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Propaganda Wars in the Czech Republic

Better that Czech teenagers learn about Russian propaganda in school than be hit by it unprepared. From Aktualne.cz. A project designed to make high school students familiar with how Russian propaganda works is being tried in a several Czech schools. Students also learn more about the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and the impact of pro-Russian media in their country. “I’m ready. I’m going to the front

Moscow Intends to Attack Ukraine via Europe with New Disinformation Campaign

Moscow is preparing to mark the second anniversary of the EuroMaidan in Kyiv “in its own way,” by unleashing a new disinformation campaign against Ukraine via Europe as part of its continuing campaign to destabilize Ukraine and restore Russian influence there, according to Andrey Latynin. This disinformation campaign, the Ukrainian commentator says, is intended to increase the shift in Western and especially European opinion about Ukraine from concern about Russian

“Disinformation Review” – new EU information product

We have the pleasure to present you a new EU information product called “Disinformation Review”. [389 KB] It is a weekly publication, which collects as many examples of the Russian disinformation attacks as possible, and in real time. Its objective is to show the European public the high amount of such disinformation attacks that target European audience every single day, to expose the number of countries targeted, and, thus, to

No Need for Ukraine to “Return” Land to Poland

This week some Russian media incorrectly reported that after the signing of European Union Association Agreement, Ukraine would be obliged to return former Polish lands. The question of restitution (the return of former rights and property) was raised after the head of the Polish non-governmental organization Restitution of Borderlands, Renkas Konrad, announced on October 19 that he was going to file claims in Ukrainian courts in order to facilitate the

How Kremlin propaganda works in Europe

Despite the repeated statements by EU leaders about the need to fight back the Russian propaganda, the Kremlin media continues its “brainwashing”. Politics, Religion, World War II, “lost” territories, “American spies”, “rightfulness” of the Crimea annexation and the war in Ukraine – the is an incomplete list of topics raised by the workers of the Russian “information machine”. The example of Slovakia, however, as the ones of Hungary and the

To combat Kremlin’s message, West gets into Russian broadcasting biz

Jelena Solomina, a petite blond, and Dmitri Pastuhhov, whose wavy mane of hair is pulled back with sunglasses, pace across their unfinished television studio in central Tallinn. As hosts of the new “morning show” on Estonian’s first public television station in Russian, which launches Monday, they face a formidable to-do list: everything from deciding when their working day starts to the design of the on-air kitchen where they’ll make their

EU Splits in Russian Media War

Even as the EU mobilizes to fight Russian propaganda, European governments are fighting each other over the best way to go about it. A new effort by Brussels to monitor and respond to the perceived bias of Kremlin-controlled media such as Russia 24 or Sputnik has exposed familiar fissures on the Continent. As the Russia media task force known as East Stratcom begins operating at the end of this month,

Russian ‘Infoprom’ New Threat for Georgia and the EU

Linas Linkevicius, the Foreign Minister of Lithuania, has published an article on euobserver.com concerning Russia’s informational propaganda in Europe and the possible threats. The publication starts with a revelation highlighting a certain national day during which “in one EU country which he [the minister] won’t name, Russian uniforms marched alongside others in the celebration.” “It was the same uniform which is currently taking part in aggression against Ukraine. Did it

Poland hosts meeting on countering Russian propaganda

The Polish foreign ministry will on Thursday (10 September) host a donors’ conference in Warsaw for a project aimed at countering Russian propaganda. Polish media says delegates from 35, mostly European, states, but also from Canada and the US, are to take part at the level of ministers and deputy ministers. The initiative was born out of a Dutch-funded study by the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), an EU-linked foundation

EU task force to take on Russian propaganda

This is not about engaging in counter-propaganda. However, where necessary the EU will respond to disinformation that directly targets the EU and will work with partners to raise awareness of these activities.” – An EU source described. The European Commission is launching a small ‘start-up’ team, composed of ten experts, in efforts to respond to the misleading Russian information system. The step comes in reaction to the conclusions of the

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