Fake: WTO Forces Ukraine to Buy Russian Fertilizer

Fake: WTO Forces Ukraine to Buy Russian Fertilizer

Russian state media and some Ukrainian publications disseminated a story last week claiming that the World Trade Organization has obliged Ukraine to buy ammonium nitrate fertilizer from Russia until September 15 of 2020. The articles cite Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development, which announced that a WTO arbiter had ruled that Ukraine must carry out a ruling concerning anti-dumping measures regarding Russian fertilizer. However the Russian ministry statement says absolutely nothing

A new cross-regional anti-disinformation initiative launches in the Balkans

By Metamorphosis Foundation, for Global Voices Nine organizations from five Balkan countries, including Metamorphosis Foundation, have joined forces to launch the Anti-Disinformation Network for the Balkans (ADN-Balkans), the first cross-border disinformation initiative in the region. The network will include members from North Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania, and will work in cooperation with similar groups from other neighboring countries. The initiative was launched on April 2, declared International Fact-Checking Day by the International Fact-Checking

Fake: Coronavirus Funds Diverted to Support Patriotic Cinema in Ukraine

Pro-Kremlin media announced last week that Ukraine is diverting monies from the Coronavirus fund to support Ukrainian patriotic cinema. These assertions come as a reaction to changes to Ukraine’s 2020 budget which the parliament approved recently, changes that kept the 2019 cinema subsidies in place for 2020 and allocated 64.7 billion hryvnia to the coronavirus fund. Separate payments are also planned for medical personnel and one time pension supplements. All

Vaccine hesitancy and pro-Kremlin opportunism

By EU vs Disinfo The “Vaccine Scare” has been present in the pro-Kremlin disinformation network for a long time, usually in the “undergrowth” of the disinformation jungle, spreading through social media – notably Twitter. The New York Times describes in a recent article how Russia-based Twitter accounts influence the “anti-vaxxer community”, and already a year ago, in March 2019, US CBS News reported on pro-Kremlin ties to a Twitter campaign

Completely bogus claim that 5G tech invites coronavirus

By Polygraph David IckeAuthor, conspiracy theorist“What does 5G do? What does 4G do that 5G but even more? It poisons the cells, which get poisoned by technological electromagnetic fields.” Source: London Real, April 6, 2020 False There is no scientific evidence that 5G harms cells. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has breathed new life into anti-5G wireless conspiracy theories. Believers claim that the new mobile internet system will cause a host

Armenia: Detecting propaganda and fake news – III monitoring report

The monitoring is done by the team and experts of the Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation (ACGRC), Yerevan, Republic of Armenia. Full version of the Report is available: https://bit.ly/2RvLzoR Within the period from November 1 to December 1, 2019, the Analytical Center on Globalization and Regional Cooperation Non-Governmental Organization conducted monitoring of the selected talk shows, newspapers, electronic periodicals of both Russian and Armenian mass media to examine

Italians offered EUR 200 for praising Putin’s help on camera – media

By UNIAN Italians are being offered EUR 200 for starring in a video to be shot by “Russian media”, thanking Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, for humanitarian assistance. Such proposals are being spun via WhatsApp messenger, Italy’s La Repubblica reports. “They need 15 Italians who will say something good about Russian humanitarian aid. It better be a video or a post with photos, but they pay 200 euros for

Coronavirus: Russian journalists vs. conspiracies

By EU vs Disinfo Independent journalists in Russia continue to hold the state-controlled media outlets accountable for how the latter present the COVID-19 pandemic to the Russian public. Last week, it was statements made by a leading Russian scientist during a televised interview, which attracted particular attention from two such independent outlets: The Insider and TV Rain. “A giant system for controlling the world” In an interview broadcast on 6

Figure of the Week: Three-in-ten

By EU vs Disinfo Coronavirus conspiracy theories are gaining traction with audiences: nearly three-in-ten Americans believe that COVID-19 was produced in a lab. One of the enduring questions in the study of disinformation is whether it has an impact, and how that impact might be measured. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple public opinion poll to drive home an uncomfortable truth: yes, disinformation works. In most cases, the effect

Afraid of the known Russians now see Putin as a threat not a saviour

By Kseniya Kirillova, for Byline Times Against the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic, Russian President Vladimir Putin cancelled a largely symbolic nationwide referendum on his constitutional amendments, including the ‘nullification’ of the presidential term. But Viktor Shenderovich – a Russian journalist and playwright – believes that Putin’s motive in doing this has nothing to do with his sense of responsibility for people’s lives. Shenderovich puts forward two possible explanations for

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