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German peace prize to Ukrainian journalist Kotsaba is discredited by the Russian lies he parrots, not just his anti-Semitism

By Halya Coynash, for Human Rights in Ukraine The decision to award the 2019 Aachen Peace Prize to Ukrainian journalist and  blogger Ruslan Kotsaba is in question because of a shocking anti-Semitic video posted by Kotsaba in 2011. The video certainly contains deeply offensive hate speech, yet it is by no means the only reason why the choice of Kotsaba seems bafflingly inappropriate. The award might possibly have seemed a

#EUelections2019: How the Kremlin exploits German politics

By Julian Röpcke, for Disinfo Portal With the European elections only three weeks away, the Kremlin and its media are once again ramping up their attempts to influence the political debate in Germany and exploit the situation for their benefit. As in previous election campaigns, Kremlin media undertake the difficult task of portraying Putin’s Russia as a “good neighbor” of Germany while simultaneously exacerbating the country’s political and social tensions.

Russian agents in Western media

By Oleksandr Danylyuk, for International Policy Digest The exposure of a journalist of the German magazine, Der Spiegel, Claas Relotius, who falsified materials for his articles, was a real shock and sharply raised the issue of the availability of effective tools for controlling misinformation in the media community. Relotius’ case is impressive. He managed not only to fool his readers and colleagues over the years but also spread lies and

Fake: Germany Supports Crimea Annexation

Germany supports Russia’s annexation of Crimea and is ready to take steps towards recognizing the Russian status of the peninsula. Members of the German parliament are poised to gradually recognize the Ukrainian peninsula as part of Russia. On November 3 scores of pro-Kremlin media featured these sensational headlines, starting with the Russian daily newspaper Izvestia, followed by the Russian Defense Ministry television station Zvezda, Rambler, Kriminform and others. No matter

Germany’s friends of the Kremlin “setting the media tone” – Reitschuster

By Kseniya Kirillova, for Integrity Initiative Russian propagandists and agents of influence do not only operate freely in Germany, they even “set the tone” in German media. This is the view of prominent German journalist, author of the book “Putin’s Secret War” (‘Putins verdeckter Krieg’), Boris Reitschuster. He says the Kremlin is now actively using the old intelligence network created by the Stasi in West Germany. “Contrary to popular belief,

Silencing the haters: German facebook group talks back to trolls

By EU vs Disinfo Reading hateful comments on social media can be distressing. According to Susanne Tannert, reading them for several hours each day requires nerves of steel. “Many of us become exhausted, discouraged; all this hate is really hard to deal with,” says Tannert, a member of Germany’s anti-hate-speech initiative #ichbinhier. “But we cannot remain silent.” Like Tannert, members of #ichbinhier (“I am here” in English) routinely track down and

Attempt No 2. Russian propaganda seeking to “dismiss” Angela Merkel again

Igor Solovey, for LB.ua German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s days in big politics are reportedly numbered, according to Russian media. However such predictions are unfounded given that publicists have long been using phrases like “it is time for Merkel to go” as tropes (meaning we want someone else but we do not know whom). Russian propagandists are taking cue from the Kremlin strategists seeking to divide Europe by toppling its strongest

Last week on Russian TV: Too “liberal” education and constitution

By EU vs Disinfo TV Channel 1 discussed a speech by a Russian schoolboy at the German Bundestag. “What about freedom of speech?”, a Tweet from a viewer says. Interpreting WWII: Conspiracies of Western influence A speech that a Russian schoolboy delivered at the German Bundestag was one of the hottest discussion topics on Russian TV last week. The boy spoke at a commemorative session to mark Germany’s People’s Day of Mourning.

German aftermath

By EU vs Disinfo Less than two weeks ago, elections were held in Germany. And although the election campaigning is over, the disinformation campaign is still ongoing. We have written about the narratives used about Germany and especially Angela Merkel several times before and during the last week we could notice some echoing of those familiar stories, as well as a couple of new disinformation inventions. For example, Germany was

This is what earns Emmys in Russia

By Kevin Rothrock, for Meduza The Russian Academy of Television announced the winners of its “TEFI” awards this Tuesday, October 3, in a ceremony that resembles the Emmys in the United States. Unlike the Emmys, where winners get statuettes depicting a winged woman holding an atom, taking home a TEFI means pocketing a certificate and a statuette showing Greek mythology’s Orpheus kneeling and tearing at his chest in agony. That sentiment

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