Funding crunch for RT

Funding crunch for RT

The budget for RT (former Russia Today) will amount to R19 billion (€271 million) in 2016, or R1.84 billion less than this year. According to Vedomosti, RT initially received R15.38 billion this year from the state, with a subsequent top up of R5.45 billion to make up for the sharp fall in the ruble exchange rate. However, quoting the broadcaster’s chief editor Margarita Simonyan, it adds that this could not

Russia Today to launch a French-language news channel in Africa

The public Russian television, Russia Today (RT) is planning to introduce a French version of its news channel in Africa. The Russian channel will first broadcast via internet box and satellite. The announcement was made by Irakly Gachechiladze, the ex-deputy news editor of RT who is now in charge of the RT French version since the beginning of the year. Gachechiladze revealed that the channel is still a video stream

An odd way to make friends

RUSSIA’S behaviour in Syria resembles the fable of the scorpion who promises not to sting the frog that carries him across the river, but does so anyway—because it is his nature. The list of foreign powers stung by Russia continues to grow. This week Turkey protested after Russian fighters intruded into its airspace, drawing a rare admission of error from the Kremlin. The two countries’ relations are deteriorating as the

Photo Fake: Ukrainian Soldier Kisses American Flag

A bogus photo depicting a Ukrainian soldier kissing an American flag has been popularly spreading on the Web over the last months. The photo was disseminated before Ukraine’s National Flag Day on August 23 and first appeared on a separatist website with an article entitled “The Day of the Slave.” The article was then reposted by Russkaya Vesna, Novorossia, Russkaya Pravda, Novosti Segodnia 24, and It also appeared with

Fake: No Russian Troops in Donbas According to the Ukrainian General Staff

On October 7, Russia One’s anchorman Andrey Kondrashov falsely reported on the news program Vesti that Ukraine’s General Staff had denied the presence of Russian troops in Donbas. Kondrashov was responding to a preceding report by Maria Sittle. She had reported that the head of Ukraine’s Parliament had said that the fulfillment of the Minsk agreement by the Ukrainian side for elections in Donbas could only take part after the

One of the Russian Internet’s Founding Fathers Wants to ‘Erase Syria From the Map,’ and Here’s Why the US Is Being Blamed

Moscow’s intervention in Syria is having some funny consequences back home in Russia. One of the strangest episodes in this story is Anton Nossik’s fervent support for the new airstrikes. One of the leading experts on the Russian Internet, a founder of the popular news website, and widely regarded as one of the key architects of the Russian blogosphere, Nossik shocked many last week when he published on his

MH17 – The Open Source Evidence

This report can be downloaded as a PDF here. Introduction This report summarizes the open source investigations into the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) on July 17, 2014 in Ukraine. It draws on the work of Bellingcat and others who used open source information to uncover facts about the events that took place on July 17 and the origin of the Buk missile launcher that downed MH17. The Buk

How to Find Information about a Website and Its Owner

On September 24, the Kharkov.News agency falsely reported that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, being drunk, had been allegedly removed from a Kyiv-Moscow flight. StopFake has already explained why the news is fake. But let’s look at the website of the Kharkov.News agency, The page “About the Agency” contains the following address: Luhansk People’s Republic, Luhansk, Pochtova Street 2. It means that the website openly supports pro-Russian militants in eastern

Cheltenham Literature Festival: Inside Putin’s Russia – “state control through lies”

“In chess we have fixed rules and unpredictable results,” former world champion and human rights activist Gary Kasparov told Cheltenham Literature Festival. “In (Vladimir) Putin’s Russia we have the opposite.” His striking image set the tone for a fascinating debate in which all three speakers described a state dictatorship maintaining its control through lies. Putin was the greatest expert in creating enemies all around Mother Russia, whether they existed or

Telegraph’s Crimea Travel Piece Full of Errors

On October 1, in its travel section, The Telegraph published an article by British BBC journalist John Simpson entitled “Crimea’s Charms Uncovered.” In the controversial piece, Simpson encouraged British citizens to travel to Crimea by breaking Ukrainian law, while also making several factually incorrect claims. The article drew widespread condemnation, including from the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, and The Economist’s Edward Lucas.

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