The Ukrainian Communications Standoff

The Ukrainian Communications Standoff

In all political conflicts, when feverish crisis management turns into stalemate and the focus shifts from who acts quickest to who lasts longest, communications becomes of the essence. This moment has now been reached in the Ukrainian standoff between the West and Russia. Granted, escalation dominance still lies with the Kremlin. Moscow is in the tactically advantageous position of being able to scale up or down its involvement in Ukraine’s

China did not Declare its Support of Russian Annexation of Crimea

Russian news agency ITAR-TASS published news about China allegedly supporting Russian position on Crimea. “China is against the declaration of independence by any ethnic groups through referendums, but this does not apply to Crimea,” stated, according to ITAR-TASS, the Deputy Director-General of the Department of European-Central Asian Affairs in Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Gui Congyou. “We should take a very careful and well-considered attitude to tackling nationalities’ issues. We are against any

Fake: The New Year will be Forbidden in Ukraine because Ded Moroz is a Russian

Russian TV channels chase each other telling that Ded Moroz (Father Frost) was allegedly forbidden and replaced with Santa Claus in Ukraine. On November 17, the TV channel REN-TV informed about this. Then the Channel One joined (starting from 00.20): “Kyivans will have to celebrate New Year’s Eve without Ded Moroz who seems to became a fair game on the wave of lustration. The mayor’s office made public the program

Fake Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

On November 23, Russian TV-Channel Russia 1  in its Sunday news digest Vesti Nedeli  with Dmitrii Kiselev showed a report about Euromaidan consequences in Kiev, in which they used an interview with pro-Kremlin Anna News journalist, claiming him to be “Deputy Minister of Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2005-2008 Andrei Veselovskii.” In fact, ex-Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Andrei Veselovskii looks different. The interview was given by Sergei Veselovskii —

StopFakeNews Number 35: Special Issue on Maidan

A year ago there was Euromaidan. From its earliest days, it was accompanied by fakes, which Russian media has been spreading about it. In the new issue of StopFakeNews # 35 we remind you some of them.    

Football Player of FC Shakhtar did not Refuse to Play for Ukraine

Russian mass media republished last year April Fool’s joke about the defender of FC Shakhtar Yaroslav Rakytskiy refusing to play for the Ukrainian national team. Fake interview was published by the site Information center. November 23 in the morning it appeared on many Russian sport and news sites, among them Russia Today,, Russian news service,, Russian version of Eurosport. “Look, to say honestly I am fed up with

Nigerian Mechanics were Turned into “American Mercenaries and Chastisers” who had Come to Ukraine in Order to Fight Here

On October 15, the website published news telling that “combat black mercenaries had allegedly come to Kharkiv”. The reason for this news was a video showing “blacks in camouflage near microbuses” in Kharkiv. The video maker states that he filmed it in the courtyard of one of the Kharkiv hotels. According to him, about two dozens of black men came allegedly to assist Ukrainian militaries. “Here are they. Combat

Sportsman Aleksey Oleynik, who Came on the Stage Wearing a T-shirt with Putin, is not a Citizen of Ukraine

“Ukrainian sportsman Aleksey Oleynik put on a t-shirt with Putin at the weigh-in before the UFC fight”, reported TV channel RT. The main Russian media spread this news emphasizing Ukrainian citizenship of the sportsman. As a matter of fact, Aleksey Oleynik, who was born in Kharkiv, fights in Russian championships and presents Russian on international competitions, which is confirmed by the Russian Wikipedia. Among other facts, it informs that he

Comrade Capitalism. How Russia does business in the Putin era

In murky Pentagon deal with Russia, big profit for a tiny Florida firm Part 4: The Air Force relies on rocket engines made by a company overseen by associates of Vladimir Putin. Documents show a U.S.-Russian middleman stands to make $93 million on the contract. For months, a powerful U.S. senator has been pushing for details of a murky deal under which a Russian manufacturer supplies the rocket engines used

How to fight information war with Russia

What does the Russian propaganda war mean for Ukraine and the world? How do you fight it? Experts from the United States, Britain and Ukraine attempted to answer these and other questions at the Kyiv Post Tiger Conference. Below are some of the highlights from their talks. Macon Phillips, coordinator of Bureau of International Information Programs at the U.S. Department of State “Russia, the Kremlin push a lot of disinformation

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