How to deal with a propagandist

How to deal with a propagandist

Spanners need to be thrown into Russia’s lie-machine – but how? The British humourist PG Wodehouse made five light-hearted radio broadcasts about his life during internment under the Nazis; he faced only social censure, and lived abroad ever after. The Mussolini-loving crackpot American poet Ezra Pound fared worse. He was arrested for treason after the war. “Lord Haw-Haw” (William Joyce) was hanged – wrongly, as he was from neutral Ireland

Lugansk News Today: One Man’s SEO Battle with Russia Today

An anonymous blogger has been covering events in Eastern Ukraine on the English-language Lugansk News Today website, offering an alternative to Russia’s anglophone media and raising the Internet’s awareness of the events in his hometown. The language of blogging in East Ukraine and Crimea is overwhelmingly Russian. In some ways this mirrors local ‘offline’ preferences: both regions are heavily russophone. In other ways this mirrors a general Ukrainian trend: Russian

German Newspaper Found Lies in Vladimir Putin’s Interview

Russian President Vladimir Putin, during his interview with the German TV channel NDR, which he gave on November 15, twisted and distorted the facts to justify its position, stated the German newspaper Bild. In that interview Putin compared the annexation of the Crimea with the separation of Kosovo. Indeed, the magazine writes, NATO troops entered Kosovo without a UN mandate, and Russia and China opposed. “However, there is a big

Henry Kissinger’s Fake Book about Putin

A book by ex-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger appeared in Russian e-shops, it’s titled “To Understand Putin. Common Sense Policy”, as reported by The real author remains unknown, but the fake is sold under Kissinger’s name for 99.90 rubles (round 33 grivnas). The book exists only as an e-book. Description states it was released on September 17 2014. However, according to the official sources, the only book that has

Warcrime: Graham Phillips documenting shelling of villages?

Several videos have been released of a heavy artillery team firing hundreds of shells. One of the cameramen was formerly RT-journalist Graham Phillips filming an event on September 19th. It had never been possible to geolocate them until now… Here are the videos. Video #1 Released Oct. 9th but covering the same Sept. 19th event: The bald guy walking around in a camera must be Graham: Video #2 This is

Historian Timothy Snyder: Ukrainian crisis is not about Ukraine, it’s about Europe

Events in Ukraine have no effect on what Russia does or says, because its propaganda is not based on reality but on pushing Europe’s sensitive buttons. The true object of Moscow’s policies is not even Ukraine, it is Europe, which finds it hard to accept what the Ukrainian crisis is really about, says Yale University professor Timothy Snyder in an interview to DELFI. The historian has recently dedicated much attention

Russia’s global media operation under the spotlight

The Kremlin’s international media operation appears to be going from strength to strength with two recent high-profile launches and more in the pipeline. But it is also coming under increased scrutiny over its lack of editorial balance and accusations that it is deliberately using disinformation to counter and divide the West. In a spanking new press centre in Moscow on 10 November, controversial TV news anchor Dmitry Kiselev, who is

How Russia Is Revolutionizing Information Warfare

At the NATO summit in Wales, General Philip Breedlove, the military alliance’s top commander, made a bold declaration. Russia, he said, is waging “the most amazing information warfare blitzkrieg we have ever seen in the history of information warfare.” It was something of an underestimation. The new Russia doesn’t just deal in the petty disinformation, forgeries, lies, leaks, and cyber-sabotage usually associated with information warfare. It reinvents reality, creating mass hallucinations that

Weekly newscast from StopFake team. Number 34 (dubbed)

StopFakeNews # 34. In this issue: Russian Channel One  provided a photo–fake as sensational evidence of Ukraine’s guiltiness in the crash of the Malaysian Boeing 777; NTV  lied about the fact that Ukraine wanted to legalize prostitution; and the channel Russia 1  distorted the report made by Human Rights Watch.  

Putin waging information war in Ukraine worthy of George Orwell

It was a familiar scenario this week. First the government in Kiev said that Russia was sending convoys of men and weapons to support pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine. Then U.S. General Philip Breedlove, NATO’s top commander in Europe, confirmed those claims, saying “there is no question anymore about Russia’s direct military involvement in Ukraine.” His remarks were summarily denied by the Russian Defense Ministry, which said it had stopped

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