The slippery slope: from Halloween to sex dolls

The slippery slope: from Halloween to sex dolls

By EU vs Disinfo “Halloween is a completely artificial holiday, which is accepted because it is fashionable in the West. That is idiocy. Today Halloween, tomorrow a sex doll. This is unnatural, not normal.” This statement from a Russian MP was at the centre of a news story published by the online portal Politika Segodnya. The case is a typical example of how pro-Kremlin communicators try to frame of Western popular culture and

Disinformation tricks and pro-Kremlin treats

By EU vs Disinfo Happy Halloween everyone! Even if this holiday is not widely celebrated where you live, who doesn’t appreciate the fun of trick-or-treating or the ancient Celtic traditions behind All Hallows Eve? But for pro-Kremlin messengers, Halloween is yet another apparition of an invasive Western culture that is hell-bent on corrupting traditional Christian values. This week, a Russian MP suggested that those who celebrate Halloween today will play

Fake: Ukraine’s National Gas Company Naftogaz is Wrecking Negotiations with Gazprom and Blackmailing Russia

Instead of meeting Russia’s Gazprom halfway and beginning constructive negotiatiщns, Naftogaz, Ukraine’s state gas company continues to intimidate Russia without cause, declared Russia’s RT after the latest round of gas transit negotiations between Ukraine, Russia and the European Union. According to Russia’s Sputnik agency the parties cannot agree on the details of a new contract because of Ukraine’s destabilizing position. Instead of offering Russia’s Gazprom amenable terms for cooperation, Naftogaz

Fake: Ukraine Can Establish Maritime Borders Only through Recognizing Crimean Annexation

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has made Ukraine what it calls a convenient proposition, that Kyiv unblock negotiations on the delineation of maritime borders between Ukraine and Russia by recognizing the annexation of Crimea. According to Moscow, Article 298 of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea should serve as the basis for resolving the issue. Russia’s Foreign Ministry says the Convention, which foresees the absence of unresolved

Russian official: Telegram isn’t banned in Russia

By Polygraph Dmitry Peskov Russian Presidential Representative for Digital and Technical Development “First, Telegram is not banned in Russia. Second, I do not just use it, but today we have a network that is built on [the basis] of 150+ Russian universities, and it uses Telegram channels for its management.” Source: TASS, October 21, 2019 False A Russian court ruled in April 2018 to block access to Telegram in the

Russian media falsely attributes a conspiracy quote to Zbigniew Brzezinski

By Polygraph Svobodnaya Pressa Russian news portal “The Alliance [NATO] frankly follows the precepts of Brzezinski: ‘The twenty-first century will be built at the expense of Russia, on the ruins of Russia and against Russia’.” Source:, October 3, 2019 False The quote does not exist in Brzezinski’s published works On October 3, Svobodnaya Pressa, the news portal linked to Zakhar Prilepin, a famous Russian novelist and a right-wing radical,

Fake: Ukraine’s National Memory Institute Promotes Hatred and Incites Conflict

Ukraine’s National Memory Institute has been a favorite target of the Russian propaganda machine since its creation in 2009. Many fakes about the Institute have been circulated over the years and a recent article on the pro-Kremlin site News-Front repeats these narratives and creates some new ones for good measure. Accordingly, the Institute does not only “sow seeds of discord in the country” but is responsible for the deaths of

Attacking the Church of Ukraine: The Kremlin turns the Orthodox world into a battlefield

By EU vs Disinfo Religion is a major topic for the pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets. Europe has lost its Christian roots. Jews aim at exterminating all non-Jews. NATO is destroying the Orthodox Church. The West is accused of employing religion as a weapon. Sooner or later, Lucifer is summoned by the pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets. The theological concept “autocephaly”, rarely met outside Spelling-Bee Contests, yields 20 results in the Disinformation Database. Moscow-based

Desperately seeking recognition

By EU vs Disinfo Crimea is Ukraine. However, the Kremlin and its propaganda machinery will go many extra miles to seek out support of the inaccurate claim that Crimea’s status changed as a result of Russia’s invasion and illegal annexation in 2014. This craving for recognition forces pro-Kremlin media to produce a monotonous and ritualised flow of variations over a well-known theme: someone somewhere said something that confirms Russia’s official

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