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Edward Lucas: Since The Wall Fell

By Edward Lucas, for CEPA The division of Germany is fading into history. Don’t let its lessons fade as well.    I remember East Berlin. Even now, thirty years on, my throat constricts at the memory. Soft brown lignite smoldered in boiler furnaces, low-octane fuel burned in gimcrack cars and clapped-out trucks. The ideology was choking too. I would argue with leaden-tongued true believers at official functions and scour the

How British, German, and US media cover Crimea’s annexation and the Donbas war

By Rens Wilderom, for VoxUkraine This article investigates how British newspapers covered Crimea’s annexation and the Donbass war. It shows that initially an “international conflict frame” was used as the dominant way to interpret Crimea’s annexation, which in about three months was succeeded by a “local conflict frame,” then used as the most prevalent way to make sense of the enduring Donbass war. Moreover, it shows that as the war

At his 15th year-end presser, Putin recycles false claims

By Polygraph Vladimir PutinPresident, RussiaClaims about WADA doping ban, Maria Butina’s foreign agent plea, Zelimkhan Khangoshvili’s killing in Berlin.Source: Kremlin.ru, Dec. 19, 2019 False Putin recycles claims that were fact-checked and proven false Russian President, Vladimir Putin held his 15th year-end presser on Dec. 19. With 1,899 journalists attending, it lasted for over four hours. Putin repeated claims that Polygraph.info previously fact-checked and debunked. –“If WADA has no claims against

Disinformation as Damage Control

By EU vs Disinfo Last week Germany expelled two employees at the Russian embassy in Berlin in connection with the murder of a Georgian asylum-seeker in the German capital. Russian TV reacted by applying two different defensive disinformation techniques at the same time: distraction and ridicule. However, an obvious third defence technique remained unused; and perhaps for a good reason. Distraction In a news programme broadcast on 8 December, the state-controlled network

The Ukraine-Russia Paris Meeting Through the Russian Propaganda Lens

Zero result for Ukraine, a Donbas Srebrenica and Putin is the winner. That is a very concise roundup of Russian media responses to the Ukraine-Russia meeting brokered by France and Germany to jump start talks on the war in eastern Ukraine that took place in Paris on December 9. Generally Russian media considered the Paris meeting as something positive for Russia, neutral or negative for the occupied Donbas and a

Figure of the week: 82

By EU vs Disinfo According to a poll in Germany, 82% of respondents are concerned that political disinformation campaigns can manipulate elections. The “Informationsverhalten bei Wahlen und politische Desinformation” poll, organized by the Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia, also revealed that 81% of respondents think that politically motivated disinformation is threatening democracy. 79% of the 1,002 polled internet users agreed with the claim that political disinformation makes them angry. As

Governments countering disinformation: the case of Germany

By Christina la Cour, for Disinfo Portal Germany was among the first countries to introduce a law against fake news. But the controversial Network Enforcement Act is far from the only German initiative against disinformation and foreign influence. To understand German concerns about propaganda and disinformation, the so-called “Lisa case” is a good place to start. In January 2016 a Russian-German girl named Lisa claimed to have been raped by

Russian Media in Germany: Independent Journalism or Political Instrument?

By Institute for Statecraft Contents Preface Information as a Weapon 2. The Russian Media: Instrument to Influence Politics and Society Abroad 3. The Russian Media Network in Germany 3.1. RT Deutsch and Ruptly TV 3.2. Rossiya Segodnya and Sputnik Deutschland 3.3. Special Weapons: Trolls and the Internet Research Agency 4. Elements of the Disinformation Campaign 4.1. Distortion of Facts and Fake News 4.2. Countering Criticism by Counter-Criticism 4.3. Stigmatisation of

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