Russia’s version of IMDB) hackers recently tried to inflate. Russian Twitter users have since noticed that many of movie’s screenings took place for an audience of one, leading to speculation that nobody is going to see this movie. Сходить что ли посмотреть на этого человека pic.twitter.com/dJbLuSTt0v — Лев Бирюков (@lbiryukov) 29 сентября 2017 г.

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