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Interpol denies issuing red notices for Donald Trump, U.S. officials, as Iran claimed

By Polygraph Press TVIranian state TV channel“A senior Iranian judge says INTERPOL Red Notices have been issued for the prosecution of dozens of military and political officials of the United States, including President Donald Trump, on charges of planning and implementing a terrorist attack in the Iraqi capital that assassinated Iran’s top general Qassem Soleimani and his companions.”Source: Press TV, June 29, 2020FALSE On June 29, the Iranian state news

U.S. protests incite racist words, mockery from Moscow

By Polygraph Komsomolskaya PravdaRussian national tabloid“In the news, they are now are talking about the first people killed and even raped in Minneapolis.”Source: KP.ru, June 1, 2020FALSE “Friendly advice to the negroes of Minnesota and the U.S.A. from a journalist,” the Telegram post on May 30 reads in Russian. Shared over 53,000 times, the post is a sarcastic 13-point “plan” on how to run a “Maidan-type” revolution – a reference

Chinese disinfo hits U.S. biolab with new COVID-19 conspiracy

By Polygraph Global Times“Days before the institution’s (Fort Detrick laboratory) temporary shutdown in 2019, a respiratory illness was reported on June 30 at a community one hour’s drive away. The Greenspring Retirement Community in Fairfax County, Virginia, had had 63 infected cases of the disease and three deaths by July 15, said local health authorities.”Source: Global Times, May 29, 2020MISLEADING On May 29, the website of Global Times, the Chinese

Linking to older stories is usually noble, but for coronavirus, it can be a recipe for a misinformed audience

“Through today’s lens, many U.S. coronavirus news stories from January and February seem breezy and untroubled…Many of these stories continue to circulate on social media.” By Dan Gillmor and Kristy Roschke, for NiemanLab Like most people, we’ve been glued to breaking COVID-19 news coverage. We regularly visit local and national news sites for the latest. We also regularly run into a fundamental flaw in how news works: Far too often,

Who’s a terrorist? Russian Foreign Ministry twists history of ISIS

By Polygraph Maria ZakharovaRussian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman“However, we have long had questions regarding what the United States is guided by in including or not including certain organizations on its ‘blacklists’ [of terrorist organizations]. As you know, Washington has long refused to add the ISIS group to them.” Source: Russian Foreign Ministry, April 9, 2020 False The U.S. did not “resist” blacklisting ISIS. In an April 9 briefing, Russian Foreign Ministry

Misleading Mashup: Russia’s COVID-19 ‘Aid’ to U.S.

By Polygraph Dmitry Peskovthe Kremlin’s Press Secretary“’Against the background of the severe epidemiological situation in America, the Russian side offered assistance in the form of medical equipment and protective equipment,’ he [Peskov] said, noting that the U.S. president gratefully accepted this humanitarian assistance.” Source: TASS.ru, March 31, 2020 Misleading U.S. and Russia diplomatic agencies said the cargo was purchased and not donated Speaking at the White House COVID-19 press briefing

Are universities punishing students ‘over common cold’?

By Polygraph Dominic Gregoriosenior, University of Pennsylvania“I wish the economy and the academy were not so easily incapacitated by the common cold. I wish (U. Penn) President Gutmann had heard the COVID-19 mortality rates in the U.S. were just above 0.1 percent, very similar to the seasonal flu, and acted like it.” Source: The UPENN Statesman, March 18, 2020 False COVID-19 is no common cold In a blog written for

How British, German, and US media cover Crimea’s annexation and the Donbas war

By Rens Wilderom, for VoxUkraine This article investigates how British newspapers covered Crimea’s annexation and the Donbass war. It shows that initially an “international conflict frame” was used as the dominant way to interpret Crimea’s annexation, which in about three months was succeeded by a “local conflict frame,” then used as the most prevalent way to make sense of the enduring Donbass war. Moreover, it shows that as the war

Russian media spew U.S. coronavirus conspiracies for domestic audience

By Polygraph Igor NikulinRussian biochemistry and military expert“China is surrounded by American military labs, and there is a U.S. consulate in Wuhan, the staff of which could have delivered the dangerous cargo to the PRC.”Source: RIA Novosti, Jan. 27, 2020 Misleading Russian domestic media spin false conspiracies blaming the United States for the coronavirus outbreak. On Jan. 28 the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that the coronavirus 2019-nCoV had spread

Russia insults and misquotes a U.S. Air Force Commander

By Polygraph Russian Defense Ministry “The frivolity of the commander of the U.S. Air Forces in Europe, General Jeffrey Harrigian, and his naive belief in the superiority of some ‘plans’ for the conquest of Kaliningrad should concern primarily his immediate subordinates.” Source: RIA Novosti, September 20, 2019 False General Harrigian did not refer to the “conquest” of Kaliningrad On September 17, the digital magazine Breaking Defense reported on a press

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