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Russian State TV broadcasts staged interview

By EU vs Disinfo As Ukraine marks the anniversary of the 2013 Maidan revolution, a young Ukrainian man tells his story to Russian state TV Pervy Kanal. The interviewee is disappointed about the development in his country: “The Euromaidan didn’t give me anything. And look at where we are now. We should have looked into the future; a future without heating, with super expensive energy bills; and it isn’t clear

Russia Without BS: Face to Face

I love conversion stories. Perhaps that’s because I’ve had so many myself. I consider it ridiculous that we live in a society that condemns people who change their minds as they learn more, while people who double down on their ignorant beliefs in spite of concrete evidence to the contrary attract throngs of followers. This is why I loved this story from Cracked about a chap who was a professional

Nuland Wrongly Accused of Pressuring Ukrainian Government after Prosecutor General’s Comments

On October 20, the English-language, Russian news agency Sputnik published an article alleging that U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland had attempted to pressure the Ukrainian administration to dismiss the country’s prosecutor general. The story was based on a claim made by former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov on Facebook. He wrote that Nuland had demanded that Victor Shokin, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General, be sacked after he recently declared that

Index of Russian propaganda efficiency

Between February 14 and February 24, 2015 Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) conducted the nation-wide public opinion poll. The survey was conducted in 108 settlements in all regions of Ukraine, (except the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) according to the random sample, which is representative for adult population of Ukraine (aged 18 and over). Totally 2013 respondents were interviewed face-to-face during the field stage. In Donetsk and Luhansk regions the

Fake: MIA Claim Nigoian and Zhiznevskii Were Not Killed by the Police

On January 26, Segodnya.ua website published news piece about the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior Affairs (MIA) representative stating Sergei Nigoian and Mikhail Zhiznevskii, who had died on Maidan, had not been killed by the police. As turned out, that was not breaking news, but a repost of a year old article of Segonya.. It was further spread by: UNIAN, Gazeta.ua, 112, Obozrevatel, 24tv.ua, depo.ua, ubop.info and a number of others. Most of them removed it afterwards, though. The

How EuroMaidan and War with Russia Have Changed Ukraine’s Internet

Although many European countries had a rough ride in 2014, no country in Europe can claim to have had a more challenging year than Ukraine. What began as a series of peaceful protests against a government decision that displeased many Ukrainians turned into an international armed conflict with Russia, formerly Ukraine’s closest ally, that continues to affect Europe and the rest of the world. Images and posts found on the Internet about

Fake Video and Photo Images in a Program of Channel One

In Russian program “Time will show” images of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army march were presented as events of Euromaidan. December 26 in Russian program “Time will show” with Petr Tolstoi the main events of 2014 were recalled. “One of the memorable images of this year is a Ukrainian unity in unacceptance of Russia”, declared the anchorman speaking about Euromaidan. These words were illustrated by the images of the “Ukrainian Insurgent

Germany and the disinformation politics of the Ukraine crisis

Looking at both the historical and current pro-Putin segment of German public discussion, one can identify the target groups and methods of Russian disinformation politics, Andriy Portnov writes in his article for Open Democracy. In early March, in central Berlin, I came across a demonstration protesting against ‘Neo-Nazis on the Maidan.’ I tried to talk to the activists standing there, but they responded to all of my comments with just

Soviet Propaganda Back in Play With Ferguson Coverage

Those relying on Russia’s state-run media right now are probably under the impression that all of America is up in flames and on the brink of imploding because the U.S. government is tyrannical and has been oppressing the underdogs for too long — and Ferguson is proof. In the Russian press, what started out as protests following Monday’s decision not to indict the white police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teenager in a small town in Missouri back in August has morphed into an existential crisis worthy of front-page stories

Lies: Kyiv to Legalise Prostitution

Russian TV-Channel NTV in its programme Emergency. Week’s Digest showed a report with information that “exotic news have come from Ukraine: new Kiev authorities are serious about legalising prostitution. They think selling love will save the country’s economy.” In particular: “Vitalii Klichko suggests legalising prostitution, so it serves the country.” This information has nothing to do with reality. Neither Ukrainian Parliament nor Kiev city administration have draft laws or even suggestions about it.

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