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Coronavirus: BBC challenges Pro-Kremlin reporting from Italy

By EU vs Disinfo Moscow’s help to Italy in connection with the coronavirus has been covered extensively, both in international and in Russian media. In Russia, domestic pro-Kremlin outlets have reported from Italy with stories about EU flags being replaced with Russian flags and the Russian anthem sounding in the streets. On 31 March, the BBC looked into the facts behind some of these stories with an investigative article titled,

Fake: UK’s Secret Weapons Lab Chief Confirms Chemical Weapons Development

On March 24 Russian media disseminated a statement by the Russian embassy in Britain claiming that British experts allegedly confirmed the development of chemical weapons in the UK. According to the Russian embassy, the chief executive of the UK’s Defense Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down Gary Aitkenhead attested to the development of military poisons in the UK. Initially this information appeared on the Russian embassy web site and

The BBC is using ‘slow news’ to fight fake news

By Jessica Davies, Digiday The BBC is taking a stronger stance on fighting the online spread of misinformation, having launched a dedicated lie-debunking unit at the heart of its newsroom. Currently, half a dozen people have been assigned to the team, and plans are afoot to double that, according to BBC News editorial director Jamie Angus. The new team’s set-up involves picking stories that aren’t verified or are masquerading as real news,

BBC: Sunday Express wrong to say film claims MH17 was downed by Ukraine

Corporation accuses paper of ‘misrepresenting’ forthcoming documentary, Jasper Jackson writes for The Guardian. The BBC has criticised the Sunday Express for its claiming a forthcoming BBC2 documentary will say that Malaysian Airlines MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian jet. The Sunday Express ran an article headlined “Shock claim: Ukrainian fighter jet shot down Malaysia Airlines’ MH17” suggesting that the BBC film contradicted official reports into the crash, which concluded

Conspiracy Files: Who shot down MH17?

Conspiracy theories swirl around many accidents, terror attacks or disasters. It’s not surprising, then, that a host of different claims surround the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. There are theories about fighter jets and different types of missiles. So what really happened? The story starts on the bleak steppes of eastern Ukraine. A bitter cold wind blew as I walked up to a simple memorial commemorating the tragic death

Fake: BBC Accuses Ukraine of Downing MH 17

Conspiracy theory aficionados should be elated. The venerable BBC has announced an upcoming film in its “Conspiracy Files” series examining new claims about the downing of the Malaysian flight MH17 which crashed on July 17, 2014 in separatist occupied eastern Ukraine, 25 miles from the Russian border. The BBC has dismissed claims that this documentary blames Ukraine for shooting down the plane, saying rather that the film neither establishes nor

Fake: Ukrainian president hospitalized with alcohol poisoning

Russian website Optimist published a story claiming that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was hospitalized in a state of heavy alcohol intoxication. This fake about Poroshenko was also reprinted on the sites Hollivizor and RuInformer. This is not the first time the Russian media accused the Ukrainian President of alcoholism. Previously they claimed the source for this information to be “the German mass media”, and now they attribute the story to

UK Regulator Ofcom Backs BBC in Russian TV Case

The BBC has won a case against Russian TV channel RT, which claimed the corporation faked a report on Syria. The station said the BBC had “staged” a chemical weapons attack for a news report, and digitally altered the words spoken by an interviewee. The BBC complained to Ofcom, saying the “incredibly serious” allegations struck “at the heart” of its obligations to accuracy and impartiality. Ofcom ruled that elements of

Russia in ‘Information War’ with West to Win Hearts and Minds

The crisis in Ukraine has unleashed what some see as a new bout of information warfare between Russia and the West. For nearly a decade, the Kremlin has been busily striving to win hearts and minds around the world mainly through its flagship international broadcaster RT (formerly known as Russia Today). These efforts have been increased since the onset of the Ukraine crisis in 2014. Now Western media and governmental

NTV Presents British Doctor as Political Scientist

On September 17, the Russian television network NTV, during its program Segodnia, incorrectly presented British doctor Robert Lefever as a political scientist. During the report, Lefever said that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) earned its living by serving the British government’s machine. The report focused on a recent blacklist imposed by the Ukrainian government barring specified foreign journalists from working in Ukraine, which included three BBC journalists (since removed from

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