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Would Visiting the U.S. Help Vladimir Putin ‘Humanize’ His Adversary? Fact: Putin Visited Nine Times

By Polygraph John Wight RT Contributor “Indeed it is arguable that without his prolonged visit to the U.S. in 1959, Khrushchev may not have been so willing to accommodate JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis three years later in 1962 – the reason being that only in visiting the country or countries of his adversaries is a leader able to humanize it beyond the realm of geopolitical differences. In 2018,

Russian Humor or Honest Confession? RT Admits it is Kremlin’s Propaganda Bullhorn

By Polygraph RT Russian information agency “The president of France slanders us because we slander him.”… “The longer you watch, the more upset Hillary Clinton becomes.” Source: RT airport advertisements MISLEADING RT misinforms airport visitors with quasi-political and anti-Western messages RT, formerly known as Russia Today, functions as “just one brick in a pyramid, at the top of which sits the Russian government,” as Polygraph.info reported in November 2017. The global information

#PackOfLies: Propaganda by proxy

It is vital for Kremlin’s representatives to convince the West that the disinformation spread by them is not just a position taken by Moscow and its selected experts. In order to do that, it is necessary to find the right persons that have or have previously had a high status in a Western country some time ago. In this way they are seeking to send the message that says: “It

In France, RT is getting no love

By EU vs Disinfo It’s been just over six months since RT, the controversial Russian channel funded by the Kremlin, aired its first French broadcast from a sleek green-and-white studio in the outskirts of Paris. Despite what RT boss Margarita Simonyan claims is a “strong demand for an alternative perspective” among French-speaking audiences, RT’s launch on French airwaves has been anything but smooth. Now, a formal warning from France’s broadcasting authority and a new law

Disinfo News: Russia Today Now Faces 10 Media Ethics Investigations in Britain

By Polygraph Russian President Vladimir Putin and RT’s Editor-in-Chief of RT Margarita Simonyan attend an exhibition marking RT’s 10th anniversary in Moscow, December 10, 2015 Since the Salisbury poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter, the British media regulator Ofcom says there has been “a significant increase” of questionable programming coming out of Russia. This week, Ofcom opened three new investigations into the Russian government-owned channel RT. The

RT’s Scottish stars face investigation

By Sarah Hurst (@XSovietNews), for StopFake Russia’s RT UK channel is now facing 11 investigations from media watchdog Ofcom, following the announcement of the latest three on May 21. Three of the cases under scrutiny relate to RT programmes hosted by former Scottish politicians Alex Salmond and George Galloway. They are interesting for the way they depict various national and international issues, and also because Russia can only benefit from

When the Russkiy Mir and the Spanish-speaking world meet: RT and Sputnik in Spanish

By Nicolás de Pedro and Daniel Iriarte, for Barcelona Centre for International Affairs Download As a critical element of a multidimensional political warfare scheme, disinformation represents a serious challenge for European democracies. Convinced that it faces an existential threat from the West, Russia aims to turn some key features of democracy, such as the free flow of information and the open and plural nature of European societies, into a strategic vulnerability. The

ICYMI and In The Now: The Support Vessels of the RT Flagship⁩

By EU vs Disinfo RT is the flagship of the Kremlin’s international communications flotilla. Like an aircraft carrier, it is deployed far from Russian speaking shores in the international waters of the Arabic, English, German, Spanish and French languages. RT’s aim is to confuse and disinform foreign audiences with Russian state propaganda. Similar to aircraft carriers, RT travels together with a number of smaller vessels. But not all of RT’s support ships are open about belonging to

RT could lose its UK broadcast license

By EU vs Disinfo “Since the events in Salisbury, we have observed a significant increase in the number of programmes on the RT service that warrant investigation as potential breaches of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code”, the British media regulator, Ofcom, said in a statement issued on Wednesday, 18 April. In a fact sheet attached to the statement titled “Update on the RT Service”, Ofcom explained that “ultimately, we may decide that the

RT Isn’t Going Off the Air Because of ‘Foreign Agent’ Designation

By Polygraph Margarita Simonyan RT Editor-in-Chief “The provider company that aired our broadcasts in Washington, D.C., kicked us off the broadcasting network. Yes, because of our status as a ‘foreign agent’.” Source: Simonyan’s personal Twitter account, March 29 False It isn’t just RT that’s being dropped – the whole station is closing down. On March 29, Margarita Simonyan, Editor-in-Chief of the Russian state-funded satellite network RT, tweeted that her channel

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