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Why Trump’s UN Speech Was Gold for Russia’s Top Propagandist

By EU vs Disinfo Below you find a summary of the main topics on Russia’s most watched TV news channels this week. The news shows’ agenda in Russia is carefully attuned to serve the Kremlin’s needs. Therefore, following Russian state controlled media sheds light on our understanding of how the Kremlin seeks to influence the Russian-speaking audience in Russia and beyond. Read our story here. Our monitoring of pro-Kremlin disinformation also reveals

No chance for fake news

What we might have come to understand after this german election By Jutta Kramm, for Correctiv For four weeks a group of “fact checkers”, put together by CORRECTIV and First Draft, have been tracking down fake news. Six chapters stating what we have learnt so far. The video clip is shaky. It shows several dozen dark skinned people at a bus station wearing long white clothing. Behind this post on Facebook

Pro-Kremlin disinformation in Germany: absent or present?

By EU vs Disinfo After past examples of unbalanced coverage and attempts to influence elections (here; here; see also here), many observers were asking: what about the German general election on 24 September? Already in January, the Disinformation Review reported an uptick in false reporting about Germany in pro-Kremlin media. Around the same time, observers highlighted how bot activity on social media had been redirected from the US to attack chancellor Angela Merkel. The themes highlighted

Kremlin narratives on Crimea resurface in German election debate

This article is part of ECFR’s Wider Europe Forum By Andreas Umland, for European Council of Foreign Relations For the future of Ukraine, what Germany thinks and does really matters. Last month, the German election campaign saw an unexpected statement by the leader of Germany’s liberals, Christian Lindner. The chair of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) – a centre-right force hitherto known for its hawkish stance in support of international law

The ‘Russian World’ in Germany

By Nikolai Mitrokhin, Eurozine Pro-Kremlin propaganda spread through social media is causing a shift to the far-Right among Germany’s native Russian population. Nikolai Mitrokhin considers the implications for German politics in advance of the September elections. On 16 May 2017, the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko introduced sanctions against a large number of Russian individuals and legal entities, most prominently the major Russian social networks, search engines, email providers and antivirus

In Germany, a Battle Against Fake News Stumbles into Legal Controversy

By Josie Le Blond, CodaStory Some in Germany want social networks to decide what news is fake or ever illegal. It may not be so easy Nowhere in the world did the lessons of Russian interference in the U.S. election hit home as they did in Germany. In the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s victory, Chancellor Angela Merkel repeatedly warned that foreign powers could also meddle in Germany’s upcoming autumn

German military will create a Cybernetic and Information Command

In Germany, a Cybernetic and Information Command will come into existence in early April, as reported by Reuters. The new facility will be located in Bonn. Its initial size will be 260 people, but it is planned to bring it to 13.5 thousand people, including strategic military intelligence and communication centers, by July. By 2021, the number of employees of the service will reach 14,500 people, 1,500 seats of which

Lisa 2.0: How pro-Kremlin media in Germany have been using a new fake to justify an old one

By Ben Nimmo, DFRLab In early 2016, the subject of Russian disinformation shot up the agenda in Germany with the false story of a 13-year-old girl allegedly abducted and raped by migrants. A year on, the girl at the center of the case is back in the headlines in Germany, and Kremlin media outlets have been using a new round of false reporting to justify the original deception. The new

Fake news: War without blood

A Russian general is working on digital battle plans; hackers are attacking Germany’s federal government; and a man in the Crimea wants to plunge Germany into chaos with fake news. There’s a fierce struggle in progress around the Bundestag election in September. Lesen Sie die deutsche Version dieser Geschichte. By Von Patrick Beuth, Marc Brost, Peter Dausend, Steffen Dobbert und Götz Hamann, Zeit The alternative truth about Germany is generated

The future of fake news?

A misleading map of ‘refugee crime’ in Germany distorts reality in a slick and sophisticated way By Abigail Fielding-Smith, Crofton Black, The Bureau of investigative journalism Last year, an anonymously-produced map started to make its way around German social media. It claimed to show viewers the spread of “refugee and migrant crime” throughout Germany. Unlike some of the lurid tales of migrant depravity that have circulated in Germany in recent

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