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‘Russian Propaganda Kills,’ Nemtsov’s Daughter Says

The eldest daughter of slain Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov has stepped up her criticism of the Russian state media, drawing a parallel with Nazi propagandists and accusing national TV channels of “sowing hatred” that leads to deadly violence. “Russian propaganda kills,” Zhanna Nemtsova wrote in article published by the Russian daily Vedomosti on June 9. “It not only kills reason and common sense, it literally kills.” Nemtsova, 31, recently left

A report of Boris Nemtsov, “Putin. The war” released by Russian opposition

Colleagues of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov have released a report on Russian soldiers secretly fighting in Ukraine that he had worked on before he was killed in February. The 65-page report – called Putin. War – details the takeover of Crimea by Russian troops in February 2014 and their subsequent deployment to aid separatist fighters in eastern Ukraine. According to the publication, at least 150 Russian soldiers were killed

Nemtsov report ​offers darkest portrait yet of Russia’s war against Ukraine

Russian opposition activists have released a report started by the late Boris Nemtsov detailing Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine. It provides perhaps the darkest picture yet of President Vladimir Putin’s motives, alleging that the takeover of eastern Ukraine began long before the EuroMaidan Revolution in Kyiv prompted President Viktor Yanukovych to flee power. The high-profile murder of Nemstov on Feb. 27 stoked fears that he had been killed to prevent

Fake: Brzezinski Accuses U.S. Intelligence Services of Nemtsov’s murder

Since early March, the site Politikus.ru has posted an article by Canadian journalist Ardzhil Turner under headline “The USA and Other Organizers of Anti-Russian Sanctions Confess Guilt in Nemtsov’s Murder.” In an interview with the alleged “Zbigniew Brzezinski,” (in reality, a former U.S. National Security Advisorto President Jimmy Carter and foreign policy expert), “Brzezinski” argues that American forces were involved in the murder or Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, as

Inside Putin’s on-air machine

The global news network RT is the Russian government’s main weapon in an intensifying information war with the West—and its top editor has a direct phone line to the Kremlin. It was just past midnight on Feb. 28 in the Moscow studios of RT, Russia’s state-funded international tele­vision news network, when word of the assassination reached the staff: Boris Nemtsov, a leading figure in the fractious opposition to President Vladimir

Detoxing Russia

Long after Boris Nemtsov’s killers are caught and Putin is gone, we’ll still be dealing with the legacy of the current media climate. As Russia watcher Mark Galeotti has written, we don’t know who murdered Boris Nemtsov, but we can’t ignore that his killing took place in an “increasingly toxic political climate that clearly is a product of Kremlin agency, in which people like Nemtsov are portrayed as Russophobic minions

The Guardian view on Russian propaganda: the truth is out there

Nietzsche said it first: “There are no facts, only interpretations.” But Vladimir Putin has perfected it into a political strategy. Within hours of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov’s murder on Friday, multiple explanations of what had gone on had been supplied to media organisations. It was because Nemtsov had forced his girlfriend to have an abortion. It was connected to Ukrainian nationalism. It was something to do with his business interests

RT on Nemtsov murder: It could be a big plot to destabilize Russia, Putin’s government

RT’s headlines about the shooting death of opposition figure Boris Nemtsov portray Russian investigators at work pursuing a broad range of theories about who is behind the contract-style killing. Nemtsov’s death may have been “a sort of ‘sacral sacrifice’ by those who don’t hesitate to use any methods to reach their political goals,” said one investigation official, according to RT. RT’s headlines about the shooting death of opposition figure Boris

Fake: Snowden Accuses U.S. State Department of Nemtsov’s Murder

On February 28, Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of the Chechen Republic, posted a photo of Edward Snowden on his Instagram profile. According the post, the American programmer and former CIA employee had allegedly accused the U.S. State Department in the murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was killed a day earlier in Moscow. In reality, Snowden is not known to have made such a comment, either formally or informally.

Fake: U.S. Ambassador to Russia Lays Flowers with Blue and Yellow Ribbons at the Scene of Nemtsov Murder

On February 28, 2015, Russian and Ukrainian mass media reported that the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, John Tefft, had laid flowers at the murder scene of Boris Nemtsov that were tied with a blue and yellow ribbon. Tefft served as U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine (2009-2013). He also served as Ambassador to Georgia (2005-2009), and to Lithuania (2000-2003). The reports were mistaken, however. The sites that carried the erroneous story give RIA

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