The fact-checking website was launched in March 2014 by faculty and alumni of The Mohyla School of Journalism and students from the Digital Future of Journalism program for journalists and editors.

The team was then joined by other journalists, marketing specialists, programmers, translators, and those concerned about the fate of Ukraine and its people.

The main purpose of this community’s work is to check facts, verify information, and refute verifiable disinformation about events in Ukraine covered in the media.

The StopFake community does not represent or support any political party, commercial organization, or government.

This ongoing project relies on viewer support. In 2015, StopFake also received financial support from the International Renaissance Foundation, the National Endowment for Democracy, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, StopFake maintains its editorial independence: the organizations and governments supporting the project stipulate how funds are allocated, but not StopFake’s content.

The Stopfake team: Artem Babak, Anna Chornous, Bogdan Borodiichuk, Yevhen Fedchenko, Vadim Geshel, Viktoriia Romaniuk, Margo Gontar, Ruslan Deynychenko, Sonya Dymytrova-Martynyuk, Maria Kovalchuk, Oleh Lesko, Alina Mosendz, Taras Nazaruk, Iurii Panin, Oksana Pinsker, Mykhailo Purish, Alina Sugonyako, Artem Vitkovskyi, Olga Yurkova (who originally envisioned the project), and Kira Zalitok as well as translators and active reader-fact-checkers.

The project team is grateful to colleagues who helped to create and develop the project at different stages: Guy Archer, Denys Avramenko, Ekaterina Venzhyk, Igor Voronov, Diana Dutsyk, Kseniya Karpenko, Mykhailo Koltsov, Nikita Kukulevskyi, Liudmyla Kushnir, Jan Lepetun, Tetiana Matychak, Dariya Mykhailiv, Nina Mischenko, Liza Morfett, Oleg Shankovsky, Helga Starova, and Olga Churina.

We encourage viewers to take part in StopFake’s project by sending in their own articles for consideration, and by reporting stories they feel need to be checked out and verified.



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