Pro-Kremlin classic and RT Arabic featuring Bill Gates

Pro-Kremlin classic and RT Arabic featuring Bill Gates

By EU vs Disinfo From playing the good old “no evidence“ card to spreading as many as 117 different Arabic language websites. This week, EUvsDisinfo added 45 new cases of pro-Kremlin disinformation to the database; 30 of these were related to the coronavirus. In order to understand how successful these disinformation messages were on social media, we gathered 176 URLs connected to these 45 new cases. We then ran the

NTV Fakes: How COVID-19 Is Affecting Ukraine

Recently Russian state owned (Gazprom Media) TV channel NTV devoted a segment to the coronavirus pandemic in Ukraine featuring the best practices of Kremlin propaganda. The House is burning from all sides: how COVID-119 is effecting Ukraine aired on April 19 and did not disappoint in its outrageous claims: in Ukraine everything is controlled by the International Monetary Fund, the country’s one “canonical church” is under constant attack while the

Evidence undercuts China’s denial of racism against Africans

By Polygraph Global TimesGlobal Times, Chinese state-run news outlet“’No discrimination’ against Africans amid pandemic.” Source: Global Times, April 14, 2020 False Africans cite accusations of spreading the coronavirus, racist signs and lack of hospital access. On April 14, the Chinese state-owned Global Times published an article headlined: “’No discrimination’ against Africans amid pandemic.” “The controversy over suspected maltreatment and discrimination against Africans in Guangzhou has made headlines on Chinese social

COVID-19 positive in Kazakhstan? The city will seal your door from the outside

By Polygraph Aktau city akimatCity administration, Kazakhstan“The city administration’s office reported that no one welded the front door [shut]. They only welded a latch to it from the outside.” Source:, April 5, 2020 False The city’s Instagram video showed doors can only be opened from the outside. Kazakhstan, a former Soviet republic in Central Asia, was the first country in the region to be hit by the coronavirus pandemic,

Iran unveils fake coronavirus ‘detector’

By Polygraph Brigadier General Ramezan SharifOfficial Spokesman of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps“The device enables ‘momentary’ detection of the virus with 70- to 80-percent accuracy and has been tested throughout a 10-day-long period across at least 10 hospitals before being unveiled.” Source: Press TV, April 15, 2020 Likely False Iran has previously flaunted a fake fighter jet and a phony space suit. Accurate testing for infection by the novel coronavirus

Pro-Kremlin media and the “Gates of hell”

By EU vs Disinfo The COVID-19-crisis displays new strands of disinformation, new types of conspiracy theories and new ”Bad Guys”. Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has in the last few weeks been brought forward in something that looks like an orchestrated campaign. Mr. Gates was never a frequent “guest” of the Disinformation Database. Before to COVID-19 outbreak, he appeared twice: once in 2017 and once in late 2019. Since

The desanctification of Putin

By Brian Whitmore, for CEPA The Political Costs of COVID-19 Are Beginning to Mount  After weeks of indecision, the Kremlin bowed to reality last week and postponed a much-hyped parade on Red Square to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. The Defense Ministry quarantined troops that had been rehearsing for the ceremony after scores of them became infected.   This was a big setback. The event

‘Miracle of miracles’: Russia’s star doctor wrongly says children ‘do not die’ of COVID-19

By Polygraph Elena MalyshevaDoctor of Medicine and TV host, Russia“I still believe this virus is a miracle of miracles, a miracle of miracles! Children do not die, do not get ill, do not end up in intensive care up to 20 years old.” Source: TV Center, April 17, 2020 False Children are less affected by COVID-19, but some have died after becoming infected Elena Malysheva, Russia’s star doctor and veteran

Fake: Fines for Planting Potatoes

Fakes aimed at fomenting Ukrainians’ mistrust of the authorities, particularly the police, are being actively circulated through the internet. Immediately after Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers raised the fines for violations of COVID-19 social isolation and movement restrictions, fear mongering stories began appearing claiming that people would be fined for all sorts of insignificant activities. Delovaya Stolitsa for example has unleashed a fake narrative claiming that the traditional Ukrainian spring potato

Fake: Ukraine Preparing to Stop Gas Transit in 2021

Russian media have once again declared that Ukraine is preparing to stop transporting Russian gas through its gas transit system immediately after an extensive interview with the chairman of Ukraine’s Gas Transit Systems Serhiy Makohon was published in a Ukrainian online newspaper. Citing the interview,  Russian publications such as, RBC and RT claim that as of 2021 Ukraine will cease transporting Russian gas through its territory leading to an

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