Russian Censor Summons CNN Staff Over Supposed Media Law Violation

Russian Censor Summons CNN Staff Over Supposed Media Law Violation

By The Moscow Times Russia’s state media censor on Friday summoned representatives of the U.S.-based CNN International cable news television channel over supposed media law violations. Roskomnadzor spokesman Vadim Ampelonsky told the state-run news agency TASS that CNN had provided an outdated dateline. Documents submitted by CNN to prove they had fixed the problem were “being analyzed,” he said, but the station would remain under observation. Russia’s Foreign Ministry warned on Thursday that it could retaliate against a U.S. demand for Kremlin-backed news

The pro-Kremlin pulp mill

By EU vs Disinfo This week, pro-Kremlin propagandists wrapped themselves in red tape. Significant paper work is needed to dig into the details: it’s all about official documents and agreements. The first target of the disinformation stream was Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s proposal for peacekeepers that would cover the whole of eastern Ukraine including the border with Russia. So, we heard from the Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov that deploying a UN peacekeeping

The Monumental Obsession of Bulgaria’s Russophiles

By Michael Colborne, for Codastory Could a campaign to protect Soviet-era statues become a future Kremlin Trojan horse in Bulgaria? To hear Nikolai Malinov tell it, his 35,000-strong National Movement of Russophiles is just a cultural movement, a big club that puts up statues and organizes festivals to remind Bulgarians of their country’s longstanding historical, cultural and linguistic ties with Russia. But he is also clear about his views. “Russia today has

John F. Tefft: On the Day of My Departure (Op-ed)

We need to rebuild trust between our two countries. By John F. Tefft, for The Moscow Times When I first joined the diplomatic service, working on the Soviet desk in the 1980s, our relationship with Russia was at a low point. The Soviet Union had just shot down a Korean Airliner, with almost 100 Americans including a Congressman on board. There was a lot of anger in America. Today, as I prepare to leave Russia, our relationship has reached another low point. Americans are

Now Facebook is Feeling Election Heat in Russia

By Codastory Already under fire in America over allegations it was used as a platform for Russian interference in last year’s US presidential campaign, Facebook now finds itself in Moscow’s cross-hairs too — and yet again elections are at the centre of the showdown. Russia’s media and communications watchdog has threatened to block access to Facebook if it does not comply with demands to store data from Russian users on

Moscow’s strategy to carve up Europe

By Janusz Bugajski, for CEPA Moscow’s strategy toward Europe is reminiscent of carving a hunted game. It exploits and exacerbates the vulnerabilities of targeted states, and widens any lingering disputes between them. The Kremlin has targeted at least four portions of the continent: Anglo-Saxon Europe, Western Europe, Central Europe and the Orthodox Balkans—with the remainder of Europe’s east to be directly devoured by Russia. A primary focus of subversion dating back

Giving pro-Kremlin propaganda a helping hand

By Corina Rebegea, for CEPA The Kremlin’s disinformation machine is widely opportunistic. It stirs up existing emotions within various groups in society to bring them more in tune with Kremlin-backed narratives. A relatively cheap investment for the propaganda apparatus, it successfully creates confusion, sometimes panic—cultivating conspiracies and mistrust in the Western system of values and governance. In Romania, this opportunistic behavior is part of a two-pronged approach and has become a typical

Fake: President Poroshenko’s Confectionary Company Opening New Branches in Russia

Russian web sites, both reputable and marginal, regularly publish fake stories claiming that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s confectionery company Roshen is expanding its operations in the Russian Federation. All these stories are fake, Roshen has only one factory in Russia which opened in 2001 in Lipetsk, 438 kilometers (272 mi) southeast of Moscow and even that is now closing. The latest fakes claim that new Roshen factories are opening in

Historian Anne Applebaum Details Stalin’s War Against Ukraine: ‘I Believe It Was Genocide’

By Natalya Golitsina, for RFE/RL The latest book by Pulitzer Prize-winning American historian Anne Applebaum, Red Famine: Stalin’s War On Ukraine, sheds new light on one of the seminal events in Ukrainian history – the deadly famine of 1932-33 that Ukrainians call the Holodomor. Some 4 million Ukrainians were killed in a famine that was engineered by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin to eliminate a perceived threat to central Soviet power. RFE/RL

Derailing Moscow’s disinformation machine

By Donald N. Jensen, for CEPA For all the impressive research on Russian information operations in recent years—we have excellent studies of Kremlin troll farms, and how Russia disseminates its narratives on mainstream and social media—surprisingly little work has been done on how the bureaucratic machinery of Kremlin information operations actually works. Do its activities proceed from a grand strategy or are they opportunistic? Is there an interagency process for

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