Pro-Putin Think Tank Based In New York Shuts Down

Pro-Putin Think Tank Based In New York Shuts Down

A pro-Kremlin think tank based in New York City is shutting down, an official with the group told BuzzFeed News on Tuesday. “I can confirm that the Institute is closing its operations,” Nikolay Pakhomov, an associate at the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation, said. Russian news site reported on Sunday that the organization is shutting down and that its director, Andranik Migranyan, is returning to Russia. Migranyan told the

What happens when a curation site emphasizes fact-checking?

Upworthy defines itself as a curation site for “compelling, meaningful” content — and that content is typically shared widely, often going viral. When Upworthy was launched three years ago by top-ranking ex-staffers from MoveOn and The Onion, it quickly became known for a couple of things: Its speedy growth in both audience and investors; and helping to pioneer a distinctive, two-sentence headline style:  (“His school canceled his speech after learning

Russian Media Invent “Union of Zakarpattia and Lviv Regions”

The Russian newspaper Vzglyad has published an article entitled “Zakarpattia May Follow Crimea and Donbas” that falsely claims that the Ukrainian regions of Zakarpattya and Lviv will be united as a single region during decentralization reforms. The article states: “The next step would be the abolition the Zakarpattia region [as a single, federal region]. The Rada [Ukraine’s parliament] will start discussions of an administrative reforms in July. Among the others,

Hashtags and User Networks in the Putin-Poroshenko Twitter Chatter

This article is part of a citizen-media data-analysis project, a collaboration between RuNet Echo and the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities. Explore the complete article series on the All the Presidents’ Tweets page. We’ve already had a first look at the smaller dataset from the six-million sample, filtered by country code for a glimpse of tweets from Russia and Ukraine. Over 6,000 tweets with country code “UA” (Ukraine) and almost

Europe Seeks to Counter Kremlin Success Pushing World View

Larry King’s back on the air, beaming his high-octane brand of talk to households around the world. Where can you catch him? Kremlin-backed television. Moscow wants you to pay better attention to what it’s saying, and to better reach your eyes and ears it’s spending around a half-billion dollars a year and carrying top-name talent like King and former governor and professional wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Worried that the Russian message is getting through, Western countries are pushing back, including with a proposed “action

Russians Turn to Official Media Not for Information but for Reassurance, Yakovenko Says

Many people explain Vladimir Putin’s high approval ratings by pointing to the effectiveness of state propaganda delivered by television; but this is “both true and not true,” Igor Yakovenko says, because “in this story, there are two actors: the mass media and their consumer.” “Russians need the Russian media not as a source of information,” he writes on; instead, they use it “not as a source of information but

How Russian TV changed during Ukraine crisis

Ever since the start of the Ukraine crisis, Russian state TV has been engaged in what it calls an “information war”. Most notably, this has seen a huge surge in anti-Western rhetoric and other inflammatory propaganda designed to demonise those seen as enemies of the Kremlin. But it has also coincided with other less publicised changes in the behaviour of the main channels and the people who watch them. These

Russian Soft Power In Central Asia

The Kremlin surprised nearly everyone when it unleashed its media machine on the world after the pro-Moscow president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, was chased from power in February 2014 and Ukraine fell into division and conflict. Moscow’s version of events was available on television, radio, and in print media in dozens of languages in dozens of countries and the selective storytelling of these outlets succeeded in raising doubts in some

RussiaInsider Plus Three Top Kremlin Trolls

“This week I bring you @RussiaInsider and the top three #KremlinTrolls (@MarcelSardo, @mkj1951, and @Malinka1102), writes Andrew Aaron Weisburd on the website Kremlin trolls. I began with those accounts in a reciprocal relationship with @RussiaInsider (as measured by Follower/Following relationships), then identified the reciprocal relationships of each of the top 3, and finally produced the graph. The graph contains only those accounts that have a reciprocal relationship with at least

Russian Propaganda in American Media

The aspects of Russia’s hybrid warfare run wide. From trolls and bots online, to the propaganda-cum-media outlets of RT and Sputnik, to its myriad connections to fringe activists and conspiratorial cranks, Moscow has no predilection about marshalling any and all who would push back against fact and reality. No matter that reams of photographs and testimonials confirm Russian troops’ presence in eastern Ukraine. No matter that all available evidence points

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