Conspiracy: Ukraine to launch a large-scale offensive in Donbas during the World Cup

Conspiracy: Ukraine to launch a large-scale offensive in Donbas during the World Cup

By EU vs Disinfo Summary of Disinformation Ukraine to launch a large-scale offensive in Donbas during the World Cup to provoke a humanitarian disaster and an exodus of the population. The goal is to create a situation that by autumn will allow Ukraine to push through the idea of bringing in an international contingent by branding Russia a party to the conflict and an aggressor. View original publication / media

Keywords of Disinformation: Genocide, Nazi – and the World Cup

By EU vs Disinfo What could genocide and Nazis possibly have in common with the 2018 FIFA World Cup? Nothing would be the most obvious answer. But for the pro-Kremlin disinformation campaigners all these three topics serve as sources of inspiration. This week, it was all about creating a smokescreen around one of the most important frontlines: Ukraine. As we have seen before, the increased violence in Donbas – like recently

MH17: Time is Running Out for Disinformation

By EU vs Disinfo Since July 2014, Russian authorities have been conducting a disinformation campaign together with the media they directly and indirectly control with the aim to cover up the truth about who shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine. But time is beginning to run out. Both official investigators and an international community of journalists have been able to systematically neutralise the series of smokescreens laid out by the Kremlin

How much is a gram of Telegram, or why you should not get hooked on this messenger

By Christina Dobrovolska, specially for InformNapalm Russia’s state communications regulator Roskomnadzor made a botched attempt to block Telegram messenger sending ripples in mass media and on social networks around the globe. In the summer of 2017, the management of the Telegram received a demand to hand in the encryption keys to the users’ data to the Federal Security Service (FSB). On August 30, 2017 Telegram officially refused to provide the keys, and

‘Chief Beneficiary’ of Putin’s Aggression in Ukraine and Syria is Moscow TV, New Poll Shows

By Paul Goble, Windows on Eurasia There have been innumerable surveys of Russian attitudes over the last decade, but most of them have been limited in their value by the fact that participants likely answered some of the most important questions by saying what they believed those behind the polls wanted to hear, Igor Yakovenko says. But two polls, one taken in 2010 and a second just now by the

Fake: US Violates INF Treaty

The US is violating international treaties and continues to manufacture lethal weapons banned by the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (commonly called the I.N.F. treaty), declared Russia’s Armed Forces newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda, closely followed by RT and NTV. Krasnaya Zvezda cites Russian National Center for Nuclear Risk Reduction director Sergei Ryzhkov as its source, who claims that Washington is ignoring the terms of the treaty. Ryzhkov claims the US is developing

Manipulation: Problems Awaiting Ukraine after CIS Exodus

Russian media reacted to Kyiv’s announcement that the country will leave the CIS by claiming Ukraine will face a gloomy future, suffer billions of dollars in losses and have problems in relations with countries in the post-Soviet space as a result. RT, NTV, Vzglyad and Komsomolskaya Pravda devoted lengthy analytical pieces to the topic, ranging from dire economic and political prognoses to statements that Ukraine has not officially announced that

Fake: Ukraine to Separate From Crimea via Projected Canal

Ukraine is developing plans for the construction of a canal which should separate the Ukrainian mainland from Russian occupied Crimea, several Russian media announced this week. The alleged canal is planned to cut across the Perekop Isthmus that connects the Crimean peninsula with mainland Ukraine to allow ships to cross from the Sea of Azov to the Black Sea. RIA Novosti, REN TV, Primechaniya, Kryminform and others all reported that

MH17 – Russian GRU Commander ‘Orion’ Identified as Oleg Ivannikov

By Bellingcat Investigation Team A joint investigation between Bellingcat, The Insider, and McClatchy DC Bureau has conclusively identified another key person of interest in the ongoing investigation of the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH17). The person known as ’Andrey Ivanovich’, a.k.a. call sign ‘Orion’, is in fact a high-ranking Russian GRU officer named Oleg Vladimirovich Ivannikov. Русская версия этого расследования опубликована изданием The Insider. Read McClatchy’s article here. 

Kremlin Fakes: Why Mr. Putin Links ISIS to Ukraine?

By Dmytro Zolotukhin The ISIS alleged calls to organize terrorist acts in Ukraine on the eve of the Champions League final are another provocation by Russian special services. However, it is far not the first. Since the end of 2013, Moscow has been actively trying to brainwash the world community into believing in the links between Ukraine and the jihadists. On the eve of the most significant football event, the

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