Fake: EU Turns Blind Eye to Russian Passport Distribution in Donbas

Fake: EU Turns Blind Eye to Russian Passport Distribution in Donbas

Lithuania and Estonia are the only two European Union countries willing to “ruin relations with Russia” and speak out against the Kremlin issuing Russian passports in the occupied Ukrainian territory Donbas, declared Russian media in the wake of statements issued by the Foreign Ministries of the two Baltic States that they would not recognize such passports. One Russian political analyst called the move a PR stunt and declared that the

Exploring Bosnia and Herzegovina’s disinformation hub

By Darko Brkan, for Power 3.0 Disinformation has never been more a part of the public discourse in the Balkans and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) than in recent years. However, knowledge of the methods, sources, motives, connections, actors, and other aspects of the disinformation landscape in BiH and the region is scarce, based mostly on anecdotes and some research about the country’s media scene. With this in mind, Raskrinkavanje.ba, an

Your friendly local pro-Kremlin outlet: disinformation in Belarus

By EU vs Disinfo Pro-Kremlin disinformation increasingly exploits Belarusians’ trust in local news to question sovereignty of Belarus and undermine its people, language and culture.  “Over 40 crews of harvester operators reached the  milestone of 1 thousand tons of grain” – a proud headline informs the readers of a regional news website in the Grodno region in the west of Belarus. But beyond the impressive achievements of Grodno harvester operators the website provides more

Russia: Non-information as disinformation

By Margarita Assenova, for Polygraph Using non-information as a disinformation tool is not a new tactic for the Kremlin. But the Russian government’s attempt to hide information about the large opposition protests in Moscow and the explosion of a nuclear-powered missile in the White Sea has misfired in the era of social media, which the Kremlin cannot fully control. As the images of brutally beaten and arrested protestors in Russia

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Russia watchers targeted by a sophisticated cyber-attack

Topics of the Week The phishing attack on Russia-watchers was more successful than initially believed. European Values Think-Tank was among those targeted. US Senate is negligent to pass election defence bills that could help against malign foreign interference. Finite State’s investigation shows the cybersecurity risks and flaws of Huawei technologies. Good Old Soviet Joke One day, Gustáv Husák, the communist president of Czechoslovakia, suddenly comes out of his office, wanders around, collects stones,

Journalistic protests against disinformation

By EU vs Disinfo Moscow is protesting. Against the abuse of power. For free and fair elections. Global audiences are watching disturbing footage of the Russian government’s physical crackdowns on the protesters. A parallel clash between authorities and civil society has taken place in Russia’s media sphere. Here, independent journalists and media have challenged the wave of disinformation that has been directed against the protest movement. TV Rain One of these outlets is TV

The Alphabet book of pro-Kremlin disinformation (Part III: M – R)

By EU vs Disinfo The Claims The Facts M   Media, The Americans and Europeans do not have freedom of speech anymore. Mainstream media is controlled by the financial elites and the CIA. See “Witch Hunt”. Russia is ranking 149 (out of 180 countries) in the World Freedom Index Men Feminized males will allow Muslims to conquer Europe. They will not be able to protect women and children from the

Missiles, paedophilia, and the Anglo-Saxon totalitarian caste system

By EU vs Disinfo It has been an eventful couple of weeks for the Kremlin’s disinformation machine, with several inconvenient topics – from the United States’ withdrawal from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, to Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony, to RT’s £200,000 regulatory fine in the UK – all making international headlines and not looking good for the Kremlin. Besides seeking to manipulate the debate on these topics, the pro-Kremlin

In Ethiopia, disinformation spreads through Facebook live as political tensions rise

By Endalk, for Global Voices On July 18, two Ethiopian protest groups clashed in front of the Ethiopian embassy in Washington, DC, in the United States, as Ethiopia’s tense national politics spread to its diasporas. Protesters demonstrated their opposition to the current government, waving flags missing the characteristic yellow pentagram, a symbol of Ethiopia’s collective national identity. Pro-government supporters, mostly of Oromo ethnicity, marched to confront the anti-government protesters. They

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