5 ways to identify a bot (also a Russian one)

There are no better experts in fighting against fake news and disinformation than Americans. No wonder. They are wise after the event – for the long time they have been victims of Russian troll army attacks, their bots and fake news meant to spread unrest and arouse social divisions. Therefore, we are not going to reinvent the wheel but, basing on the text from Mother Jones (MJ) website we are

Fake news? You learn to assimilate it since the childhood!

Source: MedicalNewsToday Things are not going well. American scientists prove that responsible for the thoughtless assimilation of the fake news are, among others, the mechanisms necessary for a development created already in the childhood. First, some statistics. According to the international research published in the beginning of this year by Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, 7 out of 10 people are afraid that fake news is used as a

Disinformation and ‘fake news’: Interim Report

By authority of the House of Commons of UK Parliament Fifth Report of Session 2017–19 Report, together with formal minutes relating to the report Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 24 July 2018 Read the whole report here. There are many potential threats to our democracy and our values. One such threat arises from what has been coined ‘fake news’, created for profit or other gain, disseminated

Russian influence in Montenegro: disinformation, threats and attempted regime change

By EU vs Disinfo A recent debate about Montenegro’s NATO membership has put the spotlight on this Western Balkan country. But it is not the first time that it has been at the centre of political debate and international attention. A recent study by the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) focuses on the interest of the Kremlin in Montenegro, and on how several well-known influence tactics, among them disinformation, have been applied

Perceived accuracy and bias in the news media

By Knight Foundation Download the PDF Gallup and Knight Foundation’s 2017 Survey on Trust, Media and Democracy found that Americans believe the news media have a critical role to play in U.S. democracy but are not performing that role well. One of Americans’ chief concerns about media is bias, and Americans are much more likely to perceive bias in the news today than they were a generation ago. A Feb.

Elections are coming. So is a troll army

Source: PAP / WSJ / Business Insider / own information It is already certain. Before planned for November US Congress elections, the increased activity of Russian troll accounts on Twitter was noticed. They are better trained and can better profile the content. This case is worth analysing, especially before upcoming election marathon in Poland. New bots and trolls’ activities are described in “Wall Street Journal”’s analysis. Accounts manager from Russia,

They don’t trust media – and spread disinformation

Source: / KNIGHT Foundation / own information The level of trust in media decreases – shows Knight Foundation and Gallup’s report about misinformation and bias in mass media. Furthermore, people who approach the traditional media more sceptically, are more vulnerable to disinformation. Despite that the research concerns the USA, it is worth knowing. It is difficult to imagine that in so polarised and susceptible to disinformation society as Polish

Distinguishing between factual and opinion statements in the news

The politically aware, digitally savvy and those more trusting of the news media fare better; Republicans and Democrats both influenced by political appeal of statements By Amy Mitchell, Jeffrey Gottfried, Michael Barthel And Nami Sumida, for Pew Research Center In today’s fast-paced and complex information environment, news consumers must make rapid-fire judgments about how to internalize news-related statements – statements that often come in snippets and through pathways that provide little context. A new Pew

Internet users fed up with fake news

Source: Reuters Institute / BBC Fewer and fewer people use Facebook as the source of information and the platform to discuss them. The reason is spread of fake news but also the changes in Facebook algorithms. Reuters Institute in its yearly report about news in the digital world proves that the decrease in the number of users accessing news through Facebook reflects their concerns about privacy but also about the

Disinformation Resilience in Central and Eastern Europe

By Ukrainian Prism Download the publication The countries of Eastern and Central Europe have become Russia’s test field for new propaganda methods, and the regions of Eastern Partnership, the Baltic States and Visegrad countries are a special target for information warfare. Ukrainian Prism in partnership with leading think tanks of the region evaluated the situation  in fourteen countries and presented the Disinformation Resilience Index  to come up with bet common solutions

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