Kremlin historians, fighting the war on remembrance

Kremlin historians, fighting the war on remembrance

By EU vs Disinfo The disinformation campaign against Poland, reported in the Disinformation Review #180, is visible in the transcript of a discussion organised by the journal Russia in Global Affairs on “The memory of the history and its role in Foreign Policy”. Here, a group of historians talk about how to utilise history for improving Russia’s international position. From this transcript it is clear that Poland has been carefully selected as a

Conspiratorial Virus

By EU vs Disinfo The pro-Kremlin media continues to target Poland, while the newly identified respiratory virus brings new opportunities for disinformation. As the news about a previously unknown respiratory virus – which has already claimed over 100 lives – spreads around the world, so do the conspiracy theories. A mysterious disease that jumped the species barrier from animals to humans with potentially lethal consequences ticks all the “fit-for-conspiracy” boxes:

Fake: Ukraine Launches Obama Investigation

Pro-Kremlin publications, and others announced on January 30 that Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) has launched an investigation against former US President Barak Obama. The source of this fake claim is Renat Kuzmin, the former deputy Procurator General in the disgraced and ousted government of Viktor Yanukovych. Today Kuzmin is an MP from the pro-Russian opposition platform For Life. On his Facebook page Kuzmin writes that the investigation

Russian media spew U.S. coronavirus conspiracies for domestic audience

By Polygraph Igor NikulinRussian biochemistry and military expert“China is surrounded by American military labs, and there is a U.S. consulate in Wuhan, the staff of which could have delivered the dangerous cargo to the PRC.”Source: RIA Novosti, Jan. 27, 2020 Misleading Russian domestic media spin false conspiracies blaming the United States for the coronavirus outbreak. On Jan. 28 the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that the coronavirus 2019-nCoV had spread

Edward Lucas: The Kremlin’s way

By Edward Lucas, for CEPA In Russia, All Power Leads to Putin Switzerland and Russia have few similarities. But one of them is that that the name of the head of the government matters little.  The top job in the Swiss system is held by Simonetta Sommaruga. Except that it is not really the top job: the head of state is the collective Federal Council—in effect, the government. Sommaruga, a pianist

Fake: Deadly Chinese Coronavirus found in Ukraine

The pro-Russian site which according to a recent independent fact checking study is in the top five least truthful media outlets announced on January 27 that the deadly Chinese coronavirus strain has been identified in Ukraine. Strana’s fake story was immediately picked up by Russian RT. Ukrainian media also raised a panic but after a while most sites rushed to edit their earlier posts, removing phrases such as “deadly

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Facebook’s real-time help during the Taiwan election

TOPICS OF THE WEEK Facebook’s real-time help during the Taiwan election Russia increases its disinformation operations in South America Kremlin’s Current Narrative: Elections in Taiwan overshadowed by the “One China” policy Good Old Soviet Joke During the times of communism, a customer comes to the knife shop and asks: “Comrade, do you have razors?”“No, we don’t.”After the customer leaves, another one wandering the shop asks: “Why did you tell him

The anniversary of Mariupol rocket attack: who led it and what is known about them

By InformNapalm For the anniversary of the Mariupol rocket attack, volunteers of the InformNapalm international community used open sources to gather information about the Russian officers involved in the killing of dozens of civilians. They established that after the attack Vladimir Putin promoted some of these officers to the rank of general and they’re still making their careers in the Russian Armed Forces. Some of them, considered to be especially reliable, were

What rhymes with RIA?

By EU vs Disinfo The first weeks of a new year are usually slow and lazy in Russia. With seven public holidays in the first two weeks of January, Russian workplaces cannot be expected to be very productive. However, when it comes to one particular topic, state-controlled Russian media outlets rarely take time to relax: Crimea. A search on the website of the state-controlled news agency RIA Novosti tells the

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