What have tech companies done wrong with fake news? Google (yep) lists the ways

What have tech companies done wrong with fake news? Google (yep) lists the ways

By Laura Hazard Owen, for NiemanLab The growing stream of reporting on and data about fake news, misinformation, partisan content, and news literacy is hard to keep up with. This weekly roundup offers the highlights of what you might have missed. “Who should be responsible for censoring ‘unwanted’ conversation, anyway? Governments? Users? Google?” Breitbart — yep, leading the column with a Breitbart story! — got leaked a Google presentation, “The Good Censor,” that shows how

Tolstoy’s Resurrection

By EU vs Disinfo Ukrainian language is artificial, as are Ukraine’s borders. In fact, Ukrainians are just Russians. These statements do not come from a “troll” or the hate speech of an online provocateur. The person behind them is the Deputy Speaker of the State Duma, Russia’s Parliament, who also has the privilege of hosting his own current affairs talk show on Russian state TV. The new programme is called “Tolstoy.

StopFake News #206 with Marko Suprun

Fake: Ukraine’s military preparing sabotage in Crimea. Ukrainian army deploys Polish soldiers in Donbas. Mass shooting in Crimea: Russia blames Ukraine. Tiny Turkish Church demands legal action against Constantinople Patriarch.

Russian reporter fibs about Ukrainian delegation at the Council of Europe

By Polygraph Olga Skabeyeva Russian talk show co-host “People rallied, with bloodshot eyes, pronounced these words, looking me in the eye: ‘Death to the enemy, death to Russia, death to you’.” Source: 60 Minutes FALSE Members of the Ukrainian delegation didn’t say “death to Russia” or “death to you.” On October 9, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) discussed restoring Russia’s voting rights in the body, which were revoked

Fake: Ukrainian Army Deploys Polish Soldiers to Donbas

NATO-equipped Polish mercenaries deployed to Donbas – this headline was emblazoned across several separatist web sites last week, (Regnum, Novorossia, Luganskyi Informacionnyi Centr, News Front). These publications cite lieutenant colonel Andrey Marochko, the representative of the so-called People’s Police of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic, who during his latest briefing, announced that Ukraine’s military was supplementing its 53rd mechanized brigade deployed around the village of Triokhizbenka in the eastern Ukrainian

Like the devil reads the Bible

By EU vs Disinfo “Danish scholars conclude that RT has ‘exceptional influence’ in social media”. This was the title of a recent story published by the Russian state-controlled news agency RIA Novosti. A similar story was run by Sputnik, also in Russian. The sensational headline about the “exceptional influence” looks like a pat on RT’s back; however, it’s a piece wishful thinking. What researchers at the University of Copenhagen had in fact detected

Gazprom promises China a supply of natural gas it cannot deliver

By Polygraph Alexei Miller Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO Gazprom, Russia “Miller emphasized that Gazprom is discussing with China an increase in [gas] deliveries via the Power of Siberia [pipeline] using only its own capacities. ‘We can ourselves can [do it]. This is Gazprom’s production capacity,” he said… ‘In the future, after [we succeed in supplying] the 30 billion [cubic meters a year], we can talk about

Manipulation: Tiny Turkish Orthodox Church Demands Legal Action against Constantinople Patriarch for Ukraine’s Autocephaly

The decision by Orthodox Patriarch Barthalomew to grant the Ukrainian Orthodox Church independence has raised the ire of the Russian Orthodox Church and the country’s politicians who have been actively seeking allies in their cause against such a move. The so-called Turkish Orthodox Church seems to have risen to the occasion and has announced that it not only supports the Russian Orthodox Church but will also sue Patriarch Bartholomew. Pro-Kremlin

Mass Shooting in Crimea: Russia Blames Ukraine

The October 17 shooting at a college in Kerch in Crimea claimed 21 lives according to Russian authorities, 50 students were wounded. Well before anything was officially known about the shooting, Russian media rushed to blame Ukraine for the tragedy.   The news about the shooting broke during the broadcast of state channel Rossiya 1’s 60 Minutes program  and its moderators and guest all eagerly began accusing Ukrainian ‘saboteurs’ of

Did a ‘pro-Russian’ party win big in Latvia?

By Polygraph Daily Express British tabloid newspaper “Latvia election result sparks EU crisis warning as pro-Russia party sweeps to success” Source: Daily Express website MISLEADING There is no EU crisis in this regard. After the results from Latvia’s parliamentary elections were announced on October 6, headlines declared a big victory for the “pro-Russian” Social Democratic Party, better known as “Harmony.” “Pro-Russian Harmony tipped to be Latvia’s largest party following election,”

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