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Fake: Ukraine Has Not Complying with Minsk Agreements for Five Years

Russian RT is once again spinning one of its favorite narratives about the Russian made war in eastern Ukraine – that Ukraine has not implemented any of the Minsk agreements, the hasty peace deal signed by Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the self-proclaimed Russian separatist Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics in 2014 and 2015. According to this narrative Ukraine is the guilty party, not interested in peace or fulfilling the

Fake: ‘Bloody Canadian Mercenaries’ Appear in Donbas

The police of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic announced on January 12 that they had seen Canadian mercenaries in Stanytsia Luhanska, a town in eastern Ukraine near the contact line between Ukrainian and Russian separatist controlled territory. “Ruthless Canadian mercenaries from private military companies have come to kill in Luhansk” declared the pro-Kremlin publication Russkaya Vesna – Russian Spring. These claims are not supported by any evidence and the OSCE

Putin: Heavy weaponry in Donbas comes from governments sympathetic to separatists, not Russia

By Polygraph Vladimir PutinPresident of Russia“I’m constantly being asked this question: where do they get tanks and heavy artillery? Listen, in many hot spots around the world there are various kinds of conflicts and military campaigns, including with the use of tanks, artillery, and so on. Where does this come from? Apparently, from those structures and states who sympathize with them, but this is their equipment, not foreign. I’d like

Fake: Over 70% of Ukrainians Ready to Compromise with Russia for Peace in Eastern Ukraine

On December 6, Russia’s First state channel’d Time Will Tell daily political talk show presented fake results of a real sociological poll that was conducted in Ukraine. The show’s host Artem Sheinin said that 72.5% of Ukrainians said the country must agree to compromises in order to achieve peace. Meanwhile the real results of a poll conducted by the Democratic Initiatives research center together with the Kyiv International Sociology Institute

The Ukraine-Russia Paris Meeting Through the Russian Propaganda Lens

Zero result for Ukraine, a Donbas Srebrenica and Putin is the winner. That is a very concise roundup of Russian media responses to the Ukraine-Russia meeting brokered by France and Germany to jump start talks on the war in eastern Ukraine that took place in Paris on December 9. Generally Russian media considered the Paris meeting as something positive for Russia, neutral or negative for the occupied Donbas and a

StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No.264)

Ukraine plans to forcibly resettle and reeducate residents of the Donbas because Kyiv has finally capitulated to Moscow after Russia returns Ukrainian ships the Russian navy captured a year ago.

Fake: Donbas Residents to be Forcibly Resettled to Lviv for Reeducation

Russian media were busy this week disseminating fakes about what Ukraine was allegedly planning to do with the residents of occupied Donbas after the territories are returned to Ukraine. Forced relocation of people  from Donbas, a resettling of the territory with Ukrainian activists and forced Ukrainianization of those who say – these are just a few of the narratives pro-Kremlin publications were hysterically baying about, claiming these plans are outlined

Fake: Ukraine Agrees with Russia’s Position on the Donbas

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko’s recent BBC Ukrainian service interview gave rise to an avalanche of Russian fakes and manipulations. Ukraine is ready to abandon the Minsk agreements, it is ready to accept Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alternative proposals, including a peacekeeping mission on the contact line with the self-proclaimed people’s republics and Kremlin control of the border, Russian media claim. Russian reactions to Prystaiko’s interview are filled with phrases

Fake: Ukraine Abandons Minsk Agreements, Preparing Donbas Occupation

Ukraine admits it has no intention of fulfilling the Minsk Agreements and openly opposes peace with the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics Russian media declared last week, calling Ukraine’s agreement with Canada and other western partners to introduce foreign peace-keepers in Donbas an “occupation”. This bloodthirsty plan will allow Ukraine to begin a full-scale military operation to put an end to the rebels once and for all, Ukraina.ru announced. These

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