Disinformation and European erosion in Romania

Disinformation and European erosion in Romania

By Radu Magdin, for Disinfo Portal Romania has a reputation as one of the most pro-EU and pro-US countries in Europe. Public opinion barometers demonstrate it. For geopolitical and historical reasons, the Eastern European state has struggled to normalize its relation with Russia. Although Russian business in present in the Romanian economy, especially in the energy field, cooperation between the two nations is still far below potential. Cooperation levels are

War weariness combined with desire for efficacy explains Zelensky’s appeal, Kirillova says

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia For six years, Ukrainians have had to fight a war they did not choose but that arose as a result of Russian aggression. Understandably, they are tired of fighting but somehow want to win on the basis of their own actions without having to continue to fight the numerically stronger invader. That combination of victimhood and a desire for a sense of efficacy explains

Figure of the week: 200,000

By EU vs Disinfo UK media regulator Ofcom has fined RT £200,000 for breaching impartiality rules. Ofcom’s investigation found that RT failed to preserve due impartiality on seven occasions between 17 March and 26 April 2018 in its reporting on the Salisbury poisoning and the war in Syria – major matters of political controversy and current public policy. The UK media regulator said that, taken together, these breaches represented serious

Constructing bad image of Poland’s allies – what is the reflected influence?

Disinformation and propaganda operations are not spread in the random and uncoordinated manner. They always have a precise target and adequate methods, effective in given society. A good example are Russian propaganda actions aimed at individual states in the context of international politics. In the case of Poland, the negative light is shed primarily on the US and Germany. Negative information coming from France or widely understood Western Europe are

Fake: Ukrainians Want to Go to Russia, Want Trains to Crimea

This week Russian media announced that Ukrainians are demanding that rail traffic to Crimea be reinstated so that Ukrainians could holiday on “the Russian peninsula”. Ukrainians are hoping that Ukraine’s new government and newly elected president will reinstate both rail and air traffic between the annexed peninsula and the Ukrainian mainland, they wrote. Scores of Russian officials eagerly related this fake story stressing that the Kremlin would be only happy

Fake: Ukraine Sold Moldovan Missiles to ISIS

Pro-Kremlin Russian media has once again returned to one of its favorite tropes, blaming Ukraine for complicity with terrorists. This time an unnamed Ukrainian company allegedly purchased missiles from Moldova and sold them to ISIS, writes the propagandist site Fond Strategicheskoy Kultury. The alleged transaction supposedly took place at Moldova’s Marculesti airport, which until 2017 was the Marculesti Air Force Base owned and operated by the Moldovan Defense Ministry. Russia’s

Lie, manipulate, spread, change, spread again

By EU vs Disinfo Sputnik Polska as the tip of the iceberg of a disinformation campaign. Penetration of the information space by pro-Kremlin actors goes far beyond using state-funded media or a troll factory. As shown in the new report by Info Ops Polska, disinformation messages  can be spread by multiple actors using a variety of tools – so that at the end of the day, its recipients cannot see

The alphabet book of pro-Kremlin disinformation (Part II: F – L)

By EU vs Disinfo The Claims The Facts F   False Flag The chemical attack at Douma was a false flag operation. The Skripal poisoning was a false flag operation. The fire at Notre Dame was a false flag operation. The attack of the MH17 was a false flag operation. Conspiracy theories – “things are not really what they look like” – are handy instruments to forward claims without providing

Cyberspace is a militarily operational domain

Is saying that the cyberspace is a part of the space of current hybrid war which still has no military dimension but, in fact, cybernetic one, describing the reality in advance? Should we say that today, as the state, we are involved in an ongoing war? There is no doubt though, that the phenomenon of war suffered crucial changes. The impulse for it was the Cold War, which was not

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