Fake: Visa-Free Travel Useless. Ukrainians Denied Entry to Bulgaria

Fake: Visa-Free Travel Useless. Ukrainians Denied Entry to Bulgaria

Ukrainian visa-free travel to the European Union continues to produce an inordinately large number of fakes in the Russian media. We’ve already seen claims that visa-free travel would lead to growing sex trafficking from Ukraine as well as fake stories claiming that most Ukrainians are not at all interested in visa-free travel to Europe. Russia’s internet newspaper Ukraina.ru has added its voice to the cacophony of fakes in a false story claiming that visa-free

Fake: EU Bringing Ukraine to Its Knees

One of Russian propaganda’s favorite mantras is that Ukraine will always lose out by getting closer to the European Union. This theme is propagated often and in various incarnations. One of the most recent versions of this story was a conference speech delivered by former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma that Russian media quoted completely out of context.   Catastrophic consequences of European integration for the Ukrainian economy, Kyiv hostile towards

Kremlin pollster says 15 percent of Russians are unpatriotic ‘shit’

By Meduza Valery Fedorov, the head of the state-owned VTsIOM polling agency, said in a television interview on Thursday that 15 percent of Russians make up the unpatriotic “shit” who regularly criticize Vladimir Putin. “These are the people who have no love for our Russia. These are the people who have no desire to make it better. These are the people who are always ready to criticize and protest, whether

Kremlin orchestrates Russian media coverage of Trump-Poroshenko meeting

By Donald N. Jensen, for CEPA President Donald Trump met briefly on 20 June with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who used his first White House visit under the Trump administration to stress his country’s alliance with Washington. A White House statement said the two leaders discussed “support for the peaceful resolution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine and President Poroshenko’s reform agenda and anti-corruption efforts.” Poroshenko held separate meetings with Vice

Channeling Anger: In Russia, Even Chat Messengers Are Politicized (Op-ed)

Russian authorities claim their attacks on Telegram are because the platform helps terrorists By David Homak, for The Moscow Times Earlier this week, Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor threatened to block Telegram, an encrypted messenger service allegedly used by the Islamic State. The reality behind the decision is likely more political in nature. It began in 2014, when state authorities established a registry of “information-dissemination organizers”—essentially a list of every website

Russians name Stalin and Putin “the most outstanding figures” of all times

By Halya Coynash, for Human Rights in Ukraine Nothing should surprise us when Russian President Vladimir Putin goes on record warning against ‘excessively demonizing’ a dictator responsible for the death of millions, and that same dictator, Joseph Stalin, is considered ‘the most outstanding figure of all ages and nations’ by a terrifying 38% of Russians polled.  Yet the news that the Moscow Law Academy has erected a monument to this

Is the End Near for Telegram in Russia?

By Isaak Webb, for Global Voices Advox On June 26, Russia’s Federal Security Service announced that the April 3 terrorist attack on the St. Petersburg metro, which left 16 people dead, was coordinated using the messaging app Telegram. In a press release, the Security Service (FSB) said it had “reliable information about the use of Telegram by the suicide terrorist, his accomplices, and his foreign handler to conceal their criminal intentions at all stages

Kremlin Watch Monitor. June 27, 2017

New publications How to protect your democratic elections from Russian influence? Read our new article published by the Atlantic Council co-authored by Jakub Janda and Veronika Víchová. If you want to read more about the detailed approach we recommend, here is our Framework guide to tools for countering hostile foreign electoral interference. Also, Jakub Janda, the Head of the Kremlin Watch Program, has been quoted by the Washington Post in

Internet More Influential in Russian Regions than in Moscow, Schulmann Says

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia Although the Internet came first to Moscow and the major cities, Yekaterina Schulmann says, now, “people in Russian regions spend more time on the Internet and on social media than do residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg,” exactly the opposite of what most people in the Russian capitals think. The senior scholar at the Presidential Academy of Economics and State Administration says on Radio

Fake: Visa-Free Travel Will Increase Sex Trafficking in Ukraine

The Russian propaganda machine has been churning out fake stories about visa-free travel for Ukrainians to the EU Schengen zone countries with increased intensity as the new travel regime went into effect on June 11. According to the Russian site Ukraina.ru, the new arrangement will cause many more Ukrainian women to be trafficked into sex slavery in Europe. In an article entitled “The reverse side of visa-free travel” published just

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