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#EUelections2019: Kremlin-Friendly Voices in Latvia

By Ianis Bucholtz and Solvita Denisa-Liepniece, for Disinfo Portal In Latvia, the Kremlin benefits from politicians whose public stances on both domestic and foreign policy issues align with the narratives Moscow seeks to implant and multiply in Europe. Kremlin-linked outlets such as RT and Sputnik are adept at crafting and publicizing such stories, but local politicians may further Moscow’s long-term influence when they take pro-Russian positions and make public comments

Democracy as an act of defiance

By EU vs Disinfo The people of the European Union has voted. The second largest democracy in the world, after India, and the results of the election is ready. Despite ongoing attempts to disrupt the election campaign, through lies, disinformation and computer attacks, we, Europeans, elected our representatives to the European Parliament with the highest turnout in twenty years. Right Wing, Left Wing, Centrists, Liberals, Conservatives, Eurosceptics, Euroenthusiasts, Pragmatists, Visionaries,

#EUelections2019: The danger of ignoring disinformation’s long-term goals

By Jakub Kalenský, for Disinfo Portal In recent interviews about disinformation in the run-up to the EU elections, many journalists and government officials focusing on the issue express surprise at the lack of a grand, sensational disinformation operation by the Kremlin. Observers such as these await the headline-grabbing emergence of the hallmarks of a disinformation strategy: hacked and leaked emails, deep-fake videos, and easily traceable social media operations, all ideally

EU elections update: Reaping what was sown

By EU vs Disinfo This week, European citizens head to the polls to vote in the European Union’s ninth parliamentary elections. 751 MEPs will be elected to represent over 512 million people from the EU’s 28 member states, thus assuming major influence over European policy-making for the next five years. This edition of the Disinfo Review follows up on our first EU Elections Update: The Long Game. A new “normal”?

#EUelections2019: Pro-Kremlin narratives in Latvia

By Ianis Bucholtz and Solvita Denisa-Liepniece, for Disinfo Portal Latvia irks the Kremlin. In line with its claims about Ukraine, Moscow frequently accuses the Baltic state of ethnic and language discrimination against its Russian-speaking minority, glorification of Nazism, and “Russophobia.” Moscow uses local organizations and individuals to lend as often as possible an organic, Latvian-grown appearance to these sentiments, which are picked up and popularized by pro-Kremlin media. The cycle

#EUelections2019: How the Kremlin exploits German politics

By Julian Röpcke, for Disinfo Portal With the European elections only three weeks away, the Kremlin and its media are once again ramping up their attempts to influence the political debate in Germany and exploit the situation for their benefit. As in previous election campaigns, Kremlin media undertake the difficult task of portraying Putin’s Russia as a “good neighbor” of Germany while simultaneously exacerbating the country’s political and social tensions.

#EUelections2019: The EU Must Take Disinformation Seriously

By Jakub Janda, for DisinfoPortal When the EU unveiled its Action Plan against Disinformation in December 2018, some experts welcomed the plan as a good first step toward a savvier and better-equipped West. Others, however, believe that the plan came too late and that the European Commission bears the blame for not treating the threat of disinformation with the urgency and gravity it deserved. Almost five years after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and subsequent disinformation

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