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Putin, a Rainbow Flag, and Discrimination in Russia

By Polygraph Vladimir PutinRussian President“In Russia, there has not been, is not, and will not be anything that is associated with restrictions on rights based on race, sexual orientation, nationality, or any religious grounds. This has never happened in Russia and never will.”Source: Kremlin.ru, July 3, 2020FALSE On July 3, following a national vote that took place from June 25 to July 1 and approved 206 amendments to the Russian

Fake: Ukraine Leads In Human Rights Violations

This week Russia’s Foreign Ministry criticized the latest annual US State Department Human Rights report as an “opus full of Russophobic stereotypes” filled with “politicized assessments and crude ideological clichés” against Russia. The Foreign Ministry’s statement became big news for the Kremlin propagandist media with RT Gazeta.ru and NTV all featuring stories denouncing the State Department for preparing the report in an exclusively negative manner with regard to Russia while

Fake: UN Fabricating Human Rights Violations in Crimea

Russian government controlled news agency Sputnik’s Spanish language version announced that Ukrainians living in Crimea were accusing the United Nations of making up human rights violations on the peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014. This claim was in response to a UN resolution adopted on November 19 condemning human rights violations in Crimea and referring to Russia as the “occupying power”. The resolution is based on myths as there are

Russia abducts activist from Ukraine, charges him with involvement in Ukrainian organization

By Halya Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine Oleksandr Shumkov has become the latest Ukrainian to be abducted to Russia and imprisoned.  There is a major question mark over how the 28-year-old civic activist came to be in Russia, but it would be difficult to dispute the surreal nature of the charges.  The Ukrainian is accused of involvement in a Ukrainian organization that only Russia calls ‘extremist’, and that is entirely

Challenge Putin’s Lies about imprisoned Ukrainian Filmmaker Oleg Sentsov

By Halya Coynash, for Human Rights in Ukraine See the link below the text for a letter and other ways of joining in the campaign to #FreeSentsov It is exactly three years since Oleg Sentsov, Ukrainian filmmaker and single father, was arrested in Simferopol, shortly after Russia invaded and annexed Crimea.  His trial and 20-year-sentence have been condemned by the entire international community, yet Russian President Vladimir Putin keeps repeating

Netizen Report: Why Did YouTube Censor Your Videos? You May Never Know

By Netizen Report Team, Global Voices Global Voices Advocacy’s Netizen Report offers an international snapshot of challenges, victories, and emerging trends in Internet rights around the world. In mid-March Indian documentarian Rakesh Sharma, who is known for his films on public unrest and violence in the state of Gujarat, found his YouTube channel blocked. He received a message from the company that read: This account has been terminated due to

Halya Coynash: Odesa smoking gun leads directly to Moscow

A new film has exposed direct links between Moscow and the disturbances in Odesa from late February to the tragic events of 2 May 2014 in which 48 people died. The film ‘2 May. Moscow Trail’ was produced by Odesa journalists and is based solely on Russian and pro-Russian sources.  The material provides additional proof of the authenticity of recordings recently published by the Prosecutor General’s Office.  In these, Sergei

Rights Group of the Week: Planet of Hopes

On 4 April 2016, French authorities granted Russian rights defender Nadezhda Kutepova, founder and long-time head of the NGO Planet of Hopes, and her children political asylum in France. As RFE/RL reports, on 5 April, Nadezhda Kutepova told the Chekyabinsk.ru news portal that French authorities had granted her and her children political asylum for 10 years. In May 2015 Planet of Hopes was designated a ‘foreign agent‘ NGO, and in

Fake: Russia Not Recognized as “Aggressor State” in UN Report

On July 5, the Russian news site Ukraina.ru falsely reported that Russia had not been called an “aggressor state” in relation to Ukraine in a recent report by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. It cites an article published by Ukraine’s Mirror Weekly. The story was then picked up by other media, including Antimaidan.info and Politikus.ru. In truth, the author of the Mirror Weekly article, Oleksandr

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