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Fake: Ukrainians Being Massively Deported from EU and Israel

Ukrainian visa free travel to the EU Schengen zone countries which went into effect in June 2017 remains a favorite topic for Russian fakes and disinformation.  The latest spin on these manufactured stories is a claim published by the marginal site Rossiyskie Vesti claiming that Ukrainians are being massively deported from EU countries.  RIA Novosti eagerly reprinted this latest fake, elevating Rossiyskie Vesti to the status of world media. Novstnoy

‘Cold as Ice’: Canada’s Election, as Told Through Russian Propaganda

Sputnik News, dubbed the “Buzzfeed of propaganda,” has been paying particular attention to the current Canadian federal election. And it is bizarre. The news agency’s headlines paint a bleak, and unfailingly pro-Kremlin, view of the Canadian campaign, employing headlines such as “Cold as Ice: All Three Major Canadian Parties Vow to be ‘Tough on Russia,’” “Meet Canada’s Parliament Candidate Who Had No Idea About Auschwitz,” and “Are Canada’s Elections at

Photo Fake: Shelling in Israel Presented as Donetsk

A photograph taken in Israel in 2014 was recently posted as a photo from Donbas taken in 2015. The fake was first discovered by Israeli journalist and Ukraine-expert Shimon Briman, according to the Huliay Pole website. Source: politua.su.

Fake: Saakashvili’s Adviser Has Israeli Citizenship

Separatist sites have distorted comments made by Mariya Gaidar, the newly appointed Deputy Governor of Odesa Oblast, about her application for Israeli citizenship. The false information was then disseminated by Novorosia News Agency, Nabat, S-Narodom, and Novorosia-Inform, among others. The text among the reports is almost identical: “Mariya Gaidar started to prepare documents for Ukrainian citizenship. The Deputy Governor of Odesa Oblast herself has told about this today. She has

Jewish Monitoring Group Expert Debunks Russia 24 Claim about Neo-Nazis and Anti-Semitism in Ukraine

On May 18, the Russia 24 network dedicated a news program to focus exclusively on alleged anti-Semitism in Ukraine. “Vesti at 23:00” aired a report and discussion entitled “The new exodus of Jews from Ukraine: Jewish organizations accuse Brussels of keeping problem of neo-Nazism in Ukraine quiet” (from 6:35). The news anchor reported: “In fact, in Ukraine there is another exodus that is much more important, but it is deprived

Photo of Israeli Children was Presented as the One Depicting Events on Donbas

The photo of children at the age of 1,5-3 years, lying on the floor in a kindergarten during an air alert, is being actively spread in Twitter. The photo is captioned “Donbas… These are small children at the age of 1,5-3 years during an air alert in a kindergarten! Please, forward, the entire world must see it!” До слёз! pic.twitter.com/bPDneIW6r3 — ВЕЖЛИВЫЙ ШМЕЛЬ (@Schmel2012) January 24, 2015 In fact, this

A photo from Israel, made in 2012, is presented as depicting current events in Ukraine

A photo of a mother, covering a child with herself during a bombardment, is being spread throughout the Network. It is alleged that the picture is taken in the Eastern Ukraine. Particularly the photo became widespread in the social network Vkontakte. However, this photo was made neither in Luhansk, nor in Donetsk, but in Israel as far back as in 2012.

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