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Fake: Transcarpathia Demands Autonomy from Kyiv

On April 7 Russian news website Lenta.ru published a news item claiming that the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine was demanding autonomy. The source of this claim is an April 5 Transcacarpathian oblast council decision in which regional representatives are  allegedly “demanding that Transcarpathia be recognized as a special self-governing administrative territory and that the country’s constitution should be amended without delay to reflect this.” The Transcarpathian regional council as well

Lenta.ru Distorted the Words of Ukraine’s Permanent Representative at the United Nations

Russia’s popular Lenta.ru website used a headline which had Ukraine’s UN representative Volodymyr Yelchenko apparently dismissing Ukraine’s chances of ever regaining sovereignty over Crimea. The Lenta.ru piece cited an interview Yelchenko gave to website Yevropeyska Pravda in which he was asked whether Ukraine’s membership for the next two years as a permanent member of the UN  Security Council would allow Kyiv to reassert control over Crimea and Donbas, the areas

Media Misrepresent Fitch’s New Ukraine Rating

On August 27, Russian and Ukrainian media reported on a new rating by Fitch for Ukraine. But they presented only some of the ratings agency’s outlook, thereby importantly distorting the information. Lenta.ru reported, for example, that Fitch acknowledged the inevitability of a default: “International ratings agency Fitch downgraded Ukrainian foreign-currency country ceiling from under-default ‘CC’ to ‘C’ which means that default is inevitable.” However, while this is partly true, these

Fake: New Fire at Fuel Tanks near Kyiv on June 12

On June 12, one of Russia’s most popular news sites, Lenta.ru, falsely reported that a new fire had ignited among the fuel tanks at an oil depot near Vasylkiv in the Kyiv region. Lenta.ru specified that the fire started on June 12 at 13:30 Moscow time. “Fifteen pieces of equipment and 51 personnel were brought in to eliminate the fire. There is no threat from the fire’s emission,” Lenta.ru reported.

Fake: Poles Recognize Crimea as Part of Russia

On April 27, Russian media TRK Zvezda published news under the headline “Poles Recognize Crimea Is Part of Russia.” The report made reference to a program on Poland’s TVP television channel, where a map can be seen with the Crimean peninsula in the same color as the Russian Federation. A number of Ukrainian and Russian editions also published this news, but more accurately stated that the Crimea had been “annexed”

Michael McFaul Misquoted about Crimea and Russia

Several Russian media (RT, REN.tv, Lenta.ru, NTV, Forbes) distorted the words of former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul (2012-2014) with such headlines as: “Michael McFaul: USA Will Not Fight for Crimea: Its Reunion with Russia Is a Historical Fact” and “McFaul Urged Ukraine to Accept Transfer of Crimea to Russia.” RIA Novosti distorted McFaul’s words and wrote that he said: “The transfer of Crimea to Russia is an accomplished

Retired American General Allegedly Calls for “Killing Russians”

Russian mass media has either misinterpreted or misrepresented comments made by retired U.S. Major General Robert Scales. The controversy revolves around a comment he made on the U.S.’s Fox News network on March 10 about a hypothetical – and unlikely – war scenario in Ukraine in which the object would be “to start killing Russians.” Russia’s Ren.tv reported two days later: “The scandal occurred live on the American TV channel Fox

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