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How Russian Propaganda Portrays European Leaders

Russia’s efforts to spread disinformation in other countries as part of a hybrid war against the West sometimes make us forget that the media networks inside Russia also greatly matter. Even though Russia’s domestic media targets the Russian-speaking population, its narratives and portrayals of the international scene can tell us a lot about Russia’s foreign policy, František Vrabel, Jakub Janda, and Veronika Víchová wrote for Atlantic Council. Uncovering the roles

Information war monitor for Central Europe: June 2016 Part 2

GLOBSEC Policy Institute’s bi-weekly overview of conventional and social media discourse in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia monitors propaganda and disinformation attempts, as well as democratic responses in the on-going information war, in order to increase awareness about this recently emerged challenge and promote fact-based discussion in Central Europe. NATO EU USA Pro-Russian propaganda in the second half of June 2016 generally tried to undermine big transnational institutions, namely

Commission: Russian propaganda has deeply penetrated EU countries

A European Commission official has said that Russian propaganda was now powerful in all EU member states – but in some of them Moscow barely needed to make the effort, as local politicians were delivering its messages, Georgi Gotev wrote for EurActiv.com. Speaking at a Brussels public event on the so-called “hybrid war” Russia is waging in Ukraine and other countries, Jakub Kalenski, a member of the European External Action Service task force assigned with

RT: Sweden wants out of the EU

Earlier this month the Spanish version of Russia’s international news company RT announced that Sweden, the most attractive country in the world wants out of the EU. RT claims that in a recent poll a majority of Swedes expressed a desire to leave the European Union, however RT fails to mention when the poll was conducted, who organized it and how many people actually participated. In the same story however,

Die Welt: A Dangerous Putin Propaganda Think Tank Lands In Germany (Op-Ed)

The latest in the perilous liaisons between pro-Russian Germans and Vladimir Putin is taking the propaganda war on the West to a whole new level with a think tank relocated to Berlin, Karl Schlögel wrote for Die Welt. It was only a matter of time before the grand Russian performance arrived in Germany. And it did, at the Berlin Bühne theater last Friday. It was the official opening of the

Fake: Kyiv refuses to change the text of the EU Association Agreement with Ukraine

Russian Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda published a story last week claiming the Ukrainian Foreign Minister said that Kyiv officially refuses to alter the text of the EU Associations Agreement. According to Klimkin, writes Zvezda, Kyiv has no intention of being led by the Netherlands, whose citizens through last April’s referendum, blocked the entry of Ukraine into the European Union. Klimkin however, never said such a thing. This phrase does

Fake: Dutch PM Wants All Referenda Banned because of Ukraine

Scores of Russian and pro-Russian media (Ukraina.ru,  Kremlinpress, NewInform, Kharkov, Informburo) are claiming that the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte wants to cancel all future referenda because of Ukraine. Ukraina.ru quotes Mark Rutte as saying “I’m totally against referenda and I’m totally, totally, totally against referenda on multilateral agreements because it makes no sense as we have seen with the Dutch referendum” and claims that the Dutch Prime Minister’s position

Dunja Mijatović: Why quality public service media has not caught on in transition societies

Since the 1920s, generations of western Europeans got used to the monopoly of public radio and later public television. These broadcasters developed strategies to better serve audiences and distance themselves from governments. The arrival of private broadcasters, in many cases taking place only in the 1970’s, was generally viewed as a complimentary service aimed at entertaining the public. Although public service broadcasting lost market share, it remained a respected institution

Russia 2030: A story of great power dreams and small victorious wars

Download: PDF The future of Europe’s relations with Russia looks bleak. The Kremlin is pursuing an increasingly aggressive foreign policy to assert itself as a great power and distract from economic woes at home. Europe can’t fix Russia, but it can influence it and lower the risk of major conflict. Behind this growing assertiveness is Moscow’s desire to establish itself as a great power – and, increasingly, to win legitimacy

Russian Propaganda Trying To Destabilize Germany

What You Need To Know: ✓ Russian propaganda is playing a big role in trying to destabilize the European Union; ✓ “If you watch Russian television in Germany you really get the impression that Germany is nearly a failed state and that Europe is sinking down under this massive aggression of the refugees;” ✓ “Germany plays a key role in the sanctions and Germany plays a key role generally in

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