How big is the Kremlin’s obsession with Ukraine? Spoiler: very big

How big is the Kremlin’s obsession with Ukraine? Spoiler: very big

By EU vs Disinfo It is old news that Russian state-controlled media outlets have little focus on Russia and that they are almost obsessed with Ukraine. But just how serious is this fixation with Russia’s neighbour country? And can it be measured? The state news agency RIA Novosti’s own website turns out to offer quite concrete answers to these questions. Ukraine coverage in numbers In a discussion on Twitter initiated

Kremlin Watch Briefing: The UK leads the fight against disinformation in Eastern Europe

Topics of the Week The UK has launched a £10m programme that helps a network of Eastern European groups combat Russian and Russia-supported far-right disinformation. Pompeo and Lavrov fail to resolve U.S. Russia differences on Venezuela and Iran. Reading suggestion: The disinformation activities online in Bosna and Herzegovina produced by economically motivated opportunists and political/state actors. Good Old Soviet Joke In the time of Stalin’s mass purges, a knock at the door woke a family in the

Fake: UN Tribunal Decision on Captured Ukrainian Soldiers IS Illegitimate

The United Nations Maritime Tribunal issued a “wrongful decision” regarding the Russian seizure of Ukrainian naval vessels and sailors in the Kerch Strait in November 2018. Russia does not recognize the tribunal’s jurisdiction and considers this court action illegitimate, declared several pro-Kremlin publications. The International Court for the Law of the Sea ruling that Russia must release the Ukrainian sailors and ships it arrested last November as they attempted to

Fake: IMF Killed Ukrainian Economy

Russian and Ukrainian media were busy this week disseminating a statement made by Ukrainian MP Vadim Rabinovich who said that the International Monetary Fund is not a partner for Ukraine and all negotiations with the IMF are aimed at the destruction of the Ukrainian economy. This is an often repeated fake characterizing the relationship between the Fund and Ukraine. The IMF’s primary purpose is to ensure the stability of the

Fake: Kerch Strait Incidents = Ukrainian Provocation

Last week Russian media yet again called its November 25, 2018 seizure of three Ukrainian naval vessels a provocation engineered by the Ukrainian authorities. Referring to its attack on the Ukrainian ships as a provocation is a favorite trope of the Kremlin propaganda machine. Meanwhile the UN Maritime Tribunal ruled that Russia must immediately release the 24 Ukrainian sailors and three Ukrainian naval vessels it captured last November. This latest

Fabricated news claims Poroshenko engineering 3rd round of voting

By Polygraph Vladimir Kovalenko Elise Journal Author “Poroshenko is preparing for a 3rd round of presidential elections in Ukraine.” Source: Elise Journal, May 15, 2019 False The inauguration date for the incoming president already is set On Wednesday, May 15, a story appeared on a Ukrainian website, Elise Journal, claiming that outgoing Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is preparing for a third round of presidential elections. The report claimed that Ukraine’s

Democracy as an act of defiance

By EU vs Disinfo The people of the European Union has voted. The second largest democracy in the world, after India, and the results of the election is ready. Despite ongoing attempts to disrupt the election campaign, through lies, disinformation and computer attacks, we, Europeans, elected our representatives to the European Parliament with the highest turnout in twenty years. Right Wing, Left Wing, Centrists, Liberals, Conservatives, Eurosceptics, Euroenthusiasts, Pragmatists, Visionaries,

Russia’s influence arcenal: Watch out, this is what China is learning from Russia 

By Edward Lucas, for CEPA Last week’s column looked at six political warfare tactics common to Russia and China, and three that are used (so far) only by the regime in Beijing. That leaves eleven Kremlin-only ones. For convenience, they are in (English) alphabetical order. First is the exploitation of economic, ethnic, linguistic, regional, religious, social, and other divisions. This is a hallmark Russian approach. Chinese divide-and-rule tactics focus on

New U.S. Sanctions Bill against Nord Stream 2 not a trade war on Europe

By Polygraph Dmitry Lekukh Political commentator “Actually, these are already not restrictions at all: this is a direct and unequivocal declaration of economic war against the entire European subcontinent.” Source: RIA Novosti False The new U.S. sanctions bill will only affect directly two pipe-laying companies – Allseas and Saipem On May 14, U.S. Senators Ted Cruz (Republican, Texas) and Jeanne Shaheen (Democrat, New Hampshire) introduced a bill that would impose

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