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Lithuanian foreign minister says Russian propaganda fills void from West

NEWSMAKER INTERVIEW: Lithuania and other Eastern bloc nations are craving a clear and decisive message of support from the United States, as Russian President Vladimir Putin pushes the limits of NATO’s resolve and moves to fill “gaps of influence” created by the West’s failure to defend its interests and international law, Lithuania’s top diplomat warned Tuesday. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius also said Moscow is waging a potent propaganda war

Internet, Not TV, Now Moscow’s Main Propaganda Channel for Baltic Countries, Lithuanian Expert Says

Moscow now views the Internet as its primary propaganda channel in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania because that medium reaches the young whereas Russian-language television to the extent that it has an impact at all affects primarily those of pension age, according to Jacek Jan Komar. On the one hand, this shift reflects the fact that nearly a generation after the end of the Soviet power in the Baltic countries, those

US to grant USD 500,000 to counter Russian propaganda in Baltic States

The U.S. Embassy in Lithuania has announced a grant of $500,000 for early and mid-career Russian-language journalists and other media professionals working on Russia’s periphery to counter Russian propaganda, according to the U.S. Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania. The project entitled “Investigative Journalism Training to Counter Russian Messaging in the Baltics” is designed for a year, until November 30, 2016, the announcement says. The U.S. Embassies in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Russian propaganda wins EU hearts and minds

Kremlin media are shaping the views of a sizeable pro-Russia constituency in the EU, experts and officials warn. The numbers show, according to US pollster Pew, that one in three Germans and one in four French people think the EU should relax Russia sanctions. Overall approval of Russian leader Vladimir Putin is down in Europe. But one in four Germans, especially in east Germany, do have confidence in him, in

Moscow is getting ready for a hybrid war with Lithuania. Is the Polish minority going to be the flashpoint?

Another series of Russian provocations involving the Baltic states, related to the Ukraine war, makes so called hybrid war scenario more and more realistic within the region of the Baltic Sea. The incidents that took place so far, such as the Internet existence of “People’s Republic of Vilnius” or the hooligan attacks on the Polish Embassy in Vilnius, seem to suggest that the Kremlin is going to use the Polish

Pro-Moscow Groups Launch Websites for ‘Peoples Republics’ in Latvia and Lithuania

Pro-Moscow groups have launched websites for a so-called Latgale Peoples Republic in southeastern Latvia and a so-called Vilnius Peoples Republic around the capital of Lithuania, steps that represent no real movements in either case but that create serious problems for the governments of the two countries. On the one hand, if Riga and Vilnius dismiss these actions as inventions, that will likely trigger a nationalist backlash among some members of

Video Fake: American Military Machinery in Ukraine

The video entitled “American military machinery provided to Ukraine for settlement of the situation on the east of the state” has been being spread around social networks and some sites since December 2014. However, this machinery has nothing to do with Ukraine. This train with American machinery was filmed on December 12, 2014 near the Latvian railway station of Dalbi, which is situated 300 km from the Russian border. According

Ex-Soviet countries on front line of Russia’s media war with the west

The Kremlin’s plans for the global expansion of state media have been greeted with suspicion, especially in the countries of the former USSR. When Dmitry Kiselyov, the Russian state television presenter known for his scandalising monologues, announced the opening of the Kremlin’s new website and radio service Sputnik News, he stressed that it would continue the tradition of Soviet propaganda to counter what he called the “aggressive” pro-American bias of

Lithuania May Block Two More Russian TV Channels for Biased Coverage

Lithuania’s media watchdog may halt broadcasting of two Russian television stations within the country for allegedly running biased content that incites hatred toward other nations, Delfi news agency reported. The television channels, RTR Planeta and NTV Mir Lithuania, have already seen some of their programs suspended for three months, Edmundas Vaitiekunas, the head of Lithuania’s Radio and Television Commission, was cited as telling Baltic News Service (BNS) on Monday. “If a ban is imposed on the whole channel due to repeated violations, I believe

Russia’s information war in Lithuania

It is hard to find anyone in Lithuania who does not believe that Russia’s propaganda campaigns in the Baltic EU member state have been growing in intensity. There has been an increasing number of pro-Soviet commentary in the media, while Moscow has threatened to re-open criminal cases against Lithuanians who refused to serve in the Soviet army and the Lithuanian State security department recently warned citizens to beware of being

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