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“Propaganda Must be Opposed by the Language of Values”

By EU vs Disinfo Andrei Arkhangelsky is a Russian journalist, columnist, author and the cultural editor of the weekly magazine Ogonyok.  Andrei Arkhangelsky is also one of the most active commentators in Russia on the topic of disinformation and propaganda. His work is published by Carnegie, Colta, Delovoy Peterburg, Kommersant  and Republic. He appears regularly on Radio Echo of Moscow and Radio Liberty, as well as on TV Rain and Current Time

Tracking Russian propaganda in real time The trouble with a new automated effort to expose Moscow’s ‘active measures’ against Americans

By Kevin Rothrock, for Meduza On August 2, The German Marshall Fund of the United States unveiled a new online tool — a “dashboard” — designed to “provide a near real-time look at Russian propaganda and disinformation efforts” on Twitter. The organization describes the project as a direct response to Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, noting that “many have warned Putin will be back in 2018

Countering Information War Lessons Learned from NATO and Partner Countries: Recommendations and Conclusions

By Daniel Milo and Katarína Klingová, Globsec Policy Institute “Russia is waging the most amazing information warfare blitzkrieg we have ever seen in the history of information warfare.“ Gen. Philip Breedlove, NATO Wales summit, September 2014. In 2013, General Valery Gerasimov published an article, now know famously as “Gerasimov’s Doctrine”, which defined information warfare as the combination of electronic warfare, cyberwarfare and psychological operations into a single, coordinated military effort.

U.S. falling short in countering propaganda from other nations, experts tell Congress

By Morgan Chalfant, The Hill Experts told a House panel on Wednesday that the United States has failed to counter information operations from nation states like Russia and China. Members of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on emerging threats and capabilities acknowledged shortcomings in current U.S. information operations and counter-propaganda efforts. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), the subcommittee chair, called for a “whole of government strategy” to counter these efforts by

This News Network Could Shake Up the Media Scene in Putin’s Russia

By Helle Dale. for The Daily Signal Russian propaganda and influence operations have escalated over the past decade, and have especially intensified after the invasion of Ukraine. Plain and simple, the Kremlin has declared war on the concept of objective news reporting — on the airwaves as well as on the internet. Years in the making and with a modest budget of $10 million, the U.S. government has finally produced

U.S. launches TV network as alternative to Russian propaganda

Current Time, an up-and-coming player in the Russian media market, will mark on Tuesday, Feb. 7 the formal launch of its 24/7 digital and TV stream. With a mission to bring real news to Russian-speaking audiences everywhere, Current Time is engaging audiences from Lithuania to Kazakhstan and providing an alternative to Kremlin-sponsored media. The day-long video stream builds on the successes of individual daily news programs started in 2014 and

MEPs sound alarm on anti-EU propaganda from Russia and Islamist terrorist groups

Propaganda pressure on the EU from Russia and Islamist terrorist groups is growing, MEPs warn in a resolution voted on Wednesday. It seeks to distort the truth, incite fear, provoke doubt and divide the EU. To counteract anti-EU campaigns, MEPs suggest reinforcing the EU’s tiny “strategic communication” task force and investing more in awareness raising, education, online and local media, investigative journalism and information literacy. “I was given the task

How to survive war: Lithuanians are handed 75-page manual telling them what to do if Putin’s forces invade, including a handy guide to spotting a Russian tank

By Julian Robinson for MailOnline Lithuanians have been handed manuals telling them what to do in the event of a Russian invasion, it has emerged. The 75-page booklet, called ‘Prepare to survive emergencies and war’, urges citizens to ‘have the will to resist’ if Vladimir Putin’s forces attack. Extensive guides range from how to recognise Russian tanks to step-by-step survival tricks, including using condoms to help transport food and water.

The Russian “Firehose of Falsehood” Propaganda Model

Why It Might Work and Options to Counter It by Christopher Paul, Miriam Matthews, for RAND Since its 2008 incursion into Georgia (if not before), there has been a remarkable evolution in Russia’s approach to propaganda. The country has effectively employed new dissemination channels and messages in support of its 2014 annexation of the Crimean peninsula, its ongoing involvement in the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, and its antagonism of

Resisting Russia’s Information War: How to Make the E.U.’s Counter-Strategy Work

Now in its third year, Russia’s information war has finally hit the front pages of American newspapers. Faced with an overwhelming consensus about the role of Russian intelligence in obtaining and leaking emails from the Democratic National Committee, the American public now recognises Russia’s willingness to interfere in the domestic politics of other countries. To Europeans, however, the war of words waged by the Kremlin is nothing new. Since Russia’s

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