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Russian ‘Infoprom’ New Threat for Georgia and the EU

Linas Linkevicius, the Foreign Minister of Lithuania, has published an article on euobserver.com concerning Russia’s informational propaganda in Europe and the possible threats. The publication starts with a revelation highlighting a certain national day during which “in one EU country which he [the minister] won’t name, Russian uniforms marched alongside others in the celebration.” “It was the same uniform which is currently taking part in aggression against Ukraine. Did it

Poland hosts meeting on countering Russian propaganda

The Polish foreign ministry will on Thursday (10 September) host a donors’ conference in Warsaw for a project aimed at countering Russian propaganda. Polish media says delegates from 35, mostly European, states, but also from Canada and the US, are to take part at the level of ministers and deputy ministers. The initiative was born out of a Dutch-funded study by the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), an EU-linked foundation

EU task force to take on Russian propaganda

This is not about engaging in counter-propaganda. However, where necessary the EU will respond to disinformation that directly targets the EU and will work with partners to raise awareness of these activities.” – An EU source described. The European Commission is launching a small ‘start-up’ team, composed of ten experts, in efforts to respond to the misleading Russian information system. The step comes in reaction to the conclusions of the

Fake: EU to Force Ukraine to Absorb African Refugees

Russian media falsely reported in August that the European Union is now “forcing” Ukraine to take in refugees from Africa and the Middle East. They gave an alleged statement made by the European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs, and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos to Italian journalists as its source. The news first appeared on August 15  on oppps.ru, which has a history of posting fake news. Later, the information was reprinted

The World Hates Russia. Russia Hates It Back

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s propaganda targeted at audiences outside Russia doesn’t work, but neither will any Western counter-efforts directed at Russians. A new report from the Pew Research Center explains why. Pew surveyed public opinion among 45,435 respondents in 40 nations between March and May and found that almost everywhere, people had an unfavorable opinion of Russia: Europeans, whom the Kremlin would like to consider deluded U.S. followers, are often even more

Recommendations for Combating Russian Propaganda

A set of recommendations for combating Russian propaganda in the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries, which has been distributed among the Members of the European Parliament and the EU officials with regard to the European Council conclusions of 20 March 2015 calling for preparation of an action plan to counter Russia’s disinformation campaigns. By Oleg Panfilov, Maksym Khylko, East European Security Research Initiative

Fighting back in the “information war”

The EU and the NATO’s ability to act in concert against the Russian security challenge is being hard hit by Russian information warfare. Information warfare, in a narrow sense, can be understood as manipulating information in order to distort both the political decision-making process and the legitimacy base of a target society. It is neither a new phenomenon in international politics, nor has it been invented by Russia. The techniques

How the US can respond to Russia’s propaganda

In the parallel universe of Russian propaganda, Ukraine is overrun by fascists, the Central Intelligence Agency shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Donbass and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) dictates who serves as Ukraine’s minister of agriculture. Well-financed pro-Kremlin media regularly feed gross distortions and downright fabrications to the Russian public, Russian speakers in neighboring countries and people around the world. This propaganda is a direct assault on democratic values

West Must Offer Russians and East Europeans an Alternative Worldview Not Just Accurate Information, Kyiv Paper Says

Those in the West thinking about launching a Russian-language television station to counter Moscow’s lies need to reflect on the fact that “Kremlin propaganda offers its own integral albeit inadequate picture of the world,” while “Europe on the other hand does not offer any picture at all,” according to Kyiv’s “Delovaya stolitsa.” In an unsigned article yesterday, the Kyiv daily comments on the July 20 proposal by Poland and the

John Kornblum: Europe Needs a New Narrative

An interview with John Kornblum, American diplomat and businessman and former US ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany. Interviewer: Matthew Luxmoore. MATTHEW LUXMOORE: You have argued that Europe needs to find another narrative, a narrative that makes the Vladimir Putin challenge clear. What do you mean by this? JOHN KORNBLUM: All big events are defined on the basis of a story, the narrative which tells what it is all

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