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Political trolling in Hungary

By Péter Krekó, András Rácz and Patrik Szicherle, for DisinfoPortal With the 2019 Hungarian municipal elections approaching, disinformation campaigns and trolling activity will play an increasingly prominent role in Hungarian political life. Pro-government trolls, often working in concert with government-controlled media, are already shaping online discussions. These trolls’ profiles frequently discredit anyone perceived to be in opposition to the current cabinet of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The profiles not only

European elections in Central Europe: Information operations and disinformation campaigns

By Miroslava Sawiris, for GLOBSEC How are different political parties being portrayed prior to EP Elections on channels that publish disinformation? To what extent these channels have been active in the Central Europe? What narratives have been most often promoted by them in the context of the elections? The report answers these questions through case study reports from Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. PDF: EP Elections_Information Operations & Disinformation Campaigns

Coverage of the Kerch Strait incident in Czech, Hungarian and Slovak media

By Katarína Klingová, Lóránt Györi, Jonáš Syrovátka, for GLOBSEC On November 25 2018 Russian naval forces rammed, fired shots at and then seized Ukrainian vessels and their crews after they purportedly entered Russia’s twelve-mile territorial zone within the Kerch Strait. The incident heightened tensions between the Russian Federation and Ukraine following Moscow’s unlawful annexation of Crimea in 2014. It also highlighted the tense legal status of the Strait and Azov Sea,

Fake: Hungary To Shoot down Ukrainian Airline

Russian media reported last week that Hungary sent fighter jets in pursuit of a Ukrainian aircraft that had violated the country’s airspace. Ukraina.ru, Russia’s Defense Ministry television channel and web site Zvezda, Izvestia, Tsargrad and others all claimed that Hungary’s Air Force Gripen fighter jets were ready to attack the unknown plane that had flown in from Ukraine. According to Hungary’s liberal leaning internet newspaper Index, shortly before midnight on

RT contradicts TV personality claiming to have been picked as its anchor: ‘We never planned a Hungarian service’

By Anita Kőműves and Antónia Rádi, for Atlatszo ‘RT has never planned, nor are we planning a Hungarian service, and thus we never even had a reason to discuss something like an anchor or studios. All reports to the contrary are outright fabrication’ – Anna Belkina, head of communications at the Russian RT channel told Atlatszo. We reached out to RT after Hungarian TV personality László Juszt claimed that the

TV personality claims to have been offered to become RT’s anchor for a Hungarian language channel

By Antónia Rádi and Anita Kőműves, for Atlatszo.hu A Hungarian TV personality claims that he was offered to become the face of Russian TV channel RT in Hungary, but he was dropped because of embarrassing stories published about him. László Juszt claims that it was a story by Átlátszó that destroyed his career plans and he is suing us now for compensation. However, RT has never publicly said that it

Hungarian secret agent reveals in detail how serious the Russian threat

By Szabolcs Panyi, Index Secret agents, counter-intelligence officers do not give interviews to the media very often and it is even more unique when they do so under their real name and with their own face. Ferenc Katrein worked for the Hungarian civilian counter-intelligence agency for 13 years, including a stint as an executive head of operations, and dealt with sensitive cases such as the Roma murders of 2008-2009 or

Part of a Pattern

The shooting of a Hungarian police officer by a neo-Nazi leader spotlights the group’s Russia ties and wider threat to the region. OpEd, by Peter Kreko and Lorant Gyori, TOL A tragic murder committed in a small Hungarian town this fall could end up having larger regional implications – even if the authorities in Budapest decide to hide their heads in the sand. On 26 October 2016, a police officer

Russian diplomats exercised with Hungarian cop killer’s far-right gang

By Dezső András, Panyi Szabolcs, for Index The far-right paramilitary organization led by the police officer’s killer at Bőny, Hungary had ties to Russian diplomats, sometimes they even held joint airsoft drills. GRU, the Russian military intelligence service was also related to those photos (showing T-72 tanks close to the Ukrainian border) that appeared 2 years ago on a website launched by Győrkös and his radical right-wing group. These photos also

Dunja Mijatović: Why quality public service media has not caught on in transition societies

Since the 1920s, generations of western Europeans got used to the monopoly of public radio and later public television. These broadcasters developed strategies to better serve audiences and distance themselves from governments. The arrival of private broadcasters, in many cases taking place only in the 1970’s, was generally viewed as a complimentary service aimed at entertaining the public. Although public service broadcasting lost market share, it remained a respected institution

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