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Putin is changing the Russian Constitution for his own ends

By Kseniya Kirillova, for Byline Times Kseniya Kirillova analyses the new laws which enshrine the Russian President’s future power, control of the past and attempts to mobilise Russian expansion. As expected, the Russian State Duma and Federation Council approved amendments to the Constitution on 11 March. The revision of the supreme law began on 15 January, with the first package of amendments proposed by Vladimir Putin. In the weeks which

Putin repeats false narratives on Ukraine at Eastern Economic Forum

By Polygraph Vladimir Putin President of the Russian Federation “We are not responsible for the Ukraine’s crisis. We did not support the unconstitutional coup in Ukraine, and we did not provoke the reaction of part of the country’s population to these actions… …as for Crimea, the Crimean people made a decision, voted. The question is closed as a matter of history, there is no going back to the previous system,

Putin tells Elton John Russia ‘unbiased’ toward LGBT community

By Polygraph Vladimir Putin Russian President “We really have a very smooth relationship with members of the LGBT community – really calm, perfectly unbiased.” Source: Ria Novosti news agency, June 29, 2019 False The Russian state’s anti-LGBT bias is clear On Thursday, June 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an interview with the U.K.’s Financial Times newspaper, in which he reacted to claims regarding Russia’s poor record on LGBT rights.

Putin falsely claims seized Ukrainian ships gifted by U.S.A.

By Polygraph Vladimir Putin President, Russian Federation “Two little cutters that the United States gifted Ukraine didn’t pass through the Kerch Straight, and you want a nuclear submarine visiting our base?! A bad film.” Source: Russia 24 YouTube, December 2, 2018 FALSE The two ships reportedly made in Ukraine were not gifted by the U.S. Speaking to reporters after the G20 (Group of Twenty) Summit in Buenos Aires on Saturday,

Putin’s post-summit interview lies won’t save Trump

By Sarah Hurst (@XSovietNews), for StopFake Basking in the glow of the World Cup final and a humiliation of Donald Trump in Helsinki yesterday, Vladimir Putin sat down for an interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News. Pro-Kremlin reporter Dmitri Smirnov tweeted: “Another present for Trump: In Helsinki Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the American channel Fox News, which belongs to the US president.” It doesn’t, but perhaps Smirnov

Austrian TV confronts Putin with the issue of disinformation

By EU vs Disinfo Ahead of Vladimir Putin’s visit to Vienna on 5 June – his first trip to the EU after he was re-elected – Austria’s national public service broadcaster, ORF, sent journalist Armin Wolf to Moscow to record an interview with the Russian president. A transcript has been made available in English on the official Kremlin website. A unique opportunity  A number of Armin Wolf’s questions to Putin directly addressed the issue of disinformation.

Vladimir Putin Repeats Already Fact-Checked Claims

By Polygraph Vladimir Putin President of the Russian Federation “There is no Russian army on the territory of Donbas but there have been created military-police formations, ready to repulse an offensive against Donbas.” Source: Kremlin.ru, December 14, 2017 MISLEADING This claim, and many others already fact-checked, misleads. In his end of year news conference, President Vladimir Putin made claims about Ukraine, Crimea, the Russian state media as well as series

Putin feels a kinship with Stalin and Ivan the Terrible, Eidman says

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia Vladimir Putin “defends Ivan the Terrible and Stalin ‘from excessive demonization’ because unconsciously he feels himself” to share with them a common approach, Igor Eidman says, and views criticism of them like criticism of himself as “the slander of hatred foreigners.” Stalin defended Ivan for the same reason, the Russian commentator says; but unlike Putin, Stalin viewed the tsar as “an insufficiently decisive murderer,”

Putinist Fascism Not an Ideology but Rather a Set of Criminal ‘Understandings,’ Yakovenko Says

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia Vladimir Putin’s fascism, the first “post-modern” fascism, is able to include under its banner so many radically different people because it is not an ideology – no basic text could be prepared about it – but rather a set of “understandings” like those which govern criminal subcultures, according to Igor Yakovenko. The Moscow commentator begins by pointing to the collaboration of three radically different

Trump Overtakes Putin as Russia’s Most Discussed Celebrity

U.S. President Donald Trump has beaten Russian leader Vladimir Putin to became Russia’s most-talked about public figure. According to data from media analytics company SCAN, Trump was mentioned 202,000 times in the Russian press in January 2017. Putin was named the country’s second most discussed figure, losing his place at the top of the monthly table for the first time since 2011. His name was mentioned a mere 147,000 times. Former

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