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Window to Nowhere. Russian Media Upset about Ukrainian Visa Free Travel to EU Countries

Russia’s Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda got into the visa-free travel to the EU is doom for Ukrainians game in a special report menacingly entitled “Visa free travel for Ukraine. Window to nowhere”. The 20 minute piece is a classic of the disinformation genre, a cut and paste job of unconnected, aggressive video, menacing music, threatening narration, and doomsday commentary. The report’s central message is that visa-free travel for Ukrainians

The EU entry has been detrimental to Czechia, the fake ‘DPR consul’ Lisková says

On October 24 occupied Donetsk propaganda television channel Oplot released a video interview with the so-called Czech consul of the Russian sponsored Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Nela Lisková. The 10 minute conversation is filled with primitive anti-western rhetoric and pro-Russian propaganda and is aimed at an audience that is not only closed to western ideas, but has absolutely no access to them.   Presenting a small office in the provincial

Research Report: Analysis of Manipulation Techniques on Selected Czech Websites

By Miloš Gregor ([email protected]), Petra Vejvodová ([email protected]) Abstract: The aim of the analysis was to establish whether, and if so to what extent, manipulative propaganda techniques are used on the websites selected, and whether their reporting is biased towards Russia and/or strongly criticises “the West”, i.e. the USA, EU and NATO. Websites observed: Parlamentní listy (parlamentnilisty.cz), AC24 (ac24.cz), Svět kolem nás (svetkolemnas.info) and Sputnik (cz.sputniknews.com). Sample: 2364 articles (the total number

Information Warfare: Europe’s Time to Change the Narrative

Vladimir Putin receives a lot of sympathy in Europe. And not just from Russian speakers, but also from nationalists of all stripes who see him as a strong and determined individual. The same is true in his own country where his moves in Ukraine and Syria gave him a stratospheric approval rating of 89%. Seducing the masses is no easy feat, which is precisely why an army of media consultants

“Disinformation Review” – new EU information product

We have the pleasure to present you a new EU information product called “Disinformation Review”. [389 KB] It is a weekly publication, which collects as many examples of the Russian disinformation attacks as possible, and in real time. Its objective is to show the European public the high amount of such disinformation attacks that target European audience every single day, to expose the number of countries targeted, and, thus, to

To combat Kremlin’s message, West gets into Russian broadcasting biz

Jelena Solomina, a petite blond, and Dmitri Pastuhhov, whose wavy mane of hair is pulled back with sunglasses, pace across their unfinished television studio in central Tallinn. As hosts of the new “morning show” on Estonian’s first public television station in Russian, which launches Monday, they face a formidable to-do list: everything from deciding when their working day starts to the design of the on-air kitchen where they’ll make their

Russian Media Claim that European Commission President Predicts War and Ruin for Ukraine

On September 9, the television channel of the Russian Ministry, Zvezda, reported on its website: “Civil war and total ruin, which are in Syria, must be in Ukraine. Such is the opinion of the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.” The article that contains the spectacular, though false, claim is entitled “European Commission Promised Ukraine the Fate of Syria.” The sham information was then spread by Yuzhnyi Federalnyi, newstes.ru

Recommendations for Combating Russian Propaganda

A set of recommendations for combating Russian propaganda in the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries, which has been distributed among the Members of the European Parliament and the EU officials with regard to the European Council conclusions of 20 March 2015 calling for preparation of an action plan to counter Russia’s disinformation campaigns. By Oleg Panfilov, Maksym Khylko, East European Security Research Initiative

John Kornblum: Europe Needs a New Narrative

An interview with John Kornblum, American diplomat and businessman and former US ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany. Interviewer: Matthew Luxmoore. MATTHEW LUXMOORE: You have argued that Europe needs to find another narrative, a narrative that makes the Vladimir Putin challenge clear. What do you mean by this? JOHN KORNBLUM: All big events are defined on the basis of a story, the narrative which tells what it is all

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