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Russia Today editor hits Reuters with a false claim

By Polyhraph Margarita Simonyan Chief Editor, Rossiya Segodnya, RT “We’re showing a rally in support of Maduro in Caracas. Reuters is showing a green boulevard. Q.E.D.” Source: Telegram, May 1, 2019 False Reuters’ actually was sending live video of protests in Paris, France. The chief editor of the Kremlin’s international media corporation Rossiya Segodnya and RT (Russia Today), Margarita Simonyan, claimed on Wednesday the news agency Reuters had been broadcasting

Weaponising News: RT, Sputnik and Targeted Disinformation

A few weeks ago, The Policy Institute and the Centre for the Study of Media, Communication and Power at King’s College in London, published a report about how the Kremlin’s media machine manipulates the news in an effort to capture elite thinking. The report, entitled Weaponising news: RT, Sputnik and targeted disinformation is written by Dr. Gordon Ramsay and Dr. Sam Robertshaw, is available online and includes a case study

RT boasts about Russia’s economy – even Russian officials are skeptical

By Polygraph RT (Russia Today) State-owned media outlet “The Russian economy has seen the biggest growth since 2012, expanding by 2.3 percent last year, according to preliminary estimates provided by [the] Russian state statistics agency.” Source: RT website, February 5, 2019 LIKELY FALSE The statistics are disputed. On Monday, February 5, the Russian state-owned media outlet RT published an article boasting that Russia’s economy experienced its largest growth since 2012.

Russia Today chief says case against Scottish politician is politically motivated

By Polygraph Margarita Simonyan Margarita Simonyan, Editor-in-chief of RT “From the outset, Salmond insisted that the process was political and the charges were investigated with violations. The court supported him. It’s dangerous to be an RT presenter.” Source: Telegram, January 24, 2019 MISLEADING Simonyan misstates the court’s decision. On January 24, RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan responded to the news that Alex Salmond, former First Minister of Scotland and host of

What’s wrong with RT?

By EU vs Disinfo Last month the British media regulator, Ofcom, found that RT (Russia Today) had been in “serious failure of compliance” with the rules of “due impartiality” in a total of seven cases. Ofcom also made it clear that it would “consider these breaches for sanction.” Following the publication of Ofcom’s findings, Russia’s state media regulator, Roskomnadzor, accused BBC’s Russian service of spreading the ideology of “terrorist groups” and warned that this

Russian op-ed smears Ocasio-Cortez, mistaking memes for actual quotes

By Polyhraph Dmitry Kosyrev Political commentator, Russia Today “’In 1941, the Germans dropped an atomic bomb on us’: who now rules in the U.S.” Source: Ria Novosti, December 16, 2018 FALSE Author misattributes satirical meme generated quotes to Ocasio-Cortez Dmitry Kosyrev, a political commentator for the government media conglomerate “MIA Rossiya Segodnya” took aim at freshman U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a December 16, 2018 RIA Novosti op-ed headlined “’In 1941, the

Love conquers truth: New romantic comedy by RT chief Simonyan spins Crimea drama

By Robert Coalson, for RFE/RL Even back when construction of the controversial, $3.7 billion Crimean Bridge was just beginning, RT Editor in Chief Margarita Simonyan already knew how the story ended. Crimea Bridge: Made With Love! — a new film written by Simonyan and directed by her husband, Tigran Keosayan — is an uber-patriotic romantic comedy that was filmed against the backdrop of the rising edifice, which links Russia via the

Going off script, RT style

By EU vs Disinfo Imagine you are a journalist from a Western country who has been hired to work for RT (Russia Today).   Perhaps you’re excited to now be a part of a large international network; but you are probably also very aware of the sensitivities surrounding a media outlet which is known as the propaganda mouthpiece of a foreign and not exactly friendly government.  “I need to balance this and be as cautious as I can; I don’t want to harm my reputation or put my employer in an awkward situation,” is probably how the inner voice of an

Russia’s double media standards

By EU vs Disinfo “Russophobic sentiment in the media is being ratcheted up in France under the pretext of countering disinformation”.  This statement was delivered by Maria Zakharova, spokesperson of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during a press briefing in Moscow on 7 September where she commented on the publication of a new French study about information manipulation. The spokesperson also claimed that outside Russia, “Russian information agencies RT and Sputnik were publicly called agents

RT top manager plagiarised his dissertation

By EU vs Disinfo The news director of RT America, Mikhail Solodovnikov, plagiarised substantial parts of the Ph.D. dissertation he defended in 2011. This was the conclusion reached in July by Moscow State Linguistic University, as reported by the Russian daily Vedomosti. According to the university, 38 out of the dissertation’s 150 pages included insufficiently credited direct and paraphrased quotes from a textbook titled A History of Journalism in Foreign Countries, as well

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