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Fake: Crimea Supported Ukraine for Many Years

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that annexed Crimea had always subsidized Ukraine despite the fact that the peninsula itself was lacking. Putin made this announcement while visiting Crimea to mark the sixth anniversary of Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula Ukraine in 2014. Putin’s claims are completely untrue; Crimea and the entire southeastern region of Ukraine were heavily subsidized up to 2014, receiving more from the state budget than they

“If you want to know, you can know”

By EU vs Disinfo Nataliya Gumenyuk is a Ukrainian journalist and the author of the book The Lost Island, which was published in Kyiv in February 2020. The Lost Island presents a collection of reportage articles from Crimea, written by Nataliya Gumenyuk in the course of the six years since Russia’s illegal annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula. The Book has so far been published in Ukrainian, translated into Russian and is available

How British, German, and US media cover Crimea’s annexation and the Donbas war

By Rens Wilderom, for VoxUkraine This article investigates how British newspapers covered Crimea’s annexation and the Donbass war. It shows that initially an “international conflict frame” was used as the dominant way to interpret Crimea’s annexation, which in about three months was succeeded by a “local conflict frame,” then used as the most prevalent way to make sense of the enduring Donbass war. Moreover, it shows that as the war

Smells like Crimea

By EU vs Disinfo “In the West, voices are heard that we need to review the results of the Second World War. And, in particular, they have various territorial claims against Russia”.  This message was broadcast on 23 February to millions of Russian households by the state-owned TV channel Rossiya 1. Viewers were also told about the voices allegedly demanding control over Russian territory that “these are people in power of

What rhymes with RIA?

By EU vs Disinfo The first weeks of a new year are usually slow and lazy in Russia. With seven public holidays in the first two weeks of January, Russian workplaces cannot be expected to be very productive. However, when it comes to one particular topic, state-controlled Russian media outlets rarely take time to relax: Crimea. A search on the website of the state-controlled news agency RIA Novosti tells the

Fake: Armenia Resumes Flights to Crimea

Last week Russian media launched a wave of fake stories claiming that Armenia and the Russian occupying forces of Crimea agreed to resume flights between the annexed Ukrainian peninsula and the Armenian capital Yerevan. Citing Alexei Chernyak, the chairman of the Crimean parliament’s tourism committee Komsomolskaya Pravda claims that Pegas Fly, a Russian airline based in Krasnoyarsk, has received permission to operate seven flights a week on the Simferopol-Yerevan route.

Fake: UN Recognized that Crimea is Russian

Russia brought a member of Crimea’s occupying authority to the 12th session of the United Nations Forum on Minority Issues held in Geneva last November and used his presence there to claim the UN recognized that Crimea is Russia. The claim is patently fake, as no such recognition has taken place and is highly unlikely that it ever will, as one of the most recent UN resolution calls for the

Fake: Czech President Recognizes Crimea as Part of Russia

A number of Russian and Ukrainian media reported that Czech President Milos Zeman publicly recognized Crimea as part of Russia and had invited pro-Kremlin Crimean Tatars to an official Independence Day event in Prague. Zeman in fact did not make such a statement, although Crimean Tatars from the pro-Kremlin Kyrym Birligi group were present at the October 28 official state commemoration. Several Czech organizations and politicians condemned Zeman inviting the

Desperately seeking recognition

By EU vs Disinfo Crimea is Ukraine. However, the Kremlin and its propaganda machinery will go many extra miles to seek out support of the inaccurate claim that Crimea’s status changed as a result of Russia’s invasion and illegal annexation in 2014. This craving for recognition forces pro-Kremlin media to produce a monotonous and ritualised flow of variations over a well-known theme: someone somewhere said something that confirms Russia’s official

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