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Fake: Kyiv Refuses to Clear Up Its Mines in Donbas, Finland Will Do It

Russian propagandist television channel Tsargrad has published a fake on its web site claiming that Ukraine is refusing to clear up mines in Donbas and therefore Finland will have to it. The story claims that after Kyiv refused to finance the clearing of mines left by Ukrainian soldiers, Finland has taken on the task. Russian media have previously claimed that soldiers and children are dying because of Ukrainian mines. None

Language Issues Did Not Bring War to Donbas

During his marathon press spectacle on October 10 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the war in Donbas began over the language issue (video 02:15), thus repeating one of the Kremlin’s most entrenched propaganda narratives, i.e. Russian speaking Donbas was being forced to speak Ukrainian and that is why they rebelled. The reality, of course is completely different. The Kremlin media use a set of specific narratives to tell their

Russian Reactions on Ukraine Agreeing to the Steinmeier Formula for Donbas

On October 1 President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that Ukraine had agreed to adopt the so-called Steinmeier formula in an effort to end the war in eastern Ukraine. Making the announcement Zelensky emphasized that Donbas local elections can only be held in accordance with Ukrainian law and only after the withdrawal of troops from the occupied territories and subject to Ukraine resuming control over its state border with Russia. The Steinmeier

Fake: Relations between Russia and the West Deteriorating because of Ukraine

Relations between Russia and the West have worsened because of Ukraine where a coup has brought on a civil war, RT declared this week. The article regurgitates various tried and true Kremlin tropes, that Western countries are coming around to Russia’s side, that the Russia sanction front is weakening and that the reason for worsening relations with the West is Ukraine, where the “2014 coup led to a civil war”.

Fake: Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Says Ukrainian Military Violate Ceasefire Most

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova published an infographic on her official Facebook page alleging that Ukrainian military violate ceasefires more often than the Russian supported militants of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.  Zakharova claims her information is based OSCE Ukraine Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) reports. Ukraine’s Joint Armed Forces told StopFake that Zakharova’s claims have no basis in reality. Our own analysis of OSCE SMM reports mentioned

Fake: Kyiv Admits Shelling Donbas Civilian Areas

Russian media quickly jumped at the first television appearance of Ukrainian presidential spokeswoman Yulia Mendel, turning an unfortunate comment she made into an alleged admission that Ukraine’s military is killing Donbas civilians in eastern Ukraine. StopFake has repeatedly debunked such Russian claims. In this case, Mendel’s choice of words were twisted and taken out of context, and claims that Ukrainian soldiers shoot at civilians are simply not true. Presidential press

Fake: Kyiv Recognizes that Russia is Protecting Donbas Residents

This week several pro-Kremlin publications declared that Ukraine admitted that Moscow is really protecting the residents of Russian occupied Donbas. Ukraina.ru and Luga news write that official Kyiv recognizes that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s May 1 decree to ease the procedure for obtaining Russian passports for Donbas residents is aimed at protecting the citizens of his country. This admission is attributed to Ukraine’s Deputy Minister for the Occupied Territories Yuriy

StopFake News #232 with Marko Suprun

Fake: Ukraine is a hotbed of anti-Semitism. Ukrainian Armed Forces stuffing ballots. Half of Ukraine’s Donbas Displaced persons can’t find work in Ukraine. Residents of Mariupol vote under the barrel of a gun.

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