Russians Re-write History to Slur Ukraine Over War

Russians Re-write History to Slur Ukraine Over War

Vladimir Putin has turned the idea of fascism into a political tool, and now Russian historians are adapting to the Kremlin line, Simon Shuster writes for Time magazine. The trio of German historians, as well as a handful of their colleagues from Eastern Europe, flew into Moscow last week for what they thought would be a conference on the history of Nazi war crimes. It was the fifth in a

Kremlin-backed RT to launch UK TV news channel

The Kremlin-backed news channel Russia Today, or RT, will launch a dedicated UK TV channel on Thursday to “dissect the implications of major international developments for UK audiences”. RT, which has been criticised as a propaganda mouthpiece for the Russian government, said RT UK would “focus on the issues that matter most to Britons”. The international version of RT is already available in the UK. Its new domestic incarnation, on

Report: Russian government sponsored hackers behind long running attacks

A new report by cybersecurity firm FireEye says that the Russian group has targeted regional governments, as well as NATO and U.S. defense contractors. FireEye released a report Oct. 28 in which it identifies a hacking group it calls Advanced Persistent Threat 28 or APT28, which is likely based in Moscow’s timezone. The group has operated since at least 2007. “APT28’s characteristics — their targeting, malware, language and working hours

Weekly newscast from StopFake team. Number 31 (dubbed)

StopFakeNews # 31! Did CyberBerkut block the website of Central Election System in Ukraine? What’s new has Dmitriy Kiselev invented? And a bit of a belated panic in the Ukrainian Internet about the columns of Russian military machines.    

Lies: Counting the Votes after the Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine will be Done Manually

On October 25, CyberBerkut Group posted on its website false information: “Today the Ukrainian CEC officially announced that the system ‘Elections’ does not work.  They informed media that the date of the election results announcement may be changed due to the manual counting of votes.” In addition, members of the group have published false document, which supposed to be the decision of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Ukraine, in

Fake: CyberBerkut Blocked Ukraine CEC’s Work

On October 25, CyberBerkut website published a misguiding message: “We, CyberBerkut, declare that we have control over the cyber space of Central Election Commission of Ukraine. And today in the day of silence before the election to the Parliament, we have hindered the functioning of the electronic system of vote counting”. As evidence they posted an alleged screenshots of CEC and Vyborkom websites. This declaration is not true. CEC website was

Channel One Presented an Outdated Photo from Chechnya as Up-to-date Image from Donbas

On October 25, Russian Channel One showed a news item entitled “Terrible images from Donbas, which Ukrainian TV does not show, residents of Kyiv saw all the same”. In this news item an anchorwoman tells that the organization Cyber-berkut allegedly managed to get access to dozens of advertising screens in the center of Ukrainian capital. “People stopped before monitors where photos of victims alternated with photos of politicians”, says the

Fakes in Week News issue with Dmitry Kiselev

In October 19’s Week News issue with Dmitry Kiselev  voiced a number of false news and statements.  Some of them we decided to disassemble and refute. For example, the speaker of the news release says the phrase “imaginary Russian troops on Ukrainian territory, which was a shame for President Poroshenko to even mention during the Europe-Asia summit in Italy” (see 10:40 of release).  However, the presence of Russian military (as

Reuters’ Investigation: Russia helps “Militia” in the Donbas by Troops and Equipment (photo)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated that the Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine are volunteers, the Russian paratroopers in eastern Ukraine simply got “lost”, but Russia does not help the so-called militias in the Donbas by any professional military people or military equipment. Reuters journalists gathered evidence – photos and eyewitnesses – that prove the situation is otherwise. Reuters found the blackened carcasses of what military experts have since identified

The Lie: Formerly RT Journalist Graham Phillips was Wounded

The website Russkaya osen  (Russian Autumn) informed that the formerly journalist of RT Graham Phillips was allegedly wounded and needs blood donors.  This news was quickly spread around social networks and other sites. This information was refuted by Graham Phillips himself in his video published on Youtube.  He said that he was all right, did not have a need in donor blood and felt great. Let us recall that Graham

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