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Fake: Ukraine to Pay Yanukovych and Sons 6.3 Million Hryvni Compensation

Former Ukrainian Justice Minister Olena Lukash announced on her Facebook page that an EU court ordered Ukraine to pay Yanukovich and his sons the amount of 6.3 million hryvnia. Lukash claims that Ukraine is to pay 57,317.50 pounds sterling to former president Viktor Yanukovych and his two sons because of the negligence of Ukrainian Justice Ministry personnel who were forced to withdraw Ukraine’s suit against Yanukovych. As a result of

Fake: EU Calls the Free Trade Zone with Ukraine Useless

The Russian website Ukraina.ru published a story claiming the European Union has admitted the Free Trade Agreement with Ukraine is futile. The article states that the Free Trade Zone is a complete failure because impoverished Ukrainians don’t buy European goods and domestic companies are not ready to enter the European market. The article attributes these claims to the head of the EU Delegation in Ukraine Jan Tombinsky, who allegedly said

Fake: Ukraine denied EU membership

The Russian website Dni.ru published a story entitled “Ukraine denied EU membership”.  Dni.ru’s source for this claim is an interview the Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte gave the Dutch publication NU.nl. NU.nl asked Rutte the following question “Russia is also important when you are talking about stability at the external borders of Europe?” Rutte answered as follows: “I think that in the longer term Ukraine should develop a relationship with

Germany probes Russian media’s role in fuelling migrant fracas

Germany is investigating suspicions that pro-Kremlin media are seeking to fan tensions over Europe’s refugee crisis with a string of phony reports, including claims the Cologne sex assaults were carried out by drug addicts hired by the CIA, Sébastian Seibt wrote for France 24. Berlin’s counter-espionage agency has been tasked with investigating whether Russia’s Vladimir Putin has reverted to Cold War tactics to destabilise Germany, according to German media reports

Why Europe Is Right to Fear Putin’s Useful Idiots

The Kremlin’s support for right-wing parties is no game. It’s trying to subvert the European idea, Alina Polyakova wrote for Foreign Policy. Scholar Scott Radnitz recently authored an article with a provocative title: “Europe’s Extremists Are Not Putin’s Fault.” In this well-thought-out piece, Radnitz argues that the “elite rhetoric focused on Russia’s alleged efforts to infiltrate western politics” by supporting Europe’s far-right parties verges on hysteria. Vladimir Putin is not a

EU breaks taboo on ‘Russian forces in Ukraine’

The EU has broken its taboo on referring to Russian forces in east Ukraine in its official documents, Andrew Rettman writes for EUobserver. It said in its Official Journal on Monday (16 February) that Russian deputy defence minister Anatoly Antonov is being added to its blacklist because he is “involved in supporting the deployment of Russian troops in Ukraine”. It listed first deputy defence minister Arkady Bakhin for the same reason.

Lobbying for Brexit: How the Kremlin’s media are distorting the UK’s debate

The Kremlin wants Britain to leave the EU. That, at least, is the impression given by the coverage of the so-called “Brexit” debate by the RT television channel and the Sputnik news wire, both of which are funded by the Russian government. In the week that followed the announcement of European Council President Donald Tusk’s proposed deal to keep Britain in the EU, both channels’ reporting betrayed a systematic bias

The Hybrid War: Russia’s Propaganda Campaign Against Germany

The brief disappearance of a girl in Germany recently become an international political issue. Russia is exploiting the case for propaganda purposes as part of its strategy of a hybrid war aimed at destabilizing the West and dividing Europe, Spiegel writes. Svetlana F. is sitting at the kitchen table in her duplex home in the Berlin district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf. A slim, 39-year-old woman, she wrings her hands as she relates

Fake: EU Countries Massively Denying Visas to Ukrainians

The newspaper Vesti has published a story with this misleading headline: “Ukrainians in mass rush for visas:  such hopelessness not seen even in the 1990s”. The author Alexandra Kharchenko writes that Ukrainians are desperately applying for Schengen visas, but find that instead they are increasingly being denied. Despite Ukraine-EU cooperation deepening and a visa-free regime likely to become a reality in the near future, the very process of applying for EU

Russian propaganda supports the immigrant-rapist myth

Russian media have joined Europe’s far-right parties and groups in demonizing immigrants as rapists. Consider this story: Evil Muslim migrants rape a 13-year old Russian girl in Berlin, Germany. That was the lead story of Russia’s Channel 1 on January 16th. Apparently, the immigrants abducted the poor girl of Russian origin on January 11th and kept her in an apartment, where she was repeatedly raped. Sensitive to the victim, the

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